Tip: How Do I Find Out Which Papers are on Newspapers.com?

People often come to Newspapers.com looking for a specific newspaper title or for papers from a certain town where their ancestors lived. They want to know, “Is the paper I want on Newspapers.com?” If you fall into this category, read on to learn three ways you can find out if the papers you’re interested in are on our site.

Browse. If you’re interested in seeing papers for a particular city, Browse may be the most helpful method. To use Browse to find papers, first select “Browse” from the top of any page. This will take you to the Browse flow, where you can choose the country, state, and city you’re interested in viewing papers for. After you select a city, you’ll see a list of which papers for that city are on the site. You can browse even further to see which years, months, days, and pages we have for a given paper.

Papers page. If you want to search for a paper by name, the Papers page is the best place to do it. The Papers page is also helpful if you want to see papers from more than one state or from a particular time period(s). Like Browse, the Papers page can be accessed from the top of any page. Once on the Papers page, you can use the filters in the left-hand column to narrow down the displayed papers to those that fit your criteria. You can filter by paper name or keyword, date, or location—or by any combination of the three.

See papers by location. If you want to see what papers the site has for a geographic region (eastern Kansas, for example), “See papers by location” is the most convenient way to locate them. You’ll find a link to “See papers by location” on the homepage, which will take you to an interactive map. As you zoom in on an area or region, red pins representing newspapers will appear. Selecting a red pin will list all papers for the location. If Newspapers.com doesn’t currently have papers for a city you’re interested in, “See papers by location” is also useful for locating nearby towns with papers on the site.

Once you’ve used one of the above methods to narrow down to a paper (or group of papers) you’re interested in, you may wonder how to get started finding your ancestors within that specific paper. An easy way to begin is by searching, and each of the pages mentioned above provides you with a way to search only within the paper(s) you’ve chosen:

  • From the “Browse“, once you’ve selected a paper, simply type your search terms into the “Search within” field directly above the browse flow. This will return results for only the paper you selected.

  • From the “Papers” page, once you’ve filtered down to the paper(s) you want, enter your search into the “Search within these papers” box at the top right. Searching this way will return results for only those papers matching your filter criteria. .

  • To search within papers you’ve found using “See papers by location,” enter your search into the search box labeled “Search within the area show below.” Doing so will return search results for all papers represented on screen by the red pins.
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31 thoughts on “Tip: How Do I Find Out Which Papers are on Newspapers.com?

  1. Thank you so much for this information. I have often wanted to know what papers might be in a given county, but at least the location thing will help

  2. But you seem to be very limited on Canadian papers or even UK papers. My research through Ancestry.ca is specifically Canadian and I have seen limited Canadian papers to be able to research. Will you be adding more and/or developing a specific Canadian section?


  3. we need a lot more help on families in Canada , I am also doing a DNA search on my underwood families in Canada, got any Ideas? I’ve already sent off for good luck

  4. Are you ever going to get the Kansas City Star back? This was the main reason I subscribed, but it was withdrawn soon after I signed up. As soon as my yearly sub runs out, I’m gone.

  5. I agree 100% with Tom. I subscribed about a year and a half ago and the KC Star was there, then suddenly one day it wasn’t. Yet you have the KC Times which is the exact same paper, morning version. What’s up with that?

  6. would very much like to see earlier/ more editions of the Dallas Morning News. Specifically the early 1920s. Any chance that is coming?

      1. Thanks Mike! I THINK I knew that….but UGH….just one more thing to pay for. I think genealogybank is subscriber based. Was hoping the site to which I am already subscribed could get them. But THANK YOU for the tip. You rock.

  7. I subscribed only to find very few newspapers in or around Atlantic IA. There’s more at a certain free national library for free.

    1. Kay, can you tell me what national library has free newspapers! The main newspaper I wanted isn’t on her either.

        1. Chronicling America is available through the Library of Congress. It has free digital versions of (mostly) pre-1923 newspapers from around the United States.

  8. Would like to know what newspapers are being worked on and when they are expected to be ready for viewing. Would like an explanation as to how newspapers and years are selected. It appears that all of the newspaper sites are restricted by some kind of copyright rules. True?

  9. I am a new subscriber and it does appear that you are limited in your newspaper selection. If you do not even have Virginia, that eliminates about half of my reason to subscribe to Newspapers.com. And to not have the Dallas papers, eliminates another sizable number of references for my research. I will also join the ranks of “gone” if there are not more offerings.

  10. Please add more papers in Southern Maryland, especially in Charles County. Thank you.

  11. Why not give a notice that these papers will be expiring soon on [date] so subscribers can avail themselves why still available. Netflix does it with shows.

  12. I would like to see more Mississippi newspapers. The Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library has newspapers on microfilm. Would it be possible for you to put those newspapers on your site? Some of the papers are hard to read due to the condition they were in when filmed but most are readable.

  13. I would like to see more papers from central & northern Wisconsin. Most of my family are from the Medford & Rib Lake areas of the state, and you do not have those papers available. Any way to make a request for specific Newspapers?

  14. I tried your service before and discovered, after I joined, that you did not have newspaper coverage for the location and times I needed. Glad to see this research tool. But, I am not gong to sign up until I can see that you have the newspapers I need. How can I do this?

  15. Newspapers.com is a valuable research too for me. I have found a large amount of helpful information here. One of my surnames is Fair. Is there a trick to looking up this name without listing all of the county, state, and city fairs also?

  16. I’m finding almost no usable information either. The upstate NY area around Glens Falls is not well covered and the small amout of information is too late historically. I would like yo see more of the very oldest papers.

  17. Thanks for the tip! I didn’t find my ancestor’s obit yet but was able to narrow my search considerably!

  18. Thank you so much for this information, it is very helpful. However, my concern is African-American newspapers. As you know the mainstream media didn’t publish the obits, wedding announcements, etc. for Black people during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Will you be acquiring any of those newspapers? I am especially interested in those of the Carolinas.

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