If you have ancestors from southeastern Iowa or northwestern Illinois—or if you’re interested in the history of these two regions—come explore the Quad-City Times on Newspapers.com.

Newspapers.com also has a host of papers from the Quad-City Times family tree, including the Daily Leader, the Davenport Weekly Leader, the Davenport Weekly Democrat and Leader, Weekly Davenport Democrat, the Democrat and Times, the Daily Times, the Davenport Weekly Gazette, and the Democratic Banner. Some of these papers go all the way back to the 1850s, giving you more than 160 years of Iowa and Illinois history!

The Quad-City Times has existed under that name since 1975, but it was previously called the Times-Democrat because in 1964 the paper was formed by the merger of two papers: the Daily Times and the Morning Democrat (found on Newspapers.com under the Quad-City Times). The Daily Times‘ history was fairly straightforward, starting out as the Blue Ribbon News in 1878, before becoming the Northwestern News in 1879 and then finally the Davenport Daily Times in 1886.

The Morning Democrat, in contrast, had more than two dozen titles in its family tree, starting with a paper called the Democratic Banner, founded in 1848. The various papers competed, merged, and changed names over a 100-year period, until the Morning Democrat emerged as the sole surviving paper out of the bunch (at least until the Morning Democrat’s own merger with the Daily Times in 1964).

As its name implies, the Quad-City Times serves the Quad Cities area of Iowa and Illinois (Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline), as well as the surrounding counties. The Quad-City Times, along with the earlier papers it grew out of, has documented more than a century and a half of goings on in the region. From big events (like the 1901 fire that burned 8 blocks of Davenport) to smaller occasions (like weddings and school excursions), these newspapers were there to capture local happenings, making the papers a great resource for finding stories about your ancestors or learning more about area history.

Get started searching or browsing the Quad-City Times on Newspapers.com!

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29 thoughts on “Quad-City Times

  1. Been a member of Newspaper.com and still hoping for access to Worcester Massachusetts newspapers from the 1920’s and 30’s, and well as the Fall River Massachusetts Herald News newspaper from 1890-1970… I was told several years ago that it was being worked on but noting yet. Any chance or should I just give up hope and not renew my membership?

  2. I have been waiting for more newspapers from Northern New Jersey and I haven’t seen that added either. Now we have newspapers from overseas when we should have more papers from the States… Hope to see that very soon!

  3. I greatly appreciate these newspapers. Your site is really good and easy to navigate. I would, however, really appreciate newspapers from Oklahoma. No one seems to go there.

  4. I am also waiting to have more newspapers from North Jersey, particularly the Bergen Evening Record, Bergen County.

  5. Why are so many Davenport newspaper clips titled the Quad City Times on your page when they are from the papers named above that existed long before the QCT?

  6. need newspapers from 1900 t0 1960 from Monroe County News, Albia Iowa. Can you help me?

  7. Quad Times is great. I was hoping for this, as I had relatives in that area. You should also try to acquire the St. Louis Globe Democrat. It was the liberal newspaper delivered in the morning in St. Louis Missouri. The St. Louis Post Dis was the conservative newspaper delivered in the afternoon. Most people opted to receive both.

  8. Would really like to see The Cleveland Plain Dealer or Cleveland Press available. Nothing significant in that part of Ohio.

  9. Still waiting for Toledo, Ohio newspapers. I recently upgraded my membership, but am finding LESS information! Not a fan of bait and switch.

  10. I would like to see more historic newspapers available from Minnesota, especially the Rochester Post-Bulletin and the Mankato newspapers.

  11. Look forward to seeing some more small town Kentucky newspapers from the late 1800 and early 1900. I have found wonderful material on family in the old newspapers.

  12. Would like newspapers added from Greenville, NC (Eastern Reflector and Daily Reflector (1895-present)). Also, newspaper from Ayden, NC (Ayden Dispatch(1880-1955)).

  13. I’m excited to pour over the new newspapers from Iowa. I’ve bee searching for a 3x great grandfather Thomas Townsend who was living in Big Mound, Lee County Iowa around 1870 .

  14. I’d love to see more newspapers from Nashville and Fayetteville, TN from 1850 to present and from Madison Co., AL, Jack Co., Texas, Garvin Co., OK, Leavenworth, KS, Yell Co., Ark., etc. I do enjoy these newspapers – have found a lot of information, much of it surprises. Thanks.

  15. Any plans for Omaha World Hearld?? If this is a duplicate. What was the answer?

  16. What happened to the newspapers from the big cities ? Mainly Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Press and Cleveland Plain Dealer. You have the little cities around Ohio but not anywhere near Cleveland.

  17. Looking for papers from Lynn Mass area and also the Waldoboro Maine area.

  18. Looking to see newspapers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The main newspapers would be, The Advocate, The Daily World and the Morning Advocate. Articles and obituaries from these newspapers would aid me and others in our genealogy research.

  19. Looking for obituaries for Union County and Alexander County, Illinois before and after 1840 up to 1918. Seems many obituaries in the Jonesboro Gazette Newspaper, years 1848-1861 were destroyed during the Civil War. Thank you.

  20. if it is at all possible, could we please see san Francisco/Oakland area , fresno bee,kansas city ,san Antonio,houston,tx or fargo,grand forks,nd

  21. I’m looking for the San Franciso Chronicle escpecially from the 1950’s and 60’s. Any help to find these?

  22. Wondering if any plans to include Baltimore newspapers The News Post and the News American. You do have a very limited inclusion of one of these but the bulk of those two papers are not in your collection. I believe that both of the papers were Hearst affiliates. The two papers always had the best local Baltimore crime articles and sports coverage especially . Both papers have discontinued publishing and are only available through microfilm.and at remote locations,

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