Announcing™ Gift Subscriptions!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? With over 800 million pages of newspapers in our archives, a 6-month gift subscription to™ is like opening a time capsule that allows recipients to explore history as it happened. If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season, give a gift with heart.™ inspires, educates, and connects. Here are a few things you and your loved ones might unwrap with a subscription to™. 

Find your family in the papers: Did your dad play in a band? Was your great-grandfather the first person in town to own an automobile? Did your grandmother run a successful company? Newspapers are a great way to tell the story of our ancestors. You’ll read about their triumphs and tragedies, sacrifices and accomplishments. Imagine finding an article that details your family’s immigration journey to America in 1852. You can clip your finds, share them with family and friends, or attach them directly to your Ancestry® tree. Customer Kym M. uncovered an 1881 probate notice that solved a 140-year genealogy mystery in her family tree. “My ancestor and a neighbor shared the same name, confusing genealogists and even a trusted county history book for decades. Finding this newspaper clipping naming his heirs sorted it out!”

Explore headlines from the day you were born: Gift recipients can search their birthdate to see headlines from their hometown, state, nation, and even around the world on the day they were born.  

Sports: See 1956 headlines when Don Larsen threw a no-hitter in Game 5 of the World Series. Or explore newspapers closer to home and relive that game-winning shot against the biggest high school rival.

True Crime: Nearly 175 years after Edgar Allen Poe died, his cause of death remains a mystery. Theories range from alcohol poisoning to murder, but customers can explore the newspapers and make their own hypotheses. This 1849 obituary details his troubled life. Maybe your gift recipient will sleuth within their own family tree. One™ user was surprised to see a headline announcing that her ancestor was “Not Murdered!” Karen L. said, “I’m a true crime fan, so this headline about my great-great-grandpa instantly had me hooked. I couldn’t stop digging on™ until I got the full story.”

Family Recipes: Imagine finding a long-lost family recipe in the newspapers. Customer Nancy V. did precisely that. “Our family thought we had lost Grandma Winona’s bread recipe. We knew she won a competition, so finding the story on™ made my baking heart so happy.”

These are just a few topics a lucky gift recipient can explore with a 6-month gift subscription to™. At $74.90, this gift will bring hours of discovery and connection. Click here to purchase your™ gift subscription today!

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4 thoughts on “Announcing™ Gift Subscriptions!

    1. Hi Raymond – I also have this through my Ancestry All Access account. I just spoke to customer service to clarify which subscription is part of the All Access subscription – the Basic or the PLUS. The Ancestry person told me that Ancestry only has access to certain records that allows. If I want access to ALL newspapers, I have to subscribe to PLUS, for an additional fee. Otherwise, anything I try to view with my Ancestry All Access account that isn’t part of Ancestry’s contracted product from will be blurred and not readable. You may already know all this. I didn’t, so thought I would share.
      Happy Holiday.

      1. It is the Publisher Extra subscription that I have to renew to get full access to

  1. very nice…Please add newspapers from Brighton, Canada. 1820 thru 1900 ..also Lum, Lapeer county Michigan 1880 -1920

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