More than 150 New Papers from the US, Canada, and Panama!

We’ve been busy in 2024 and are pleased to announce that we’ve added 150+ new papers to our archives since January 1.

The Winchester Sun: November 11, 1918

If you have an interest in the history of Kentucky, you’ll be happy to know that we are working with the University of Kentucky in Lexington to digitize its large archive of roughly 1200 Kentucky newspapers. This project will take at least a year to complete, but we’ve just added the first batch of papers to the site. Explore these new papers today on™!

The Daily Sentinel

Mammoth Lakes
Mono Herald and Bridgeport Chronicle-Union
The Review
Daily California Stateman
Labor Federated Press
The Sacramento Age
The State Prohibitionist
North Sacramento

Cedar Falls
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs Evening Bugle
Council Bluffs Weekly Bugle
Daily Morning Bugle
The Council Bluffs Chronotype     
The Frontier Guardian
Iowa City
Slovan Ameriky
Pacific City
Pacific City Enterprise
Sioux City
Sioux City Iowa Eagle

Fort Scott
The Church Witness

Candid Review
The Western American
Bowling Green
Bowling Green Booster
Bowling Green Messenger
Bowling Green News
Bowling-Green Standard
Green River Gazette
Kentucky State Union
Spirit of the Times
Southern Kentucky Argus
The Bowling Green Democrat
The Daily Democrat
The Daily Kentuckian
The Evening Journal
The Kentucky Intelligencer
The Kentucky Standard
The Methodist Messenger
The Morning Gazette
The Semi-Weekly Gazette
The Southern Progress
The Sunday Journal
The Third District Review
The Times-Gazette
The Times-Journal
The Weekly News-Democrat
The Weekly Times-Gazette
Grayson County News
The Grayson County News
The Daily Commonwealth
The Palladium
The Western World
Tri-weekly Kentucky Yeoman
Georgetown Herald
Political Theatre
The Grayson Gazette
Independent Gazetteer
Louisville Gazette, and Western Advertiser
The Weekly Messenger
Baptist Evangelist
Bell County Republican
Christian Temperance Union
Cumberland Republican
Middlesborough Record
Mining Journal
The Critic
The Daily Herald
The Daily Democrat
The Free Press
The Middlesboro Record
The Mountaineer Magazine
The Unknown Man
The Weekly Herald
The Nicholas Democrat
The Bell County Citizen
Kentucky Mountaineer
Smiths Grove
The Smiths Grove Echo
The Smith’s Grove Times
Clark County Republican
The Civil Liberty Democrat
The National Union
The Sun-Sentinel
The Winchester Chronicle
The Winchester Democrat
The Winchester Sun
Winchester Sentinel
The Warren County Enterprise

The Bethel Citizen
The Franklin Journal and Farmington Chronicle
Great Falls
Great Falls Weekly Leader
Livermore Falls
Livermore Falls Advertiser
Rumford Falls Times

The Weekly Messenger

Kansas City
El Mercurio
Kansas City Journal
Kansas City Presse
Kansas City Weekly Journal
Missouri and Kansas Farmer
The Kansas City Post
Tri-Weekly Journal of Commerce
The Excelsior

Ashland Pioneer Press
Box Elder
The Box Elder Valley Press
Great Falls
Great Falls Weekly Leader
Virginia City
The Daily Madisonian
The Winifred Times

Fort Dix
First Call

The Muldrow Times Star
The Roland Register

Dakota Freie Presse
The Record-Republican
Lake Andes
Charles Mix County Courier
Lake Andes Courier
Lake Andes Pilot
Pine Ridge
War Cry: Ho-Ka-He
Dakota Weekly Union
The Union and Dakotaian    
The Union Dakotaian
The Yankton Press and Union Dakotaian
Yankton Press and Dakotan
The Clay County Register
The Wheeler Courier

Jefferson Jimplecute
The Courier-Gazette
Mesquite Daily News
The Mesquite News
The Skeeter
The Texas Mesquiter
Weekend Mesquiter and Messenger

The Clarion
Salt Lake City
Sunset News
The Daily Utah Chronicle
The Utah Chronicle
The West Red and Black                    

The Daily Advance
The Tri-Weekly News
The Lynchburg News

The Reedsburg Times

The Wyoming Tribune
Fort Bridger
The Sweetwater Mines

Bradford Weekly
Bradford West Gwillimbury Today
South Simcoe News
The Bradford Gazette
The Bradford Times
The Herald
The Witness
Mississauga Business News
Mississauga Marketplace
Mississauga Woman
The Peel Consumer
The Times 
Bradford West Gwillimbury Topic
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Review
Innsfil Scope

Panama City

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83 thoughts on “More than 150 New Papers from the US, Canada, and Panama!

