Death of George Washington – This Week in History

On December 14th, 1799, George Washington dies in bed in his Mount Vernon home with Martha at his side.

General George Washington, departed this life on the 14th December, '99General George Washington, departed this life on the 14th December, ’99 Tue, Dec 31, 1799 – 2 · The Gleaner (Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States of America) ·
The ailment that took the life of this incredibly popular president, general, and founding father remains a matter of debate. Only two days before his death Washington rode on horseback, supervising his property in sleet and snow. A sore throat the next day could not keep him from going out again to continue working the land. Unfortunately, his condition rapidly worsened the night of the 13th. Dr. James Craik, the family physician, attended to his sickness throughout the day without success. Washington died the following night.

Washington’s body remained in the house for three days to ensure he was truly dead, by his wishes. His funeral took place in great solemnity on December 18th, when he was buried in his family vault with those who had gone before him.

George Washington's FuneralGeorge Washington’s Funeral Mon, Jan 6, 1800 – 3 · Farmer’s Museum or Literary Gazette (Walpole, New Hampshire, United States of America) ·

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  2. Thank you for sharing this article. His funeral was a far cry from what is practiced today. It was simple by today’s, and yet grand by theirs. One forgets that transportation was very limited at the time. Roads were dirt trails traveled by walking or carriage. Boats were moved by sailing or rowing. And news traveled not in milliseconds, but by mail. Washington was a great man of his time and yet unfortunately medicine was still being practiced in the dark ages. A simple tracheotomy and antibiotics would have had him up and about in a week. Sadly the physicians used bleeding and poltices as cures.

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