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Why do you use To look for information on your ancestors? To research a specific topic? To learn more about a certain time or place? members are taking advantage of all of these possibilities. Though genealogy is one of the most common uses, our members are utilizing our historical newspapers to do all sorts of unique research.

For instance, paderamo is researching historical chess matches, while ramblinkc is reading up on local sports of decades past. Cupper1001 is looking into Pennsylvania articles about railroads, and jrtate_lotbl is clipping stories on crime in Raleigh, North Carolina. Other members are interested in general local history, as seen in kinnelon59‘s research into happenings in Duryea, Pennsylvania, or cruther64‘s into Hamilton, Ohio. Sometimes members’ interests even overlap, like smkolins‘s and DrTroxel‘s clippings on the Baha’i Faith.

Tiny Gos Makes Career Out of Going to SchoolBut you don’t necessarily have to be researching a particular subject to find fascinating articles. Among various members’ clippings, you can find articles about a family who walked 1,200 miles to talk to the president, as well as a court case where the faithfulness of the defendant’s wife convinced the judge to lower his sentence. Other interesting articles that have been clipped recently have included ones about a dog who made a “career out of going to school,” a “forgotten bomb” that exploded in a courthouse, and a man who trapped rats as large as cats. And don’t miss this photo a user found of Albert Einstein and his sister. Can you spot the family resemblance?

Curious about what other members are up to? Try visiting their profile pages or the “All Clippings” page.

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18 thoughts on “ . . . Not Just for Genealogy

  1. At one time I was searching for the quilt patterns they would publish weekly or monthly. Most were from the 30’s. My primary search is genealogy.

  2. I have an ancestor who was a gun slinger turned deputy sheriff in Keokuk Iowa Between 1870 to 1890. His picture was posted in an anniversary edition of the Keokuk newspaper and my dads cousin sent him the clipping but we lost it.Is there any possibility of finding this clipping ?

  3. When will you include the Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin? They covered the entire state (one of the few papers to cover an entire state). My intererest is Irish immigration to Providence in th 19th century.

  4. I do research on the ghost town of Bodie, CA…. used to have online nd Poughkeepsie Journal and Eagle. for 1849.. When took over the newspaper was dropped. I asked the Fold3 people and they said for newspapers use .. sigh … any chance of getting this newspapers covered?

    1. The Poughkeepsie Journal is a great paper. Unfortunately Footnote wasn’t able to work out a continuing arrangement with Gannett to keep the paper so they had to take it down. We would love to put it on and will continue to work on that.

  5. I am searching for information on my family who lived in Baraboo, Wisconsin but left in the 1930’s for Washington DC. I have heard they owned a music store and I bet there weren’t many of them, Does anybody have any ideas?

  6. Do you have access the Manning Times Newspaper, Manning, Clarendon County, S.C.? If so, are are you able to do a search and find a person using only there name?
    My interest is looking up old issues of past relatives.


    1. We do have the Manning Times and you can search it by putting a relative’s name in the search field. If you look at this page, it will show you what years we have for the Manning Times. Just as a note, it looks like we are currently adding to this title, so even if you find something interesting now, it’s probably worth checking back later to see if we’ve added anything new that will be helpful.

  7. I am writing a boon about an actress from the early to mid 1900’s. The articles that I have found on have been very valuable to my research.

  8. Do you have access to “The Elk Rapids Progress” in Elk Rapids, Michigan?
    I am interested in the years 1900–1970
    I grew up there and had family on both sides in the area.

  9. Not only do I use it for genealogy, but I also write a blog on female serial killers and use this site to research information for my blog!

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