Does the idea of a bunny hiding colored eggs seem like an odd choice for Easter? There are a few theories about where the tradition came from, including one which explains that the Easter bunny is actually a bird. Mystery solved.

The Easter Bunny

That doesn’t help, you say? Well, the whole thing potentially stems from the myth of Eostre, a goddess of fertility and spring who was celebrated by pre-Christian religions. Eostre, passing through the woods one day, came upon a freezing little bird in the snow. To save its life, she turned it into a bunny to give it fur for warmth. In the spring, the rabbit laid eggs as though it were still a bird, and, in gratitude to Eostre, decorated them and left them for her as a gift.
Eostre myth

This could be the reason behind traditional easter egg hunts — it all happened because a rabbit laid eggs.

The egg-laying bunny

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