We are pleased to announce the addition of The Day from New London, CT, to our archives. The Day was founded in 1881 and has served New London and Eastern Connecticut for 142 years! The Day enjoys unique local ownership. The paper’s long-time editor, Theodore Bodenwein, devised a plan to transfer ownership of the paper into a trust following his death in 1939. The public trust still holds The Day, and stock dividends go right back to the community. The result is an independent local paper with high ethical and journalistic standards that operates with the public interest in mind.

In September 1938, the greatest natural disaster in New London’s history happened when a hurricane slammed ashore in New England. With no advance warnings, the ferocious storm caught residents by surprise. The hurricane hit at high tide, and floodwaters inundated the city. High winds and fires raged for seven hours. The Day reported it was the worst havoc in New London since Benedict Arnold burned the town during the Revolutionary War.

The loss of communications and power presented obstacles for The Day’s staff as they tried to publish a paper amidst the storm. They worked heroically, relying on a gas-powered generator for power. Against all odds, they published a paper, bringing reliable information to the frightened public in the storm’s aftermath.

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In addition to our new papers, we’ve added major updates to the following papers this month (at least 10,000 new pages added to the archive):


Mahanoy City

Mountain View




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70 thoughts on “New Papers from Connecticut and Beyond!

  1. I was really hoping for the San Diego Union-Tribune (1992-Current), San Diego Union (1868-1992), San Diego Evening Tribune (1895-1992), San Diego Tribune(1989-1992), The Tribune (San Diego, CA)-(1981-1989) and also add the Oceanside Blade Tribune (1960-1989)-(Oceanside, California), “La Jolla Light & Journal” merger from 1913 through present, San Diego Daily Transcript from San Diego, California (1882-2015), The Daily Californian/El Cajon Californian from El Cajon, California (1967-1999), Del Mar Surfcomber from Del Mar, California (1958-1993), Rancho Santa Fe Times from Rancho Santa Fe, California (1955-1993) and through other San Diego County newspapers(1923-Present) at any time until getting permission from the copyright holders!!

  2. I do short term subscriptions every so often in order to see if there are updates in Newpapers.com that would shed light on my ancestral araea of Lawrence, MA, specifically the Lawrence Telegram (1896-1937) and the Lawrence Eagle Tribune (originally the Daily Eagle – 1868).

    Lawrence was the site of the famous Bread and Roses demonstration and labor movement. It would be a valuable asset .

    1. Beverly, try a search of the newspaper’s name in the “name” search area. A lot of papers from that era picked up stories from other papers. For New England, don’t confine your search to a state. You may have to scroll through a lot of results to find that pearl you’re looking for. And don’t forget Chronicling America and NARA.

    2. Beverly, there is an article in the Eagle Tribune (which it is now called) on Thursday Oct 26, 2023 about digitizing the Evening Tribune, 1890-1957, by Digital Commonwealth and the Boston Public Library. Not sure if this would help you.

  3. Very pleased to see archives from The New London Day. I’m also interested in its early rival, The New London Telegraph. Any chance you could add it?

  4. Appreciate the Missouri newspaper additions. Still hoping for the Sharon (Pa.) Herald, which is more than 100 years of continuous publication in western Pennsylvania. (Mercer County area).

  5. I loved Newspapers.com. However, there isn’t much from Milwaukee, WI which is the largest city in Wisconsin. Any chance you can get their papers?

    1. the public library has them and they’re digitized by GenealogyBank at least most of the Milwaukee sentinel and journal–it’s a copyright thing.

    2. Much of the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel were on the Google News archive at one time, don’t know if they still are as I haven’t checked lately

    1. There were a lot of fishermen who drowned or went missing and a lot of boats that were sunk. The Gloucester papers would be a great resource.

  6. I have been waiting on Massachusetts. U.S. Marriage, births and deaths from 1956 – 1966.
    These records seem to be missing. I have a lot of family questions that are in this period and
    it effects my progress going back in history. Any plans for this soon. I don’t want to pay for information that is not available.

    1. Some states have 75 to 100 year rule of certain vital statistics, therefore, limiting easy access to records. Try the historical societies, state and local, for information. The public library system and some universities also have records which they are digitalizing under grants. I wrote letters to many such institutions, and if they did not have the records I was seeking, they gave me other resources. I found a wealth of information for Manitowac who had a volunteer who started documented about businesses of Manitowac. Her published work was eventually scanned…a simple collection of pages with her notes, pictures, and photocopies; what a treasurer! I found my grandfather’s pharmacy and copies of newspaper articles about his opening a new store. These were not available in Newspaper.com or Newspaper Archives. Also, ethnic societies have information collected from their member’s families covering times back from 1800 to today.

  7. Wondering if you plan to acquire more newspapers from Wisconsin cities such as Waupaca and Clintonville.

  8. I would subscribe if the Brockton Enterprise was added. Is there any way I can help with this?

  9. Count me in the “more Massachusetts papers” section, especially those from New Bedford (Mercury, Evening Standard, New Bedford Times, and the Standard-Times.)

