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Heart O'Mine Cookies recipe from 1977
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and here on you can get in the spirit by reading all kinds of articles about the holiday of love. Some of the things you’ll learn about Valentine’s Day might even surprise you!

For instance, did you know that in the 19th century, sending paper valentines through the mail got to be so popular that during some years, post offices had to hire more workers just to get all the cards sorted and delivered? You can read all about it in an article from 1811 or one from 1846.

If you’re interested in learning how Valentine’s Day cards have evolved over the years, you’re in luck. Learn about the years when postcard, celluloid, or telegram valentines were popular. Or get started reading about Valentine’s Day card trends in 1881, 1892, and 1947. You can also find out how valentines were mass produced in 1889.

Valentine's card trends in 1947
If you like to send out valentines yourself, you might be interested in learning about Loveland, Colorado, which since 1947 has had a “re-mailing” program for valentines. Send them your valentine, and they’ll send it out to your recipient after stamping it with a verse and cachet as well as a “Loveland” postal cancellation. Read all about the program through the years in articles from 1949, 1952, 1990, and 2001.

Or if you’re into baking, the papers on have all sorts of Valentine’s-themed recipes. Don’t some Heart O’Mine Cookies sound delicious? These flaky, heart-shaped cookies from a 1977 recipe are filled with strawberry preserves. Or if you like arts and crafts (or know a kid who does), you can even find valentines that you can cut out and color.

Cut-out Valentine from 1924
If humorous anecdotes are more your thing, try reading this story from 1787 about a 14-year-old girl who married a much older man on Valentine’s Day. You probably won’t be astonished that their marriage was rocky, but it may come as a surprise just why the young lady took her husband to court.

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