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Oregon StatesmanWith over 10 million pages currently spanning more than 190 papers and 80+ cities, our Pennsylvania collection is‘s largest—and it’s still growing!

Our newest Pennsylvania titles include Danville’s Morning News, the Montrose Democrat, Uniontown’s Evening Genius, Shippennsburg’s News-Chronicle, the Warren Mail, and a variety of papers from the city of Wilkes-Barre. Plus, more than 40 of our existing titles have been updated recently. If you have ancestors from these areas, try searching for them in these new and updated titles!

Did you know that some of the oldest papers on can be found in the Pennsylvania collection? For instance, five of our Pennsylvania papers date back to the 18th century, including two that pre-date the Revolutionary War: the Pennsylvania Gazette (with issues back to 1728), Pennsylvania Packet (1771), Freeman’s Journal or North-American Intelligencer (1781), Independent Gazetteer (1782), and Die Unpartheyische York Gazette (1796).

An interesting tidbit about the previously mentioned Die Unpartheyische York Gazette is that it’s a German-language paper. Other papers in the Pennsylvania collection likewise reflect the state’s immigrant heritage, like the Middleburgh Post, which in 1888 began running a popular weekly satirical column written in the Pennsylvania German dialect. Similarly, Philadelphia’s Evening Public Ledger included an Italian-language column to draw in readers from the city’s large Italian population.

Sumpter Miner
If you’re interested in the Civil War, the Clearfield Republican is definitely worth a read. Though Pennsylvania was a Union state, the Clearfield Republican (a Copperhead Democrat paper) was vehemently anti-Lincoln, anti-war, and anti-draft, so its editorials give an unusual perspective into the time period. Since the paper published lists of Civil War draftees from Clearfield Country, this paper can also be a good place to look for your male ancestors from the area.

Another interesting paper is the Petroleum Centre Daily Record. Like its name suggests, the short-lived town of Petroleum Centre lived and breathed one industry—oil. Thus the Daily Record revolved around oil too, from its ads to its market reports to its editorials. Even its accounts of the goings-on in the lives of the inhabitants often involved the oil industry. However, because Petroleum Centre and the Daily Record were tied so closely to oil, a drop in oil prices in the early 1870s spelled the end of both the town and its paper.

So if you have Pennsylvania ancestors, or are just interested in Pennsylvania history, try searching or browsing‘s Pennsylvania collection. You never know what—or who—you might find!

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51 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Papers

  1. Thank you. I all sounds very interesting. I am still waiting for the New Haven Register from New Haven CT

  2. I looked for some papers recently for rural Maryland Counties and could not find any, some of which were begun in the late 18th century. Try finding papers from the County Seats of Elkton, Chestertown, Centreville, Easton, Denton, Salisbury, Snow Hill and Princess Anne. I also looked for relatives in Baltimore and Could not find a paper for that City in the 19th or 20th centuries.

  3. Thanks. The Pennsylvania newspaper I most want to see in your database is the Johnstown, PA – Tribune/Democrat. That paper would be tremendously helpful to me.

  4. I wish you could think in terms of migration trails, e.g., across the National Road. So many of us have families who started out for the west passing through or stopping in cities like Charles Town or Martinsburg WV, Cumberland MD, Waynesburg and Washington, PA, Wheeling WV, etc. If you focused on newspapers along the National Road for the time period from 1750-1850, I think you would have something of real historical value.

  5. The papers that would assist in my research for family members would be CANADIAN newspapers esp: Winnipeg Free Press, Steinbach Carillion, Portage La Prairie paper, Chilliwack Progress Newspaper, AND, the New York Times. It is difficult to understand family members when no news is found. I am sure something worthy must have been mentioned somewhere, even, if it is birth, wedding or death notice. Thankyou for your consideration. CAVM.

  6. Would like to have access to newspapers from Grand Rapids, Michigan and Toldeo, Ohio which is where some of my English, Irish, and Scottish ancestors settled after migrating from upstate New York and New England.

    Merry Christmas!

      1. Please note that Google Newspaper Archive has the Toledo Blade and Bee. They are difficult to search, but can be browsed easily. I used them extensively in research for my book, Toledo’s Three Ls, about Toledo department stores and downtown shopping.

      1. Greensburg is my home town, so it would really help me…also the Martinsburg, WV paper.

  7. I love seeing PA record updates! A lot of my ancestors have been in state since the 1700s. I’d love to see the McKeesport Daily News eventually! Thanks for updating so regularly. 🙂

    1. The West Newton, PA Times Sun runs a weekly column of bye gone days….listing dates up to 105 years ago…it is on the Glade Trail at the Youghiogheny River where the boats were built that carried the explorers to the Ohio Country.

  8. How about more old Georgia newspapers, such as the defunct Atlanta Journal ?

    Or the Florida-Times Union out of Jacksonville ?

