Cat PortraitsAre you one who enjoys perusing the plethora of cat pictures on the internet? Today you’ve come to the right place–superfluous cat pictures are not just a thing of the present, oh no. Newspapers throughout the years have done their duty in capturing the prideful, curious, and aloof expressions of our feline companions as well.

Have a gander at this collection of feline photos. Cats make the perfect subjects for photography—at least, so says the intro to this trifecta of kitty cuteness. “Entirely unselfconscious, they fall into poses at the click of a shutter…” Click through the image below to the full page and be rewarded with tips on the taking of formal and informal snapshots of your furry friends.

Cat (S)naps!

“Cat Photos Evoke Greater Response Than Other Types,” says this headline. Oh, don’t we know it.

Here’s another article for the scrapbook. With the tips from this expert cat photographer, you too can take appealing pictures of cats toting around their adorable offspring.

Cat Photography Tips

This example brings it back to a real classic—pet art. The woman highlighted in the story had a goal to paint 1,000 cat pictures. After all, “with a 900 record behind one, 100 more seems few.” Good point, Mrs. Gardner.

Woman Who Has Painted 850 Cat Pictures

There’s more where that came from, of course! Try any number of searches about kittens, cats, cat photos and more on for a slew of pictures and articles about our favorite purring pals.

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