This Week in History – Polio Vaccine Trials

It was this week in 1954 that the first trials of Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine began throughout the U.S., Canada, and Finland.

Anti-Polio Experiment StartsAnti-Polio Experiment Starts · Mon, Apr 26, 1954 – Page 1 · The Times Herald (Port Huron, Michigan) ·

Polio Shot Didn't Hurt a BitPolio Shot Didn’t Hurt a Bit · Mon, Apr 26, 1954 – 1 · Dayton Daily News (Dayton, Ohio) ·

The trials were successful—the vaccine was declared to be safe and effective! At last, the huge, epidemic numbers of polio cases began to decrease, and within a few decades the ancient disease was nearly eliminated worldwide.

Brilliant Victory over Child PlagueBrilliant Victory over Child Plague · Tue, Apr 12, 1955 – Page 1 · The Terre Haute Tribune (Terre Haute, Indiana) ·

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