  1. Not one newspaper from the entire state of New York! Do you know how many years I’ve begged to digitize great newspapers from New York City, just sitting in unread microfilm form the New York Public Library’s Stephen Schwarzman Building? (Schwarzman, of the Blackstone Group, owns and My letter about this was published this week in the New York Daily News!

    1. Barry, we share your passion for historical newspapers. Thanks for the feedback, I have passed it along to our content team.

      1. Thank you so much.

        There are also no new newspapers from Illinois. The Illinois Newspaper Project received a grant and then had a 2023 open call for newspaper nominations. I nominated the Chicago Daily Journal (1844-1929), an essential newspaper from a top American city, and a newspaper that was closely tied to Abraham Lincoln’s political career. It was not selected, and they went with small town newspapers instead. I asked why, and was told that it was assumed that would do it. I then told them that doesn’t listen to any of my suggestions!

        February 18, 2024 was the 100th anniversary of the classic column “Around the Big Apple with John J. Fitz Gerald” in the New York Morning Telegraph, where it was admitted by the track writer that black stablehands from the New Orleans Fair Grounds coined “Big Apple.” It’s in the public domain, but still not digitized. You have to make a trip to Manhattan, go through security at the NYPL Stephen Schwarzman Building, and wait a half hour for delivery–just insane! William Randolph Hearst’s New York Evening Journal popularized the baseball team name “New York Yankees” in 1904, and I’m still waiting for that, from 120 years ago! My letter this week to the NY Daily News was on top, and there is a picture of a woman reading the New York Daily Mirror (1924-1963), a rival to the Daily News. That newspaper featured the popular columnists Walter Winchell and Jack Lait. So many big city treasures!

        1. Agreed! Newspapers capture a snapshot of history. I will pass the Illinois suggestions along to our content team as well.

        2. My local newspaper is not in but google news archive has it from 1868 to 1950. Additionally, the Library of Congress Chronicling America has lots of easily searchable newspapers. Yes, I do subscribe to for other papers near my locale. Just a thought or two.

        3. Not to forget the biggest fish of all, the Chicago Daily News, which as Barry knows absorbed the Daily Journal in 1929, and whose own history runs from the 1870s to 1978. Hugely important paper with a national audience and influence and a cast of legendary journalists from Ben Hecht to Mike Royko. Yet its pages are essentially closed to us, one tragic result of which is a history of Chicago and Illinois that is dominated by the conservative, isolationist Chicago Tribune. has 8 pages of the CDN from 1872 and 20 pages from 1947, and that’s it! The paper is on microfilm and should be readymade for digitization — please, please consider it. The availability of the Chicago Daily News would be an enormous selling point for

          1. Another newspaper archive service has digitized the Chicago Daily News. The New York Sun editor Charles A. Dana “Windy City” myth was popularized by the Chicago Daily News. The baseball team name “Chicago Cubs” is from the Chicago Daily News in 1902.

            However, the Chicago Daily/Evening Journal (1844-1929) is a gem that is not available anywhere. Ben Hecht got his start on the Journal. Famed columnist Franklin P. Adams (“FPA”) got his start on the Journal. The Lincoln-Douglas debates were set up by the Journal. And almost every year of it is in the public domain! The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has the master microfilm and helped me submit the nomination to the Illinois Newspaper Project–which passed because the INP assumed would do it!

        4. I agree! It’s frustrating. Who wants to sign up with if they’re not digitizing the key newspapers? I live in Washington State, born in Seattle, but I have ancestors from Chicago and I can’t wait until they add them to their database.

        5. Hello. I share your frustration over the lack of content in for newspapers from Illinois. I have had good success using Genealogy Bank, though.

      2. Jenny,
        Your site has been incredibly helpful in researching much of my family’s past. I have a significant source that is missing. The newspapers of Aurora, Illinois, are not available on your site. Can you access them? Aurora was home to one of the country’s largest populations of 19th Century immigrants from Luxembourg – including many of my ancestors. I cannot get to the city easily as I live in Virginia.
        Best regards.

    2. Often, digital content depends on if the owners of the microfilm will allow it. Some libraries and historical societies, for whatever reason, do not want their microfilm digitized and shared online. This has been a problem in Kentucky since the University of Kentucky library has most of the available newspapers and don’t want to share their content. has been “going round” this by local libraries working directly with them. My home county of Henry County, Kentucky, the local library sent their entire run of microfilm going back to 1901 to to be digitized.

