Find: Memorable College Football Moments News, Finds and Tips

For a lot of people, fall means college football, and if you’re a fan, you can find plenty of articles about your favorite team throughout the years on You can also read all about college football’s standout moments in history. For instance, are you familiar with these memorable games from college football’s early years?

And, of course, football games mean food. So here are a few tailgate recipes found on to get you started this season:

Do you have a favorite college football game from the past? Let us know what articles you find about it on in the comments section! Find more football stories and tailgate recipes by searching on

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  1. I am collecting newspaper articles about my mother’s uncles, who played football at Mizzou in the 1910s and 1920s. The stories make quite a picture of their college careers, and later stories about their service in WWI — before the US entered the war — have added to what we know about their lives.

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