  10. I’ve been waiting for YEARS for North Dakota newspapers beyond the year 1922. I’m regretting paying for publisher extra all these years to be continually disappointed. North Dakota isn’t hugely populated, but we DO exist. If nothing else, at least get all of the Fargo Forum online!

    1. There’s a couple North Dakota papers that have newer years, the Bismarck Tribune is up until current years. But there must be something with Forum that doesn’t or can’t get an agreement, as I’d love to see the Dickinson Press too for later years, but they are owned by Forum like the Fargo Forum so I’m out of luck too.

  11. Will you be adding the Salem News in Massachusetts anytime soon. Would be so helpful!

  12. Would love to see Rhode Island papers such as Providence Journal or Providence Evening Bulletin

    1. I was a writer with the Atlanta Journal and the Atlanta Journal- Constitution from 1969 until 1986. The papers combined my column in 1978. Do you have the earlier editions of the Atlanta Journal?

      1. Loved your column! You captured the sound, taste, and scent of Atlanta in well-crafted words. Hope to be able to search the AJC for your work now that you have reminded me. Thank you for work.

  13. St. Paul is the capital city of Minnesota and for many years was the largest city in the state. The history of Minnesota is in the St. Paul papers. We desperately need both the old evening Dispatch and the morning St. Paul Pioneer Press.

  14. A request for the last few decades of the Norfolk, Va., papers, The Virginian-Pilot & The Ledger-Star. So many great years of coverage still not within view of us newspapers.com loyalists.

    1. I would like to see also the Norfolk, Va papers, The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledge-Star. A lot of early history back when the paper started. Also, do you have the local papers out of Saint Petersburgs, Florida?

  15. These papers are all well and good. BUT, why can’t you do more of them from the Carolinas, GA, AR, Etc.????

  16. The Daily Breeze Inglewood, California.
    I have seen a few editions pop up. Sure would like to see more.
    Especially circa 1950 thru 1980.
    Thank you

  17. Thank you for these additional papers. I am excited about the Oakland Enquirer, and the Richmond, California papers will also be useful. My request is for the Boston American beginning in 1904. This was a Hearst newspaper with a huge budget (the second-largest printing plant in North America) and a major influence in New England. Its on microfilm in the Boston Public Library, but available scarcely anywhere else. Thanks again.

  18. So glad you have the Breeze from Taylorville, Illinois. I still subscribe to this paper and can’t wait to research my family from this local paper. I had found some obituaries in the Decatur and Springfield papers nearby, but this will include much more information. There actually was an article in this paper a few days about Ancestry and Newspapers.com having this info now. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  19. I would like to see The Scottdale Independent from Scottdale, Westmoreland County,, Pennsylvania. Especially the older issues.

  20. Would love to see some newspapers from Jacksonville, Florida! Especially from 1930 – 2000.

  21. I have so enjoyed my hometown paper – under Melvin Motor and Ford County Press in Melvin, IL, however, for some reason, the content on your site stops in Jan. of 1954. I’ve spoken to the former publishers and he has no idea why that would be – the paper was put on microfilm many years ago and should be available for decades beyond 1954. Please consider adding the rest of the issues – they are crucial to Baby Boomers+ for all their activities/history.

    1. Newspapers.com is full of weird gaps. I really think it’s ran by senile old people that barely know how to turn a PC on and wonder what a ‘driver’ is. Does it have to do with cars perhaps?

    1. I agree with Susan re: KS. Also more African American newspapers for Kansas and Mississippi, in particular, but also nationwide.

  22. It’s great to see more newspapers. I was hoping to see the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Globe Times. You have the Allentown, Pennsylvania Morning Call and Allentown and Bethlehem are next to eachother, but families in Bethlehem were very loyal to the Globe Times. So it’s frustrating to look for an obituary or wedding announcement and realize that I’m not finding it because they lived in Bethlehem. I am of course greatful for what I have been able to find.

  23. *****Please add Marietta and Smyrna, Georgia. ****

  24. I was happy to see The New London Day from Connecticut but The New Haven Register serves the entire southwestern quarter of the state and unfortunately that is where all my family and my husband’s family have lived for generations. Another Paper that would serve a smaller sector of this population is The Middletown Press. To date I have not been able to find much of anything about either family in the papers you have.

  25. The Herald News from Joliet, IL from the 1940s through the 1980s would be a nice addition, as would the Denver Post or Rocky Mountain News from Denver, CO from the same time period 

  26. Folks, I’m reading a lot of demand here, but you’re not at a restaurant. Please do make a phone call or query the library in the locale where you’re looking for historic newspapers. They are VERY familiar with requests and which repositories have what you want. As an example, check out the Milwaukee Public Library for historic newspapers.

    1. The site people can barely operate a PC and I highly suspect most operations are on their phone/tablet thingy for like 90 percent of their functions and to them that’s ‘A computer’. They probably wonder what a ‘Driver’ is and what it has to do with cars.

  27. My grandchildren may not even have newspapers to research! Glad for all those you are able to ad.
    I have noticed one thing: when I began researching my family history in 2008 and discovered newspapers had a trove of information, I decided to make a list of the 3 different sites and which newspapers they had; none of them had the same newspapers or even concentrated on certain areas. Does anyone know how this copyright thing works? How do you get permission to scan these different publications?

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