New Papers from Texas, California, Florida, Washington, and South Carolina!

We’re excited to announce that in conjunction with our publishing partner Gannett, we’ve added 13 more papers from five states to our archives! These papers date back to 1910 and chronicle more than a century of local, national, and international news. Our new papers come from:

San Angelo, Texas

San Angelo Standard-Times 1928-2022

San Angelo Evening Standard 1911-1959

The San Angelo Weekly Standard 1910-1971

San Angelo Morning Times 1928-1939

Ventura, California

Ventura County Star 1925-2022

Morning Free Press 1925-1937

The Ventura Weekly Post 1926-1938

Stuart, Florida

The Stuart News 1995-2022

Naples, Florida

The Naples Daily News 1970-2022

The Naples Star 1981-1984

Bremerton, Washington

Kitsap Sun 1999-2022

Anderson, South Carolina

Anderson Independent-Mail1939-2022

Anderson Independent  1970-1981

With soaring gas prices making headlines today, we thought it might be fun to peek through these newly added newspapers to see how they reported on gas prices over the years.

San Angelo Morning Times – July 17, 1929

1929:   12 cents per gallon

In 1929, the San Angelo Standard-Times published an article lamenting the gas prices across the nation that ranged from 12 cents a gallon to 24.5 cents a gallon. Using an inflation calculator, that equates to $2.03 – $4.06 per gallon today.

1937:   18.5 cents per gallon

The Ventura County Star noted in 1937 that gas prices in Ventura were 18.5 cents per gallon ($3.61 per gallon in today’s dollars), and between 330-437 gallons of gasoline were sold every month in the county. At the time, the Studebaker averaged 16.26 miles per gallon. As more Ventura County families purchased cars, new gas stations sprang up around town. The Morning Free Press reported on a resourceful businessman who installed three gas pumps in his front yard.

1945: 21 cents per gallon

During WWII, gas rationing meant that consumers needed coupons to purchase gas, and it was only available in limited quantities. An article printed in the Anderson Independent-Mail in August 1945 cheered the end of gas rationing, noting that the average price was about 21 cents a gallon ($3.37 today).

Anderson Independent-Mail – October 20, 1945

1974:   41.9 cents per gallon

Amidst the oil crisis in the 1970s, consumers faced long lines at the gas pumps with fuel shortages and high prices. In April 1974, The Naples Daily News reported that gas was still below 50 cents in many markets and as low as 41.9 cents per gallon, despite soaring prices. That equates to $2.46 in today’s dollars.

The Naples Daily News – March 29, 1974

1995:   $2.05 per gallon

The 1990s saw the lowest gas prices in decades. In December 1995, The Stuart News reported low gas prices averaged $1.08 per gallon. With inflation, that is just $2.05 in today’s dollars.

2005:   $2.25 per gallon

In 2005, the cost of gas in Bremerton, Washington, was $2.25 per gallon. That equates to $3.33 in today’s dollars. By 2008, the Kitsap Sun reported that the average cost of gas had risen to $4.09 per gallon, which is equivalent to $5.49 per gallon today. Consumers found ways to cut their dependence on gas by ridesharing, relying on public transportation, or commuting by bicycle.  

2014:   $2.90 per gallon

The Naples Daily News reported that the national average for gas was hovering around $2.90 per gallon ($3.54 per gallon today with inflation), but prices were trending downward. 

2022:   $4.59 per gallon

Though gas prices fluctuate each day, higher prices are squeezing family budgets. Last month, the Anderson Independent-Mail reported that gas prices were up more than $1.30 per gallon from the same time last year.

How are higher gas pricings impacting your life? Learn more about a wide variety of historical topics, people, and places, by searching this new collection of papers available today at™.  

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  1. I’m likely shadowbanned but if not please do Silverton Appeal! It should be easy since it’s been owned by the same company that owns the Statesman Journal.

    1. should keep political comments off of this website. Trump LOST, you know…

  2. Can you please add the Advance Publications newspapers (Newark Star-Ledger, Harrisburg Patriot News, Plain Dealer, Oregonian, etc.) along with the New York Post, Boston Herald, Toronto Sun and Toronto Star to the site?