        1. Glad to see the addition of so many Ontario newspapers during recent months. It would be great to see the addition of the archives of the Toronto Telegram which was the second largest circulated newspaper in Toronto for many decades until its closure in 1971. Believe its archive might be owned by the Toronto Star. The addition off the Toronto Sun archives which started up after the Telegram’s closure and the London Free Press, a dominant daily newspaper in Western Ontario, would be excellent additions to your collection. Both newspapers owned by Postmedia.

      1. You are correct, Vernon. We work with historical societies, institutions, and publishers to provide a win-win solution to digitize their papers. We are really excited about all the Kentucky papers that are coming. If Kentucky is your interest, I think you will be very pleased.

        1. My guess is overall goal is to digitalize every newspaper surviving on microfilm in the US. Which I imagine is a very large number.

      1. Yes. I’ve also told both NYS Historic Newspapers and that there is nothing from the Bronx, although has good coverage of Brooklyn and NYS Historic Newspapers has good coverage of Staten Island. The Bronx has about 1,500,000 people, and there is not a single digitized newspaper page from the 20th century!

        I’m talking about the New York Morning Telegraph, once the leading entertainment daily in the country and the horseman’s bible, which called New York City the “Big Apple” in the 1920s. William Randolph Hearst’s New York Evening Journal and New York American. The New York Daily Mirror, home of Walter Winchell. The New York Mail, the New York Globe, even the current New York Post!

      2. I’m not sure if it was this site or the Fulton history one that I was referred to one time when I was searching as it was quite some time ago. I hit it really lucky as I found masses of info. about a person who had been missing or undiscovered in our family in Ontario (Canada). They were free sites.

    3. Have you exhausted NYT’s timesmachine? It showed me family connections suing in SCOTUS um 1945. It even had Spokane, Washington, stuff referred to in The Cold Millions by Jess Walter.

    4. Thanks for the information. Nice to know who owns I am so sorry I started a Tree in 2015 after I retired. I could and did not find any steps on what to do when you first begin a Tree…other than the basic. If I now dig and click around (about 5 hrs later) I will see buried what you should do in order to make an exact copy of what you paid for, spent thousands of hours searching, and then sharing with others to be nice. I’m being told in order to get a copy of everything newspaper clippings, photos (that I spent 100’s of hours photo shopping), all gov documents, I need to buy either Family Tree Maker or Roots Web. I bought Family Historian thinking it would let me transfer all media from my online tree but it doesn’t. However it is rated one the better software apps to keep your media and data in your hands to be passed on. When I first joined Ancestry they owned Family Tree Maker and could be purchased separately and it worked with saving all media and data with online Ancestry. They then no longer owned it. Now all you can get for your money is a >GEDCOM file which is data only and nothing more than a file showing how you obtained it. If it’s a census record you “cannot” see the actual record. There is no way I can get all my work saved for the future decedents unless after (like I did) recently pay for Family Historian, then spend money for Family Tree Maker or Roots Web, then spend hours and hours reading to figure out how to transfer everything from Ancestry to one of the choices then transfer it to Family Historian. I do not understand why you cannot transfer all media and data into Family Historian. If it was stated somewhere it wasn’t at the top of any bullets list?

      My searches for newspapers is in PA. There is a very popular paper in Berks County…it’s been around for years. The problem is after contacting a number of organizations is that the historical society, library are having an issue with getting the film digitized. Of course doesn’t reply/respond because they only purchase the rights to sell them to us, they don’t digitize.
      The comments about Ancestry were stated to help if you haven’t yet realized what will happen after all your work !

  2. Is it possible to have more UK papers, particularly the Wolverhampton Express & Star. This newspaper was once owned by Andrew Carnegie and ex PM Boris Johnson spent a short time as a journalist.

  3. I would love to see expansion in Humboldt County, CA, papers. Specifically, I get hints for the Ferndale Enterprise but when clicking on the hint in Ancestry, that paper is not available. I would also like to see the Eureka Humboldt Standard (1956-1967)/Times Standard (1952-1977, overlaps with the Humboldt Standard) in Eureka expanded beyond it’s current years. Also, the Humboldt Beacon in Fortuna would be a great resource for research as they had all the “newsy” happenings (births, death, marriages, visitors) for the southern part of the county where I grew up. Thanks for your consideration!

  4. I applaud the additions of any newspaper. I may not have an interest in it but the more the merrier. I also have favorites that I think should be added. What I want to know is what is the cost to get a newspaper to digitalize their paper? As an example, while doing research in 2020 the Fond du Lac Wisconsin public library stated that they were working on filling in the gaps with the local paper. Some 1930’s and early 1940’s editions were on but it didn’t start up again until the late 1960’s. Now, three years later they haven’t added any editions. The University of Wisconsin State Historical Society has a huge amount of microfilm that could be added. What would the cost of the two great Milwaukee newspapers, the Journal and the Sentinel to be added?

