Anyone up for a little game? This “spot the mistakes” style puzzle is from 1930, found in Wyoming’s Jackson’s Hole Courier. 

What's Wrong and Where? 1930 puzzleWhat’s Wrong and Where? 1930 puzzle Thu, Aug 14, 1930 – 10 · Jackson’s Hole Courier (Jackson, Wyoming)

How many did you find?

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One thought on “What’s Wrong and Where?

  1. 1) The design on the lampshade is upside down.
    2) One of the candlesticks is empty
    3) The pipe is upside down
    4) One side of his necktie is striped; the other is zig-zag
    5) The back of the chair doesn’t match the seat.
    6) His shoes don’t match.
    7) The chair legs don’t match.
    8) one pants leg has a cuff; the other doesn’t/

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