Nicknames Not for “Girls of Dignity”

Apologies to any Jessie, Lizzie, Debbie or other “undignified” user of nicknames who might read this.

Nicknames are spoiling women's namesNicknames are spoiling women’s names Sat, Jul 3, 1880 – Page 1 · Weekly Graphic (Kirksville, Missouri) ·

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3 thoughts on “Nicknames Not for “Girls of Dignity”

  1. Oh, would that my mother had allowed me a nickname! I was “blessed” with five syllables, all of which had to be used – NO nicknames. “When you move out you may call yourself what ever you wish, but when you live here you use the name we gave you.”

    The worst of it was that my classmates teased and made up names for me, but I wasn’t allowed to even acknowledge them.

    1. Perhaps you now assume a much better image of yourself due to the formality fostered upon you. I would revel in the fact that my parents projected me to such lofty heights. I suspect that Lady Anne influenced your self esteem. if not know then at some point in the future. i would be intrigued upon meeting a Lady Anne.

  2. Advice well taken. If a formal position is preferred and so desired then formal names are required. I appreciate this direction.

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