From an April 2nd paper comes this jazzy announcement. In 1957, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong attended a jazz concert to celebrate his birthday (actually his 56th). An earlier pneumonia scare lead to this great quote: “I know they wanted to get me up there to play first horn for Gabriel but I don’t think I’ll be up there for a long time yet.”

Louis Armstrong attending a jazz concert for 59th birthday

Louis Armstrong attending a jazz concert for 59th birthday Tue, Apr 2, 1957 – Page 8 · Naugatuck Daily News (Naugatuck, Connecticut) ·

Armstrong lived another 14 years, passing away at age 69 in July 1971.

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3 thoughts on “Louis Armstrong Going Strong

  1. Hey! how about payingv attention to feedback? otherwise your just an EA Games/Google and look at how stagnant they are doing things nobody likes and Europe is smart enough to sue them (Google).

  2. I remember reading a letter he sent to a vein doctor in Minneapolis, MN. It was framed and hanging on a wall in the doctor’s office. In it he stated his thanks for the stockings that seemed to relieve his varicose vein pains and symptoms. That was in 1973when I worked as a building maintenance man. Satchmo was awesome!

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