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When you find a story about an ancestor or someone in your family on Newspapers.com, you can clip the article and link it to your family tree on Ancestry.com. The “Save to Ancestry” button is at the top right of the viewer and also on every clipping page, making it easy for you to create links directly to Ancestry.com.

It’s easy and intuitive. Locate a news story you want to attach to someone you’ve already recorded in an Ancestry family tree, and then click the “Save to Ancestry” button and follow the instructions.

You’ll be asked to log into your Ancestry.com account after which you’ll see the name of your tree, or a list of tree names if you have more than one. Locate the tree you wish to save the document to, begin typing the name of the person to whom the record should be attached, choose the correct name from the list that appears, and then press save.

You’ll then be given a choice. You can close the window and continue searching for more articles on Newspapers.com, or you can view the profile of the person you attached the record to on Ancestry.com. If you choose the latter, you’ll be taken to that person’s profile page where you can view the record link. It will appear under “Source Information” on the right side of the page as a citation link to your clipping on Newspapers.com. The clipped image is not added to your ancestor’s profile, but the link is. If you click that link, you’ll return to Newspapers.com and the full clipping will appear.

You will also find a list of all Newspapers.com links you’ve attached to someone’s profile under “Source Citations” within the Facts and Sources tab on the tree. If you want to learn a trick for saving an image of the clipping to Ancestry.com, in addition to the clipping link, watch the Save to Ancestry.com tutorial. Additional video tutorials can be found in the Help Center under Newspapers.com Basics.

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  2. I have hit the save to Ancestry button about 4 times. I have the right person, but nothing gets published. How long does it take?

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