It’s often said that revenge will get you nowhere, but it turns out that is not necessarily the case when it comes to snack food. If it hadn’t been for the frustration of a certain cook, potato chips might never have come to pass.

A Happy Accident - Potato Chips

In 1853, as the story goes, a wealthy customer came to dine at the restaurant where a man named George Crum worked as a chef. The rich patron’s meal included a side of fried, sliced potatoes, a fairly popular dish at the time. The man was dissatisfied with the thickness of the potatoes and promptly had them sent back to Crum. Crum, frustrated with the man’s complaint, proceeded to slice the potatoes paper thin and throw them in a vat of oil, thinking the man out in the restaurant would surely feel his displeasure. Instead, the wealthy diner found the taste of the crispy-thin potatoes to be incredibly delicate and raved about them. Thus, potato chips were born.

The Beginnings of Potato Chips

Raving about potato chips

Who knew revenge could be so sweet…er, savory?

Read more about this happy accident here, and feel free to enjoy’s wealth of newspaper history through searches or browsing.

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