Did you realize that Newspapers.com™ has a collection of more than 200 Topic Pages? Topic Pages are a free, curated collection of newspaper articles and clippings focused on various subjects throughout American and world history.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 12.7.1941

A typical Topic Page contains a brief historical overview of the historical event or subject and a curated selection of newspaper clippings related to the subject. As primary sources, these newspaper clippings can help you learn how people viewed a historical event at the time it took place. For example, suppose you would like to learn more about the attack on Pearl Harbor. In that case, you can read the summary, then explore newspaper headlines from the time, read individual stories of bravery, and see how papers reported on the events that led the United States into WWII.

Have you heard of the Lake Nyos Disaster? In 1986 an unusual natural disaster occurred when a buildup of carbon dioxide at the bottom of a lake in the West African country of Cameroon erupted into a large cloud of gas that suffocated nearly 1,800 people. Read headlines and coverage from around the world as scientists struggled to discover the cause of the tragedy.

The Bismarck Tribune 08.25.1986

Do you have ancestors that endured the Irish Potato Famine? See how papers from Ireland and elsewhere reported on crop failures in the 1840s that led to mass starvation, a million deaths, and more than one million Irish citizens emigrating to other countries.

The Boston Globe 04.03.1904

On a lighter note, for those fascinated by cats, see fun newspaper stories and photographs featuring our feline friends.

Topic Pages are an excellent way for researchers, students, teachers, and anyone interested in history to explore newspaper coverage on subjects like the Civil Rights Movement, the Great Depression, WWI, WWII, Black History, Women’s History, and even Famous People in the news.  

Do you have suggestions for other Topic Pages? Let us know in the comments below. Explore our Topic Pages collection here, and research more headlines and news articles on Newspapers.com™ today!

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13 thoughts on “Explore Newspapers.com™ Topic Pages!

  1. Long-haul trucking is an often overlooked source of history and entertainment of sorts. You might consider it as a topic. Subject matter is massive.

    1. America Truck Simulator also known as ATS has finally expanded out to Montana DLC map with Texas likely released by fall or Christmas for their ‘two states per year’ unofficial rule barring the virus and lockdowns.

      SCS is Poland based and they recently expanded to a bigger office with more staff so that should help for speedier maps at the current ratio they use?

    2. SCS’s other truck sim ETS2 is ready to expand to the Balkin’s. They were about to release Russia until you know what happened. I don’t think politics should stop them from releasing a fictional map set in a semi realistic world. Mods already do this.

  2. Since so many requests on here by other people get ignored I’m willing to wager this site is ran all or almost entirely by AI. AI is actually that advance now they have super computers that are going online in 2024 that will make the world’s greatest robots be like a kids spelling toy and the elites want this major push they think will ‘fix’ humanity.

    1. I’m not sure that I agree with you that Newspapers.com (or its email messages) is run “all or almost entirely by AI” — but 1) the messages seem to be a bit less than “personal” to me, and 2) Yup — replies to comments seem to be exclusively by other commenters. : (

      Ethan (in New York City)

  3. World runners in 1981 to 1983 race from California to New York I am looking for information on Larry Jonathon Brooks, a high school student in Santa Rosa , California.

  4. I’d like to see a Topic Page on the formation and history of The Salton Sea in the California desert.

  5. I’d like to see a series on the evolution of broadcasting from radio to television with stories of stations that a now celebrating their 100rth birthday. Content could also cover the advent of color TV, UHF TV, FM radio, stereo audio and other technical advances.

  6. How often would I receive it? Once a day, a week or just be able to, at anytime, pull up articles I want to read at that time.

  7. I enjoyed the “patent medicine” ads. Is there any way you could have a topic list for old advertisements. Unusual product or business advertisements are really interesting. My husband’s great-great grandmother owned and ran a grocery store, but I have no way to find any ads she may have placed in the newspaper.

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