  5. I have noticed that you have some newspapers where you only digitize a part of the year. When will your team get back to those newspapers? For example, in Illinois much of my family is from the Edwardsville area in Madison County. The Edwardsville Intelligencer newspaper is a valuable source of information. I was just looking for my grandparents wedding announcements and articles but only a few months of 1919 and 1920 are digitized. When does your team get back to the other months?

  6. And as for me, I hope more San Diego County newspapers will be added sooner or later like “The San Diego Union” (1868-1992) and the “San Diego Evening Tribune (1895-1992) including the issues of 1972 and 1973, The La Jolla Light and Journal (La Jolla, California), Oceanside Blade-Tribune (Oceanside, California), Rancho Santa Fe Times (Rancho Santa Fe, California), Del Mar Surfcomber (Del Mar, California), The El Cajon Daily Californian (El Cajon, California), and other San Diego, California newspapers Please.

  7. I would like to advocate for a former small paper for Stow, Ohio–the Stow Citizen followed by the Stow Sentry. I believe m/f copies are in the public library. Having digital access would go a long way to unlocking the past of this community. Thank you.

  8. Newspapers from Colorado, especially the Denver area would be most appreciated and a great aid for those of us researching our family history in that area. Please consider adding them to the list..

  9. Hi, is adding The Toledo (OH) Blade newspaper on’s roadmap? If so, what is the timeframe to add it? If not, I’m requesting it be added to your list of upcoming newspapers.


    1. MIchael… my previous comment with links appears to have been deleted, but thousands of issues of The Blade, along with The Bee, The Toledo News-Bee, and The Sunday Bee are available at Google’s newspaper archive, a project that was abandoned some years ago, but is still available.

    1. Me too~
      Also, being a lifelong Washington state resident, I would really appreciate more newspapers from my state. And Denver, Sterling areas of Colorado as well.

      1. Yes! I’m born and raised in Seattle and Snohomish county and I would love to see more newspapers from our state.

      2. I agree. The Kitsap County Herald began publishing in 1901 and is available through library loan but you have to drive to Bremerton to view it on microfilm.

    1. Yes to more Minnesota papers: The Lake Crystal Tribune! Lots of Welsh folk settled there, including my ancestors up to and including my own parents.

  10. Good afternoon! I love so much. Another glaring gap in the online offerings is Democratic newspapers from Chicago in the 19th century, up to 1895, when the Chronicle appears. I am doing research on an event in 19th century Chicago, and if you read only the Republican newspapers you only get part of the story. Adding the Herald, Post, or Times, or even the nonpartisan newspapers the Daily News and Record, would be so helpful to anyone wanting a full accounting of an event in Chicago during that time period and not able to travel to the Library of Congress or any of the Illinois archives.

    Thank you so much for offering this service! It is so useful – when I can keep myself from going down rabbit holes!

  11. There are insignificant villages in Massachusetts [Springfield] and in New York [Albany] that are important in my family history but are unrepresented by any newspaper as yet.

  12. Since most newspapers were free to read when published, why do we have to pay to read them now?
    I know it costs to collect, digitize, index, put them online, however, there are many people who would be happy to help do some of the tedious work for free access to the papers once the work is done.

    1. What do you mean most papers were free to read when they were published? Newspapers have been sold to subscribers and individuals since the beginning.

  13. The Innsfil Scope is actually the Innisfil Scope. I double checked by looking at the masthead. It is incorrect in this post as well as on your site. Innisfil is a town in southern Ontario.

  14. Nice work! But the one I’ve been waiting for is the Newark (NJ) Evening News, which published for about 100 years beginning in 1872 — and was the essential newspaper of northern NJ. Word is that microfilms exist at the Newark Public Library.

  15. You’ve made great strides with Minnesota newspapers, notably the Minneapolis, Austin and several smalltown papers, and I humbly thank you for that! Can we be looking forward to any other new or updated Minnesota newspapers? The Northfield News and the Faribault Daily News are at the top of my wish list!

  16. I would love to see some newspapers from 1880 forward in Texas, especially the northern part. Also, very little papers from Indian Territory (Oklahoma) and most parts of Missouri. They seem to be forgotten.

  17. I have been waiting years for newspapers from the Maritime provinces of Canada, particularly the Halifax, NS area. The Maritimes are very important to the historical development of Canada. There is a lot of territory to cover there.

