Today is the September Equinox, which brings on its heels the first official day of Autumn. What does Autumn mean to you? Perhaps it brings memories of spices and soups, golden leaves and cozy clothes. Maybe you see it less favorably: shoes muddy from rain, cold beginning to seep through your sweater, the feeling of impending snow and shorter days. People respond to the seasons in many different ways, which can be even more apparent when seen across a span of years. The articles below range from the early 1900s to our own current century, describing the first day of Autumn as it looked to the writers:

From 1911:
First Day of Autumn, 1911
From 1924:
First day of Autumn, 1924
From 1931 (a particularly heart-warming description):
Description of Fall, 1931
From 1952:
First Day of Autumn, 1952
From 1959:
First Day of Autumn, 1959
From 1968 (when mentions of the equinox really started to filter into the articles):
Autumn Equinox, 1968
From 2009:
First Signs of Fall, 2009Happy first day of Autumn to everyone! For more articles like these, try a search on

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One thought on “The First Day of Autumn

  1. Thank you for a delightful reflection on the historic appreciation of this special point in the year.
    Today, I noticed that the squirrels’ tails are thicker than last year, implying, according to the lore of my people in PA and WV, that a cold winter is heading our way. We shall see! Thank you. Sandra Bush
    Parkersburg, WV

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