Turkey is generally the star of the season when it’s Thanksgiving time. But when it comes down to it, the Thanksgiving feast might well be just like any other meal without the piles of scrumptious sides filling up the table, so deliciously irresistible that they leave no room to sample the array of pies to come.

If you are in charge of bringing a side dish to this year’s Thanksgiving gathering and are scrambling for ideas, look no further. These recipes from years past come with guarantees of satisfaction for your Thanksgiving meal.

Looking to give an all-turkey spin to your meal this year? This set of recipes from 1976 was tailor made for you. Included in this article are instructions for mashed turkey (instead of mashed potatoes) and turkey peas to replace the unexciting, normal peas (just be sure you’ve got green food coloring on hand).

Thanksgiving Recipes

Or, if you’re one who can’t get enough cranberries, here are some cran-centric recipes you’re sure to love: stuffings, sauces, and more are included in these recipes printed in 1975.

Thanksgiving Recipes

This last set of side dish ideas comes from 1933 and can be a bit harder to read, but if you’re looking to include a delicious oyster dish on your table this Thursday, or just seeking a tasty stuffing recipe, this article has it all.
Thanksgiving Recipes

Are you a connoisseur of deviled eggs? Does your homemade cranberry sauce leave guests begging for more? If not, how about trying out one of the recipes shared above? Who knows, it may result in a family favorite that will stick around for years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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