We have recently added new papers from Tacoma, Washington, and Michigan to our archives. With these new titles, we’ve added over 7 million images in July and will add another 8 million in August. We’re on track to add 40 million new pages by the end of the year! Our archives keep growing and we’re working hard to bring added value to your Newspapers.com subscription.

Washington: In 1873, the Tacoma area was chosen to be the western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Tacoma was incorporated in 1875, and in 1880 the weekly Tacoma Ledger was founded. The News Tribune traces its roots back to that paper, which became The Tacoma Daily Ledger. The Daily Ledger merged with The News and the Tacoma Tribune to form the Tacoma News Tribune and Ledger in 1918. The paper adopted the name Tacoma News Tribune in 1979, and our archives for The News Tribunedate back to 1889.

The News Tribune 11.08.1940

In July 1940, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened to traffic. Engineers realized the bridge swayed in windy conditions, earning it the nickname “Galloping Gertie.” Just four months after the bridge opened, it collapsed spectacularly on November 7, 1940. The bridge began to sway in 40-mile-per-hour winds, then oscillated and twisted until finally breaking apart. Before its collapse, college student Winfield Brown paid a dime for the thrill of walking across the bridge in high wind. When the bridge began to rock, Brown described the terror. “I was certain I wasn’t going to make it…sometimes the bridge tipped right on its side, and I could look straight down at the water, 190 feet below.” Brown said when the motion became too intense to stand, he crawled. He saw the bridge cracking up as pieces of concrete whistled past his head. He finally made it off the bridge just before the collapse. His only injuries were bruises and abrasions.

Michigan: Our new Michigan papers include The Pigeon Progress and The Progress-Advance from Pigeon; The Huron County News from Harbor Beach; The Huron Tribune from Bad Axe; The Elkton Advance from Elkton; The Saginaw Daily News from Saginaw; and The Huron County News from Port Austin.

The Huron County News 04.02.1862

These papers date back to 1862 and include news from the Civil War. Nearly one-quarter of Michigan men served in the Union forces during the war. Following the war, Michigan’s economy prospered. State officials invested heavily in public education and dedicated more money to education than any other state in the nation.

If you have ancestors from Michigan, be sure to check out columns like this “Locals” column in The Pigeon Progress. Residents were encouraged to call the paper to report on any visitors. If your ancestors are German immigrants, they may be part of a group of about a thousand families that settled in the Saginaw Valley. The immigrants moved from Germany to Russia, and later to Michigan. They found the Saginaw Valley’s climate conducive to growing sugar beets, a crop they had cultivated successfully in Russia. Search the Michigan papers to find wedding announcements and obituaries for your ancestors.

To learn more about the history of Washington and Michigan, explore our collection of new papers today on Newspapers.com™.

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62 thoughts on “New Papers from Washington and Michigan!

    1. I second that! The Stillwater Gazette and Stillwater Messenger also would be GREAT resources for history and genealogy fans like me.

    1. I have written to both the Niagara Falls and Lockport papers to submit editions to Newspapers.com and never received a reply. I have had to go to both city libraries and look through microfiche records to get information which is way too time consuming. The Covid situation has obviously been a deterrent. It’s a shame. I have had some success with older Buffalo papers and some Niagara County information was actually found in the Rochester Democrat and Chronical.

      1. The Fulton Postcards site does carry many newspapers in New York. I believe that includes ones in the Buffalo area.

  1. I would like to see the pictures from 1975 to 1978 in Lexington Missouri of love ones we lost Richard Perry and Gussie Perry

  2. I’m looking for Mellus Newspaper or News Herald.local papers Wayne County Mi. Thanks. Mid to late 60’s

    1. The Downriver Genealogical Society has those papers and has been trying for years to get them digitized. I don’t know if they have succeeded as yet. Newspapers.com should contact them. Maybe they can work something out.

  3. I would like you to add the Times Union (now no longer published) from Rochester, NY. You do carry the Democrat and Chronicle, also from Rochester. Both these papers were Gannet papers — the D&C a morning paper, 7 days a week — the TU an afternoon paper, Monday thru Saturday. While they did duplicate each other in some areas, they also had much different content.

  4. The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post Intelligencer (PI) are or were the 2 biggest papers in Washington State. I will subscribe once they’ve been added!

    1. There is a lot of Newspapers on this site and I did find some good info from them. But the big black hole of no newspaper from Peoria ILL I will not subscribe until you get this newspaper

    2. You are a fool. Newspapers.com and Genealogybank.com and newspaperarchives.com have many many papers on microfilm. All three are doing a great job. Each focuses on certain areas.

