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Many of us have—at some point in our lives—probably been sent a newspaper clipping that a friend or family member thought we’d enjoy. Or we’ve given a clipping to others ourselves. Now, on, you can quickly and easily share your newspaper clippings online rather than dealing with cutting and sending paper copies, which can smear or fade over time.

It’s easy. Once you clip an article on, the option will automatically appear for you to share that article via email or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest—or you have the option to get the code to embed the article in your own website or blog. When you share a clipping in any of these ways, others can view it without having a account.

If you want to share a article that you’ve clipped previously, simply go to “Your Clippings” from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of our website. Then either mouse over the clipping you want to share or click or tap it. Either will give you access to the “Share” button, which you can select to access the different share options.

If you’d still rather share a hard copy of an article you’ve found, you can print your clipping by selecting it from “Your Clippings” and choosing the “Print” option. When it prints, it will include not only the article but the newspaper name and article date as well.

For other tips on using, visit our “ basics” page.

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2 thoughts on “Tip: Using “Share”

  1. I am gathering information about Alexander Rogers (my great great grandfather) who lived in Salt Lake City, Utah from 1863 until his death. I would like to find two bits of information on him–an article on his marriage to Janet Brown on 25 August 1864 and his obituary–he died 16 December 1923. Since he was written about in the Utah State Archives, I think there should have been more than one obituary article after his death.
    Last time I wrote about an ancestor I was tracking, someone at newspapers somehow found the article I needed & I was able to clip it next time. I renewed my membership b/c you’ve been so responsive!

    1. Hi Mary. A quick search of brought up the following obituary for your ancestor: You probably won’t be able to find a marriage announcement on our site as of now, since our collection of Utah papers doesn’t currently stretch back to the 1860s. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other articles about your ancestor on our site. Try searching for his name, and then narrowing the search parameters to the state of Utah and the years he was alive.

      Good luck,

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