We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added new papers from two Georgia cities to our archives!

The Columbus Enquirer – July 3, 1937

Columbus: Columbus was originally the site of a Creek Indian village and was later established as a trading post and frontier town in 1828. Columbus is the northernmost navigable point on the Chattahoochee River from the Gulf of Mexico. This allowed cotton grown in Columbus to be shipped to ports as far away as Liverpool, England. Textile mills also provided work and growth in the city.

When the Civil War broke out, Columbus was an important city of industry and provided the Confederacy with supplies to bolster the war effort. This collection of papers contains extensive war coverage from a southern perspective, with descriptions of battles and individual casualties. Following the war, women in Columbus set aside an annual day to memorialize the Confederate dead. The north adopted this tradition, which evolved into our modern Memorial Day holiday.

Search this collection for news about this city’s residents, including birth announcements, marriage announcements, and death notices. With its proximity to the Alabama state line, you will also find news about Alabamians in this collection. Papers in this archive include:

Macon: Macon was founded in 1823 as an outgrowth of Fort Hawkins, a US Army Fort and Indian Factory for trading and meeting Native Americans. The cotton industry took hold in Macon in 1833, when the first steamboat arrived to transport cotton along the Ocmulgee River.

The Macon Telegraph – April 26, 1998

Macon was located in the heart of the central Georgia cotton belt and was also a depository of Confederate gold during the Civil War. The papers in this collection show residents grappling with the issue of slavery and struggling to run their plantations without enslaved labor following the war. You will also find articles chronicling the long struggle for Civil Rights for Black residents living in Macon.

You may find ancestors from the area mentioned in local news, probate notices, obituaries, and more. Explore the following newspapers from Macon:

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7 thoughts on “New Georgia Papers!

  1. Hello,
    My grandfather, Jerry Wade, murdered two males on September 16, 1965 near Thomson, GA. This
    is McDuffie County. Do you have newspapers for this time period? My maternal family is not honest with me and I know nothing about my father or his family.
    Thank you so much for your assistance.

  2. Let me guess. 50 comments of people begging that certain papers be added. No paper is ever added based on comments.

    1. We review each of these suggestions and have been able to add many suggested papers. Sometimes contractual issues prevent us from getting a specific paper, but we are doing our best and keep trying.

      1. You started to do Juneau Alaska but seemed to stop at 1926 like WTF? I seriously doubt their microfilm stopped there.

    2. I think the site is ran by some old senile people that’s on the generation out the door. Once that group is gone it scares me who will be left to take over as my generation and younger want to do nothing but party and smoke pot.

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    7. New Orleans Times-Picayune
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    9. Columbus Dispatch
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    11. Indianapolis News
    12. The St Louis Globe Democrat (Defunct)
    13. The Las Vegas Review Journal (and The Las Vegas Sun)
    14, The Buffalo News (and Courier Journal)
    15. Patriot-News (Patriot Union and Harrisburg News)
    16, The Oregonian (and Oregon Journal)
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    31. San Francisco Examiner
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