10 Odd Stories that Really Ran in Newspapers

Ready to be entertained, intrigued, and maybe even a little bewildered? Step into the weird and wonderful world of old newspapers!

We searched Newspapers.com™ to gather 10 odd articles and headlines from vintage papers. Check them out!

1. Husband and Dog Gone; Just Wants Dog Back (1954)

“Husband and dog gone; just wants dog back” 10 May 1954, Mon The Courier (Waterloo, Iowa) Newspapers.com

“Dallas, Tex. (AP)—A woman reported to police that her husband had disappeared with her Chihuahua puppy.

‘I don’t care if my husband ever comes back,’ she explained.

‘I just want to find my dog.’”

2. “O, Dammit,” Wants Name Changed (1913)

“‘O, Dammit,’ Wants Name Changed.” (1913) 06 Jun 1913, Fri The Richmond Climax (Richmond, Kentucky) Newspapers.com

“Because he can’t tell whether people are calling him or merely venting injured feelings when they say “O, Dammit,” Orlando Dammit seeks to have his name changed, says an Elmsford, N. C., dispatch.”

3. Cheese Lovers Are Gregarious (1958)

“Cheese Lovers Are Gregarious” (1958) 25 Dec 1958, Thu The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina) Newspapers.com

“A psychologist who did a ‘depth study’ of what influence cheese has on human behavior, discovered that those who like a variety of cheese are definitely the gregarious, sociable kind.”

4. Justice Swift Among Squirrels (1943)

“Justice Swift Among Squirrels” (1943) 27 Dec 1943, Mon Muncie Evening Press (Muncie, Indiana) Newspapers.com

“Knoxville, Tenn.—(AP)—Caretaker R. Huse Rutledge of Tyson Park said he saw a squirrel run down a patch with a bun in its mouth, dig a hole and bury it.

A second squirrel, watching from a tree, went to the spot and dug up the bun. The first squirrel returned in time to catch the thief and— 

‘It was worse than any cat fight I’ve ever seen,’ Rutledge related. ‘That thief got the beating of its life.’”

5. He Was Only Trying to Be Mice—Er, Nice (1950)

“He Was Only Trying To Be Mice – Er, Nice” (1950) 30 Mar 1950, Thu Los Angeles Evening Citizen News (Hollywood, California) Newspapers.com

“Glasgow, Scotland, March 30. (U.P.)—Patrick McCusker was arrested for disturbing the peace because he raised his hat to some women waiting for a street car.

There were two white mice under the hat scampering around the top of his head.”

6. Co-Ed Tries for Goldfish Swallowing Title (1939)

15 Apr 1939, Sat Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Newspapers.com

“And now the co-eds are taking a hand or, rather, a fish in this goofy collegiate goldfish swallowing derby. Defying the statement of physicians that the swallowing of live goldfish may bring about anemia through the introduction of tapeworm with which many fish are infected, pretty Marie Hensen, Memphis co-ed of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, prepares to down a wiggler in her quest of the co-ed goldfish championship.”

7. Steals ‘Payroll,’ Gets Fruitcake (1952)

Steals Payroll, Gets Fruitcake (1952)Steals Payroll, Gets Fruitcake (1952) 27 Dec 1952, Sat The Missoulian (Missoula, Montana) Newspapers.com

“New York (AP)—Every Friday Mrs. Alice Badenier, 42, brings the weekly payroll to her husband’s lamp and shade firm on West 25th street.

Friday a gunman intercepted her in the elevator, snatched a bulky envelope from her hands and fled.

But because of Christmas, payday at Pierre Badenier’s lamp and shade firm was last Wednesday.

Instead of the payroll, the bandit got the snack Mrs. Badenier had slipped into the envelope for her husband—two pieces of holiday fruitcake.”

8. Children Not “Fish,” So Can’t Be Mailed (1920)

“Children Not ‘Fish’ So Can’t Be Mailed” 16 Jun 1920, Wed Des Moines Tribune (Des Moines, Iowa) Newspapers.com

“Washington, D. C.—June 16.—Children do not come within the classification of ‘harmless’ animals, and therefore are not mailable. This was the answer sent to the postmaster of Washington by First Assistant Postmaster General Koons to the former’s request for a decision in the matter asked because two applications for permission to send children by parcel post had been received.”

9. He Wouldn’t Kiss the Cat (1950)

“He Wouldn’t Kiss the Cat” (1950) 14 May 1950, Sun Reveille (London, London, England) Newspapers.com

“A cat ‘co-respondent’ was recently quoted in the London divorce courts. It was said that a wife demanded that her husband, on returning from work every day should kiss first her, then her sister, then the cat.

He wouldn’t so she left home. Divorce was granted to the husband on the grounds of her desertion.

The judge remarked that the husband ‘might have thought that if he did get her back he would have had to kiss the cat.’”

10. Vengeful Man Barks Like Dog (1950)

“Vengeful Man Barks Like Dog” (1950) 22 Mar 1950, Wed Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, North Carolina) Newspapers.com

“Montgomery, Ala., March 21. (UP)—Marion D. Perry today appealed a $10 fine imposed after neighbors hailed him into court on charges of sitting on his porch at night and barking like a dog.

Perry told the judge that the barking of the neighbors’ dogs kept him awake and he was only retaliating.”


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