We had an incredible year in 2019 and we owe it all to you – our amazing subscribers! Thank you for your passion and dedication to preserving historical newspapers. Our loyal customers have created more than 14.3 million clippings this year alone.

Thanks to your support we’ve reached the following milestones in 2019:

  • Added 100+ million new pages of content for a total of 555 million pages of content
  • 14.3 million clippings created in 2019
  • Added 5,000+ new newspapers to our archives
  • Updated nearly 7,000 existing titles with new content
  • We have newspapers from all 50 states and 10 countries, territories, or districts

We also teamed up with Ancestry® to develop a technology to scour every page in our archive looking for death notices. You have already clipped more than 1.5 million obituaries using this amazing technology.

The best is yet to come. What will you discover in 2020? We promise to keep working hard with our publisher partners, historical societies, and institutions to find new content so your subscription will continue to increase in value year after year. What did you discover using Newspapers.com in 2019? Share your discoveries in the comments below. Thank you! Together we will accomplish amazing things in 2020.

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5 thoughts on “Newspapers.com 2019 in Review!

  1. Some areticles are non-contiguous. Is their a way to capture them without including neighboring articles ?

  2. 2019 biggest title: NY daily news.

    2020’s.biggest title: Miami Herald

    How about an French-Language title from Quebec?

  3. The links to Ancestry have been fabulous.

    One small thing that would be much appreciated: Separate your “New and Updated” into separate links: 1. truly New titles; 2. Titles updated by adding pages published in recent months; 3. Titles updated by filling in gaps in earlier decades. It appears to me that your New & Updated is primarily Category 2, certainly if measured by numbers of pages. But for researchers, Categories 1 & 3 are much more important.

  4. Thank you Mark. Great suggestion. We will pass this on to Dan and Sausage on the dev team.

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