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If you’ve visited recently, you’ve probably noticed our new and improved viewer when you go to look at papers on our site. The new viewer has the same features you’re familiar with, but it’s now faster and more streamlined.

One of the biggest improvements is that the new viewer, whichMobile Viewer Screenshot uses HTML 5, works on all platforms, whether you use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to access It also loads much more quickly and has more options for printing and saving. For example, you now have the option to print or save newspaper pages (or portions of pages) as a JPG or PDF. If the terms “JPG” and “PDF” don’t mean anything to you, here’s an easy way to choose which to select: If your main intention is to print out a portion of a newspaper to have as a hard copy, PDF is probably the way to go since it will include the source information and be formatted to fit letter-size paper. If, however, you want an image file without the source information to use digitally—or to print out in high resolution—JPG will likely be your best bet.

You’ll also notice some changes to the way the viewer looks. For instance, the viewer now boasts simplified tool options on the right-hand side, one of which is a button with improved brightness and contrast options. Though the zoom buttons are the most prominently displayed tools, selecting the arrow beneath the zoom buttons will expand the tools to display everything else (adjust brightness/contrast, rotate image, view full screen).

Viewer ClippingThe filmstrip at the bottom of the screen has also been improved. Not only is the separation between different days’ papers more clearly delineated, but moving from issue to issue in the filmstrip is much smoother, as it now allows scrolling. If using a computer, you just need to mouse over the arrows and it will auto-scroll the filmstrip until you move your mouse. To pin the Filmstrip open in the new viewer, simply select the pushpin icon that’s to the left of the word “Filmstrip” while the filmstrip is open.

And although the “People Interested in This Paper” feature may look like it has disappeared, it’s still easily accessible if you select the red double-arrow tab on the far right side of the viewer.

We’re pretty proud of our new viewer. If you haven’t tried it out yet, take a look and let us know what you think!

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20 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Viewer!

  1. I like the new viewer operations EXCEPT I can no longer return to my search after reading an article. I must start all over from scratch again….extremely annoying!

    1. Kathleen, just hit your browser’s back button. It will take you back to the search page you were on before reading the article.

    2. I tried the beta version of the viewer on a number of occasions and was somewhat dissatisfied; however, you apparently listened to users comments. I access newspapers at a number of different websites, and the final version of the your viewer is, by far, the best I have used!

      1. That’s a good suggestion. The tricky part is to not confuse people in the viewer, but we should be able to come up with something.

  2. It was much easier to enter dates and search previously. I could search multiple date ranges and years with a drop down calendar. Now you have to manually enter dates in a certain order and it doesn’t tell you how to add multiple dates very difficult in advanced search now. This is very frustrating. I may drop the service now since it is much more labor intensive to search multiple dates. I use two services and this one was easier until this upgrade much more difficult now.

    1. Dave,
      Sorry you are having trouble with the date entry. Are you using this on the advanced search pulldown? On the search result page you can click the calendar icon on the date box to use the calendar option. Did you know that you can put a date range in the keyword search field and we’ll convert it to a date for the paper. For example, if you put: “earthquake April 18, 1906 to April 30, 1906” in the search box (without the quotes), we’ll convert that set of dates to a range and limit the results to papers from those dates. You can use a few different formats for the date and you can also just use a year or a month year if you want something broader. We really appreciate your feedback and hope you will keep it coming.

  3. I do not want to read the news on line. I prefer to have a paper. I think most of it is hard to read. The writing should be larger type. Also to many advertisements. Have one section for advertising. also some of the type is to light. A bad choice to change the paper. It’s a shame we don’t have a choice of papers in the area. You have us where you want us with no choice of newspapers.

    1. The new viewer is awesome ! It works well with my mini IPad .
      Thanks for the update,keep up the good work , Dennis.

    1. Mark,
      We’re glad to hear you are enjoying the site. We don’t have an app, but we are working to make the site work better on the phone. Look for some updates to the search flow in the next week or so.

  4. Found an old newspaper article I wanted to keep and thought I saved it on Ancestry but don’t know where on Ancestry it might be. Got any ideas ?

    1. When you save to your Ancestry tree, it asks you to select a tree and then select an individual in the tree. A link to the page or clipping should show up in the “Source Information” section of the right hand column of the profile page for the individual you added it to. That’s a bit complex and we’d love to have the article or page show in the media gallery, but for now, that’s how Ancestry’s tool works.

  5. I am thinking of getting a subscription but can’t get in to the site to see which newspapers, years, etc. that you even have before I join. Is there a way to see a list of the newspapers you have and the years of those newspapers prior to joining? Thanks

    1. You should see them at You can find a link to that page (“Clippings”) at the top of most pages on the site. You can also find them on your Profile which you can get to by clicking on your username in the upper right of most pages of the site.

      Hope that helps.

  6. I inherited the FAMILY HISTORY started by another family member, deceased,..
    I signed on a couple of history websites, including Newspapers. I enjoy the research of families but after a few days it has become cumbersome. Time consuming, printing copies, ink cartridges, etc. A person needs funds to work on such a project. I cancelled my Free Trial for the time being. I will print copy of your new information as I might need it later. Thank you for allowing me to sample history on Newspapers.
    Lillian Murdock-Angelo


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