    1. They believe Canada is just Ontario. Been requesting the rest of Canada but thier efforts are USA. Not one paper from outside Ontario for Canada.

      1. Here in Oregon everyone thinks on the weather blog or forums that the state of WA ends just south of Olympia and Portland is all of Oregon. Anywhere else is Upper California though the way the summers have been I wonder that myself!

  18. Is every comment merely a petulant complaint that someone’s pet newspaper is not included? I am grateful for the wide range of papers that are present, and presume that over time that number will just continue to grow. A project for any new paper takes genuine time and money. And just think of all of the newspapers that are simply entirely lost.

    1. I read these comments as requests for the inclusion of a particular paper or region, with reasons given as to why those requests should be considered. Some of the answers from Jenny suggest that it’s helpful to get that info. I think we’re lucky that so many people know about the newspapers that aren’t yet included! Who knows, maybe some of the newspapers we think are lost will be unearthed by folks who are so passionate about preserving these archives digitally.

  19. What would be so helpful for us Canadians, if we could search Canadian newspapers by Province. If I don’t know the name of the city or town that the ancestors lived in but I know the province, it would be so helpful rather than searching all the Canadian newspapers where I might get 12,000 results and maybe only 20 of those results are in British Columbia.

    1. I agree even though I am in Ontario. I think many of the various websites are American (USA) based & often are listed or can be searched etc. by a state, not just the country whereas Canada is Canada & if the province is listed then often it is not broken down into counties, townships etc. as much as the states are. Canada is a big country & when someone asks ‘where are you from?’ – Canada does not really tell too much by itself. I think the site is great & I have hit it lucky for one city’s newspaper but one in a nearby city is not listed so you cannot win them all. Some items sometimes are listed in more than one city’s newspaper, if we are lucky (especially if the family lived in the countryside & not a city).

  20. I have a handful of copies of The Get Together News, a 1973 hippie newspaper in Sacramento, California. I’d gladly donate to

    Any interest?

  21. Looking for papers from one of the original colonies — South Carolina. I am beginning to think papers weren’t written in the late 1700s or early 1800s, the time period I am most interested in. What about Tennessee? Looking for early papers from there as well.

  22. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. We appreciate your passion for historic newspapers! I will pass all of your feedback along to our content team. They work very hard to bring new papers to the site. Sometimes there are licensing restrictions that prevent us from adding certain titles, but we do our best to research each of these suggestions.

    1. Jenny, it’d be great to get a reply when we do suggest a newspaper that’s not possible to digitize, so that we know if there are such restrictions. (I’ve made requests in the past about the Chicago Herald, Chicago Post, and Chicago Times and would love to know if it’s just not possible for these to be included.)

      Thanks for all you do! is a treasure.

  23. I had done a search of a paper in DC, and did a screenshot of information that has been helpful to me. Recently, I ran another search and found that newspaper is no longer available. Why would that be? I know you had it once upon a time!

  24. Canada is more than one province. Only listings is Ontario. Is the usa newspapers represented by only one state? Please view a map of Canada when saying newspapers from Canada.

  25. I love using for historical research, but I am disappointed that my hometown newspaper is not included. Mesa, Arizona is the third largest city in Arizona, yet the only way to see the Mesa Tribune is to go to the library and view the microfilm. I hope you will be able to add it in the future.

  26. At least you have choices representing your state and areas of your nation. Here just one province to say they have Canada. Imagine if only one state for all USA.

  27. Thanks for all the newspapers that ARE available. Guess adding more raises expectations that ‘just what I want’ will be in the list – then comes the disappointment. Then comes the requests…

    It’s because when we do have access to a paper that for many years has covered our people of interest the findings are incredible!! Solved a mystery in my family !! And I do appreciate it.

    Thanks for all you all are doing!!! Keep it up please. cheerio

  28. While we are suggesting additional newspapers to digitize and add to the collection I would like to suggest the different papers of San Juan Co., Washington especially The Friday Harbor Journal and The San Juan Islander which are both microfilmed and at the University of Washington Library. Thank you for all your work:) Tim

  29. Please add West Hawaii Today, a paper that has been published since 1968 in Kailua Kona Hawaii. I also have copies of a mimeographed newspaper from the mid 1960s known as the Kona Torch. Are you interested in these?

  30. May I suggest that you attempt to digitize the archives of the Easton Express (Easton, PA) and of the now defunct Free Press of Phillipsburg, NJ? Thanks. Also, there was a camp newspaper from MacDill Airforce (at that time, theArmy Aircorps) Base in Florida during WWII which would be great to have access to for research.

  31. I’d love to see the Polish Philadelphia paper “Gwiazda” included (with English translation).

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