    1. I agree. Advance Publications also owns the Jersey Journal (Jersey City, NJ). In additional to the Advance Publications newspapers, please get the Hudson Dispatch, which covered Hudson County, NJ and is now defunct.

      1. Oh, lord, YES! To this. Hudson Dispatch and Hudson Observer, both out of West Hoboken / Union City, NJ. The Jersey Journal’s coverage of the social-type news in that densely populated area was spotty, deferring to these publications for coverage. These newspapers are all in microfilm form. No paper-handling necessary.

  3. Can you please also add the Seattle Times, Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News to the site too?

      1. Arkansas is very looking on the list: I hate to say it but if that’s what it takes I’d rather they expand AR if it will help OR later:

  4. Please add Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News to the collection. Colorado papers in these area would be of great help to researchers.

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  5. I’d wish you world the Advertiser Courier from Hermann, Missouri to you available papers. I believe they already had microfilm copies of the paper at the Gasconade County Archives, a division of the Gasconade County (MO) Historical Society, but having access by would be great.

  6. Thank you for adding more newspapers. This will help me with my family research! My research involves Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, North & South Carolina, Maryland, California so far. has been a great tool in my research. I’m am a hapoy subscription holder.

  7. Thank you for additional newspapers…would you please add SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS , california from 1947 – 2005 at least

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  8. Please add Brighton, Ontario, Canada, 1800 -1860, also newspaper for Imlay Lapeer , Michigan 1860 1900

  9. Can they list papers from Chicago, Cook Ill.I don’t know what the name of the paper would be.

  10. There are papers where the editions go only into the 1960s. I would like to know why you can’t get THOSE editions updated? Really not interested in the price of gas…

  11. Your notice indicates that issues of the Anderson Independent-Mail are available from 1939-2022; however, when I try to find articles from the years 1939-1944 they aren’t there. Did you mean to state that the period covered was 1945-2022?

  12. Thank you for the Anderson, SC, newspapers. Anderson is my hometown and a lot of my relatives have their wedding and obituaries in the paper.

  13. Wish you guys would add more years of coverage for Roswell, NM. Secondly I wish you would add Mineral Wells ,Tx newspapers . I have really enjoyed searching all the papers you have listed. It really helps finding all of my extended family & friends . Thank You so much.

  14. I keep hoping you will add a San Jose, California newspaper. It covers a large area between San Francisco and Monterey. Thank you!!

  15. Would like to see more Idaho papers added. Especially from the Caldwell, Idaho area. Most relatives are from there. Thank you.

  16. Having papers digitized has been a tremendous aid in doing historical research. Rather than spending hours scouring microfilm at the local library it can be done in the comfort of your home using a search engine to do the hard work, for that I am grateful for you efforts. My primary interests lie in historical events in Ventura County, California. You list Ventura County Star as being available between 1925 and 2022 on your site, however, there is a gaping hole between 1965 and 2001 that has not been digitized. Is there any chance that this missing block of 35 years of newspapers might be added in the future? I don’t look forward to scouring microfilm again. Thanks again for your efforts.

  17. We need Mobile County Alabama newspapers.

    Not just a few pages of each newspaper.

    With years that we can all use. The Mobile Press Register, with years 1880 to present.

  18. How about something from the Northeast? I have been waiting for Springfield Massachusetts or
    Worcester MA. but nothing appears. The papers you have listed, I can’t use. My relatives are from the Northeast.

  19. The three papers I would love to see are:
    Haines City Herald (FL)
    Winter Haven News Chief (FL)
    Bainbridge Post Searchlight (GA)
    I really need these papers so I can make progress with my genealogy research.

  20. I have learned so much of my extended family’s history on this site. Thank you. Would love to see more newspapers from Whitman and Columbia counties in Washington. Also, I don’t see any papers from Cottonwood or Murray counties in southwest Minnesota. I hope you can add those soon as I have many distant relatives in those areas and would like to discover the history of those relatives.

  21. Hello, you have a amazing history of newspapers, but would love to see more finds in the San Gabriel Valley in California. That would cover San Gabriel Valley to San Bernardino County, and Orange County. My Family studies are mainly in that area. Please add these to your list for further research.

  22. This is great news that Anderson, SC newspapers have been added. NOW! what would really be great? Add Spartanburg, SC PAPERS. I have been waiting a long time.

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