Celebrating 50 States on the Newspapers.com™ Stories & Events Indexes

Have you heard about the Newspapers.com™ Stories and Events Indexes? Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’ve trained computers to read through more than 900 million pages of digitized newspapers and extract everyday stories about your ancestors. These stories are now hints on your Ancestry® tree, and we’ve just completed all 50 states!

The Stories and Events Indexes come on the heels of the popular Newspapers.com™ Obituary Collection, launched in 2019, and the Newspapers.com™ Marriage Index Collection, rolled out in 2020.

Many papers published genealogy columns, like this one from the Boston Evening Transcript in 1910

How Does it Work? Did your grandfather score the winning touchdown in college? Did your great-grandmother win an award at the state fair? Imagine finding a story describing your ancestor’s Civil War service. People appeared in the papers for a variety of reasons. There are articles about family reunions, published records from family bibles, genealogical columns, town and county histories, community news, and more. Searching through newspapers is like peeking behind the curtain into our ancestors’ lives. We can discover stories that connect and help us discover more about their personalities, challenges, and triumphs.

As you receive hints for everyday stories on Ancestry®, you may discover lost family members and poignant family stories and even break through genealogical brick walls. The Stories and Events Indexes hints include indexed names, the newspaper’s name, and the date the article was published. An accompanying link also directs you to Newspapers.com™ where you can see the original newspaper image, clip the article, attach it to your Ancestry® tree, share it, print it, or download it.

Look for hints like this on your Ancestry® tree!

With over 19 billion Stories and Events hints on Ancestry® (and more to come), you will likely find your family in the papers. Have you made any discoveries using the Stories and Events Indexes? Share them in the comments below and explore our entire collection of newspapers dating back to 1690 today on Newspapers.com™.

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29 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 States on the Newspapers.com™ Stories & Events Indexes

    1. As we mentioned before, we are unable to digitize this Silverton paper due to copyright restrictions. We hope to find a way to work with this publisher and digitize this paper in the future.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree that it is too expensive. Thank goodness, we are not on a fixed income, but we watch our spending and this is a nice resource but unnecessary expense.

    2. I would suggest you check your local libraries and historical societies to see if any of them subscribe to Newspapers.com.

  1. Your collection of The Stockton Record ends at 1969. Any chance of digitizing at least the 70″s, 80’s and 90’s?

  2. I wish the Eastport Maine papers would be added. They contain information on both Maine and smaller New Brunswick Canada communities that are close to the border. Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Weird: your post is about “Newspapers.com™ Stories & Events Indexes”, and about “Newspapers.com™ Marriage Index Collection” and more.
    BUT WHERE ARE THESE THINGS? There are no explicitly links to these in this article, and I don’t see anything about these indexes anywhere on the main page or any menu items on newspapers.com. Why promote things that aren’t actually listed on the site?

    1. Hi Kevin, the Obituary Index, and the Marriage Index collections are accessible from the search page. Right under the keyword search bar is a drop-down called “categories.” You can access just obituaries or weddings by selecting that category. The Stories & Events Indexes are a bit different. These are AI-generated hints that only appear on your Ancestry tree. We’ve trained computers to read through the pages and extract stories that may include your ancestors, and then we’ve hinted at those stories on your Ancestry tree. The blog screenshot shows you what Ancestry’s hint looks like. Hope this helps. Thanks for the chance to clarify.

  4. I wish you would include the newspapers from the Scottdale Independent, Scottdale, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

  5. I also would like the links to the obituary collection and marriage collection. Please send any collection links. Thank you

    1. Hi Ann – you can access these collections from the search page of Newspapers.com. Right under the keyword search box is a drop-down called “categories.” There, you can select either obituaries or marriage announcements and search just those indexes.

      1. Jenny,
        I am on my Newspapers.com account and there isn’t anything under my keyword search box. Nor can I find anywhere on the homepage where it lists “categories”. Please explain again where I would find that access.

        1. Hi Kelly, From the homepage, enter a search term. When the results come up, you will see filters at the top of the page for Keyword, Date, and Location. Right under the Keyword box is a dropdown called “Categories.” From there, you can select Obituaries or Marriages.

          1. I was wondering about this too, and looking all over for it. That’s a critical step that you have to FIRST enter a search term – then the categories drop-down menu shows up. I strongly suggest you emphasize that point in your answers.

  6. I have a subscription and have learned a lot about my father’s family in tiny (250) Sibley IL. However, there are no papers from Danville IL, a much larger city, my mother’s hometown. Is anything coming soon?

  7. STILL nothing, or hardly anything, from Schenectady County, NY or Saratoga County, NY. MUCH MUCH history in these two counties.

      1. Thanks, but I’m looking for data starting early 20th century to present. Didn’t see much there for that time period.

  8. When I got hints for newspaper articles. I added them to my Ancestry account. But some were unreadable there. Wondering if you know why?

    1. Hi Delores. Can you elaborate on unreadable? Is the text not readable? The hints you receive on your Ancestry tree are the indexed names that come from the newspaper article. You can save that indexed record to your tree, but you can also click on the link which brings you over to Newspapers.com where you can see the full newspaper clipping.

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