From 1878 comes this real-life ghost story that even the skeptics couldn’t explain. With its ringing bells and rattling doors, this residence on Brooklyn’s Clinton Avenue became the talk of the town.

The Ghost of Clinton AvenueThe Ghost of Clinton Avenue Fri, Dec 20, 1878 – Page 1 · The Sun (New York, New York) ·

The residence’s owner, Mr. Smith, appeared to be a level-headed, logical sort of man. But when a skeptical reporter visited the house nearly a week later, as reported in the article below, Mr. Smith was too nervous to be interviewed and believed the disturbances to be the work of an evil spirit.

The Clinton Avenue Ghost follow up articleThe Clinton Avenue Ghost follow up article Thu, Dec 26, 1878 – 2 · St. Louis Globe-Democrat (St. Louis, Missouri) ·

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One thought on “The Ghost of Clinton Avenue

  1. Out of curiosity I decided to look the address up on Google Earth Pro. To my amazement I found the home still standing as described in the article. I wonder if today’s residents are aware of this story? I also wonder what happened to the former residents. Like the former resident, I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in a spirit realm consisting of various forms of angels, God’s workers, and those spiritual beings who serve evil and Lucifer. Stories like this are a perfect example of how fear, confusion, misconceptions, and false teachings are formed and spread.
    As a direct descendant of a woman tried as a witch in Salem, reading the accounts of her trial and the testimony given, gave me some insights on what could only be described as a “Twilight Zone” in man’s understanding of the unseen but always present spiritual realm of good and evil.

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