Christmas is nearly here, and you know what that means: yuletide treats are in the works. Some are yearly favorites treasured by family and friends, while others are inexplicable traditions you’d rather never taste again. Need some inspiration for a recipe of your own? Why not try one of these Christmas recipes to spice up your festivities?

Spiced Banana Fruit Cake, 1954:

Spiced Banana Fruit Cake

Lima Towers, 1955:

Lima Towers

Sand Tarts, 1925:

Sand Tarts

Molded Christmas Salad, 1935:

Molded Christmas Salad

Red and Green Olive Log, 1959:

Red and Green Olive Log

Pink Cranberry Salad, 1965:

Pink Cranberry Salad

Spakanopita, 1980:


Christmas Recipe, 1964:

Christmas Recipe

Have you found one of these recipes sitting on your Christmas table before? Do any of them catch your eye? Let us know! Try a search for more recipes (or more general Christmas ads and articles) using the search page on

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