    1. Why not add the newspaper from Peoria, Illinois??
      The newspaper Peoria Journal Star then I will re subscribe. So far it is only available at the Peoria Public library on Microfilm. Which is a thousand miles from where I live. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been there to access the microfilms. How many more years to wait for Newspaper.com ? And will I be around by that date in the distant far future???

      1. SCS Software will have America Truck Simulator get the USA completed before they upload that paper!

        1. Your a fool. They have many newspapers on newspapers.com. Use the browse by state option.

          1. All Rockford, Illinois newspapers are digitalized on genealogybank.com The fool coment was supposed to be on the idiot that said he was not impressed by newspapers.com

  5. Would love Long Island, New York papers, especially Riverhead and the east end, such as The News Review, Traveler Watchman, and the defunct Suffolk Life. There must be more .

  6. Why not add the newspaper from Peoria, Illinois??
    The newspaper Peoria Journal Star then I will re subscribe. So far it is only available at the Peoria Public library on Microfilm. Which is a thousand miles from where I live. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been there to access the microfilms. How many more years to wait for Newspaper.com ? And will I be around by that date in the distant far future???

  7. You desperately need The Ann Arbor News in Michigan, which has been closed since 2009 but has 175 years history / archives, Detroit Free Press, Kalamazoo Gazette, Grand Rapids Press, Muskegon Chronicle, Flint Journal, Midland Daily News, Monroe Evening News. Without those key newspapers and some others, Michigan offering is essentially nothing right now.

  8. Hi, love Newspapers.com. One suggestion: you have all of 6 pages from the South Haven, MI, Tribune. I was on South Haven a few years ago and noted two things: the public library has many years of the newspaper on microfilm and the local historical society has actual copies of the newspaper in their archives. This resource should be online.

  9. Two newspapers in southeastern Ohio, the Barnesville Enterprise and the Monroe County Beacon would provide an abundance of excellent genealogical information for those with roots in Belmont and Monroe counties.

  10. I’m already a member and would love the addition of newspapers from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and small towns in northwest Ohio (Bryan Times, Bryan Democrat, Deshler Flag)

  11. I would love to see papers like the macomb daily, Detroit News and local city papers from Saint Clair shores etc. Keep bringing those Michigan papers

  12. I have gleaned so-o-o much information from newspapers.com. I love your site. You already have the Holland, (Michigan) Sentinel. Now if you could add the Zeeland, (Michigan) Record, it would make my day… week etc.

  13. I have been unable to find Flint MI newspapers with you and with other sources as well. Is there a copyright problem?

  14. Please add Souderton Pennsylvania “Germania” evolved into “Souderton Independent” 1880’s til today. This epicenter of Pennsylvania Dutch genealogy in South eastern Pennsylvania. HUGE user base and the microfilm is available at Telford, Pa Public Library.

  15. Need newspaper for Sharon, Walworth Co. & Clinton, Rock Co. Wisconsin dieitalized from microfiilms. Also Genoa, DeKalb Co. Illinois. Also Glencoe & Hutchinson & Brownton, McLeod Co. Minnesota. Watertown Der Welt Berger German paper, and Mayville German paper, both in Dodge Co. Wisconsin. Le sueur, Le Sueur Co. Minnesota paper. All are on microfilmat State archives.

  16. Still hoping, waiting and praying that you’ll add the Grand Rapids Herald and Grand Rapids Press to your collection. I have about 200 people who have obits, marriages, etc in those papers and can’t afford to go out there and do the work myself or pay someone else to kook them up.

  17. Please get the newspaper from Fargo, North Dakota’s largest city – THE FARGO FORUM. At one point Fargo was considered a divorce capital so many divoricing folks registered at the Fargo hotels.

    1. I would like to see this paper online, too! I have lots of roots all over North Dakota. Thank you for your consideration.

  18. I am looking for the Big Rapids Pioneer, a venerable publication from Mecosta County Michigan. I cannot find it on Newspapers.com, nor in internet searches. Any advice?

  19. Will you ever get the Flint Journal and the Detroit News from Michigan next?
    My folks read the News more than the Free Press when we were living in the Detroit suburb of Warren, Michigan back in the 60’s and early 70’s, when I was just a kid. And when my family and I lived in tiny Goodrich, Michigan from 1985 through 1989, we always read the Flint Journal.
    *Please* see what you can do to get these two Michigan papers added next. Thanks for your time.

  20. Can you add the newspapers “San Diego Union(1868 through 1992)”, “San Diego Evening Tribune(1895 through 1992)”, “San Diego Union-Tribune(1992 through present)” and other San Diego area newspapers including from La Jolla, Encinitas, El Cajon, Del Mar, San Marcos, Poway, Carlsbad and more on Newspapers.com Please?!

  21. Thank you for all the paper requests. We will have our team look at each one and see if adding that paper is possible!

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