  9. I tried to subscribe to the 7 day free offer, but I was unable to view your TERMS AND CONDITIONS. I will not check that I agree to anything without reading the terms. When you get the button fixed or perhaps email me that information, I will reconsider signing up.

    1. The link to view the terms is working OK for me. What is happening when you try to view the terms? Which browser are you using (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Thanks for any information you can pass along so we can duplicate the problem and get it fixed.

      You can always read the terms and privacy police through the links in the footer, and They are the same as the Ancestry terms and conditions.

  10. I’m grateful for new papers and updates, especially Northeast PA papers!

    But my question is, how can the OCR be improved so that when I search for TRENTLY, I don’t get results on words such as “apparently”, “greatly”, “gently”, etc.? I find this very frustrating. Is there anything in the works to make this more accurate?

  11. I want The New York Daily news from the 1970’s. Anyone know where to find that. unfortunately I bought the subscription and then realized they don’t have it. Also more Reading Eagle comment I agree with

  12. Qt here is much information about for after the 1850 census, and that census opens things up for most of us. We need the early newspapers prior to 1850 . The earlier the better.

  13. Any chance you can add Birmingham, Alabama papers and/or Fayette County, Alabama? Doing genealogy research.

  14. well so far little dissapointed ,getting news from Massachusetts.current and long ago ,
    need to be updated if i punch Boston mass i get boston in any newspaper across the land,,i want boston mass only

    1. If you just want matches from newspapers published in Boston, you can get that in a few ways:
      1- Use the “Add more info” or “Show advanced” link in the search box and add Boston in the “Paper Location” field.

      2- Browse to United States Of America » Massachusetts » Boston ( and use the search within box to search just Boston papers,

      3- Go to the Papers page and type Boston in the “Narrow by Newspaper Title” (this will also narrow by keyword in the location) then use the search box in the upper right to “Search within these papers”

      Hope that helps.

  15. Your interweb site is great. Lewistown, PA has a paper that goes back to 1804 or so, and the Bedford, PA Gazette is from about that time. I’d like to see some Irish or English papers too, especially if they have lists of emigrant ships and passenger lists.
    Harry Martz

  16. The Bedford, PA Gazette is still published. I think it’s available on microfilm at the Bedford County Library or maybe at their office in Bedford.

  17. Nice resource, but hasn’t helped me much since many of my ancestors were in NW ohio, and The Toledo Blade is not in the available newspapers.

  18. Would love to see newspaper from St. Cloud. Minnesota the “Pioneer”. Or Any Minnesota newspapers. Happy Holidays to All.

  19. Looking for newspapers from Williamsburg, KY or anything from Whitley County in particular. Also, papers from Madison County, North Carolina would be very helpful.

  20. I find your paper list very limited. There is no information other than the Berkshire Eagle for Western Massachusetts. We need Springfield and Greenfield papers at the very least to be added to your available papers. I am also interested in all Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut and Vermont papers. Both sides of my family date back to the 1700s or earlier in these 5 states. Both sides of my husband’s family also date back to the same time in New Jersey, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and California. Please get these state better covered. It is frustrating to not find anything about any of our ancestors. There has to be at least one article on everyone–the obituary! Much valuable information in that one article.
    It is nice that you have added so much to the Pennsylvania resources, but we have no family (that we know about) in Pennsylvania.

  21. Thanks for all the great suggestions. We’ll share these with the content team. Whenever you have feedback you can send it to us using the contact page ( To get your ideas right to the content team, choose “Content Suggestion” from the “Subject” dropdown and tell us what you are interested in using the “Enter your message” box. The more information you can share about the paper, including where we might find a copy or who we could work with to get the rights for it, the better. Thanks again.

  22. The Boston Globe has had the largest circulation in Boston for decades. Until you include the Globe I feel no need to subscribe.

  23. Do you have the Dunkirk Observer,Dunkirk Evening Observer or any other paper from the Pomfret,Dunkirk,Buffalo NY area ??
    Thank you.

  24. We do have quite a few editions of the Dunkirk Evening Observer mostly from the first half of the 20th century. You can see and search them here,

    We also a few papers from The Grape Belt and Chautauqua Farmer in Dunkirk, but it looks like just a year’s worth from July 1953-June 1954:

    In general, here are a few ways to see what we have on
    1- The Browse page ( will let you browse by country>state>city>paper>year>date and see what’s available. You can use the “Search within” box at the top of the page to search any level you browse to.

    2- The Papers page ( lets you see all the newspapers we have on the site, narrow by name, date, or state and again, once you’ve narrowed, you can search within just the papers you’ve narrowed to.

    3- The Map page ( lets you see what papers we have for a given area and if you zoom in to your area, the Search within box at the top will only search those papers that are in view on the map.

    Hope that helps.

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