Our Pennsylvania archives are expanding! If you have ancestors from Pennsylvania or are interested in the history of the area, we’ve added papers from Pottsville, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton.

Republican Herald: The Republican Herald was founded in Pottsville in 1884 as The Daily Republican. We have issues from the Pottsville Republicanand the Republican and Herald in our archives. Pottsville is located in Pennsylvania’s coal region where America’s oldest brewery, D.G. Yuengling & Son, made beer for thirsty coal miners. When Congress passed the National Prohibition Act it meant big changes for the company. The brewery created three near beers and even branched into ice cream production to keep the business running until the 18th Amendment was repealed. If you are researching ancestors from Pottsville, check birth announcements, obituaries, and even the Society Page

The Lattimer Massacre, 1897

Standard-Speaker: Based in Hazleton, the Standard-Speaker is a daily that traces its history back to the Hazleton Sentinel which merged with the Plain Speaker to become the Standard-Speaker.  Our archives date back to 1879. The coal industry in Hazleton attracted immigrants from a variety of countries. They often lived in “patch towns,” or small towns owned by the mining company. This part of Hazleton’s heritage is celebrated annually during Patch Down Days. In 1897, harsh conditions and reduced pay led local miners to strike. Rising tensions evolved into a confrontation referred to as the Lattimer massacre where 19 unarmed strikers were shot and killed, and dozens wounded by a sheriff’s posse. If you have ancestors from Hazleton, the archive contains community columns, birth announcements, obituaries, wedding notices, and more.

Citizens’ Voice: The Citizens’ Voice in Wilkes-Barre was founded in 1978 by striking employees of the Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company. Angry employees learned their paper, the Times Leader, was being sold. They banded together and with help from the community and unions, started the Citizens’ Voice. The Voice soon became a strong competitor to the Times Leader and has advocated for the local citizens of Wilkes-Barre. The Citizens’ Voice has covered natural disasters, like the September 2011 flooding along the Susquehanna River. When the river finally crested, it strained levees and forced evacuations.

The Times-Tribune: Scranton is home to the Times-Tribune and our archive includes these additional titles: the Scranton Tribune, The Tribune, Scranton Weekly Republican, Scrantonian Tribune, and The Weekly Scranton Times. The earliest paper in this collection dates back to 1866! Scranton’s namesake, brothers George and Seldon Scranton, arrived in the area in the mid-1800s and later developed the Lackawanna Steel Company. Steel, coal, textile mills, and other industrialization fueled Scranton’s growth which brought immigrant workers to the area. The Scranton Lace Company was a premiere producer of Nottingham lace for over 100 years until the company shut down in 2002. If you have ancestors from Scranton, search family reunion notices for a genealogical gold mine!

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28 thoughts on “New Pennsylvania Papers Added!

  1. Please get into the capitol city area, Harrisburg, Pa. area. Why not? more Penna. newspapers would be appreciated.

    1. They already are with the Harrisburg Telegraph and The Evening News, along with a few others.

      They are only missing The Patriot-News, which is a rather large hole.

  2. I would also like you to get the Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH. Or the Monroe Evening News, Monroe, MI though Toledo covers a larger populace.

      1. I checked out your link to Ohio Memory project. Naturally, just my luck, the county that I am particularly interested in is not yet included. Have bookmarked the page for future reference though.

  3. Would like to see newspapers in Greene and Washington counties, PA and the Moundsville Echo in Moundsville, Marshal County, WV.

  4. Still Searching for Worcester Mass newspapers 1880-1980, and the Fall River Herald from the last century from Fall River Mass> I’m sure they can be located/

  5. This is a little confusing – the Standard-Speaker from Hazleton has been on here for a few years now.

    1. I see one article on him dated 28 Jul 1935 in Wilkes-Barre Times Leader regarding CCC, one with respectable amount of information about his death from same paper dated 10 Feb 1951, and another article from same date from Pittston Gazette with tiny amount of information about death. Easiest way is to go to newspapers.com and type in his FULL NAME; those 3 articles will pop to the top of the list. I see nothing on his birth, though. Still looking.

      1. Ok; I see the problem with his birth date. So, all the documents I’ve found so far indicate he died on 9 Feb 1951; I’m positive about that much. Problem is with his birth date. Most documents indicate he was born 5 Jun 1917. But then there’s a 1948 Baptism Certificate reprinted from the register of St. Casimirs in Plymouth, PA that indicates he was born 5 Jun 1918 and baptized on 16th. Whoever reprinted the information in 1948 from the 30-year old register may have misread the birth and baptismal date OR he was actually born in 1918. The answer is in the old register. St Casimir has closed, but it merged with St John the Evangelist in Pittston, PA. So I recommend contacting them to verify birth date at:
        St John the Evangelist Parish
        35 William St
        Pittston, PA 18640
        Phone: (570) 654-0053
        Fax: (570) 654-3751

  6. I am researching the Pottsville, Ashland, Allentown areas any help would appreciated

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