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The De Kalb Chronicle front page
Have you checked out our New & Updated papers page lately? It’s the best place to find out which newspapers have recently been added to our site.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the newest papers:

If you have ancestors from northern Illinois, check out our new papers from DeKalb: the DeKalb Chronicle and the Daily Chronicle. The DeKalb Chronicle was a weekly paper that in mid-1895 switched over to a daily format and changed its name to the Daily Chronicle. Between the two papers, has more than 100 years’ worth of issues.

If your relatives hail from Franklin County Missouri or areas nearby, try the St. Clair Chronicle. The St. Clair Chronicle was a weekly paper that ran for about 60 years, starting in the 1920s. currently has issues from the ’20s into the ’70s.

The Sydney Morning Herald front page
Do you have ancestors who come from Australia? Then check out the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age (based in Melbourne). The issues of the Sydney Morning Herald on stretch back as far as 1831, when the newspaper began publication. It began as a weekly called the Sydney Herald, but after about 10 years of publication it became a daily and the name was changed to what it is now. The Sydney Morning Herald is the continent’s oldest continuously published paper.

The Age was another historically prominent Aussie paper, and currently has issues as far back as 1859. In its earliest years, the paper didn’t do very well, but under the ownership of the Syme family, it became one of the most successful papers in the world in the late 19th century.

These are just a handful of the new papers on Remember to visit the New & Updated page to see the rest!

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81 thoughts on “New Papers on

  1. When do you anticipate having one or both of the Detroit Papers done? Detroit Free Press or Detroit News???

    1. i subscribed in the hope of the site having a detroit paper. i encourage ones inclusion

  2. You guys need more papers from Mississippi prior to 1890. Your Mississippi section is pathetic.

    1. Yes! Absolutely! More from Mississippi. It’s a very weak section. Most of my interest lies in Choctaw, Webster, Montgomery Counties. Would be a tremendous help.

  3. Would love to see archived papers from northern Michigan, around the Mount Pleasant area and especially St. Louis, Michigan!

    1. You will find Isabella/Clare and others on Central Michigan University’s Online Digital Repository: Michigan Digital Newspaper Portal

  4. Thanks for the Dekalb issues. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to add the Rockford Register Star from Northern Illinois also.

    1. Second the motion! I have had a large family in the Buffalo area for generations and need more information.

  5. Would love to see more MAINE newspapers: Kennebec Journal, Brunswick Times-Record, Lincoln County News and certainly any other MAINE publications prior to 1900. Thank you kindly!

  6. Birmingham, Alabama area papers would be a very welcome addition, especially late 19th to early 20th century. That was a very important area for the entire southeast and a lot of things happened there. I’ll be happy to see them.

    1. I would also like to see the Birmingham, AL pallets since my father’s family were into the red ore mining around there in the late 19th and 20th centuries!

    2. I agree firmly about Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama Newspaper. That would be wonderful…

  7. Your website logo “fish wrap” reminds me growing up our newspaper was used to wrap anything messy you were throwing in the trash — vegetable matter, raw meat/fish scraps. You made a neat package of it and placed it in the kitchen trash to be carried outside later. Now a garbage disposal or plastic bag takes the newspapers place.

    I want all the newspapers added where my ancestors and relatives lived as far back as they began printing them. I’ve got a couple arrived on the Mayflower. And I want them right now cause I don’t have much time left. 🙂

    My youngest granddaughter says “I just want . . .” all the time. Doesn’t get her anywhere faster than when I say it.

    I want what I want, when I want it.


    Thanks for the notification of the new newspapers you’ve added.

    I’ve found obits for people I’m researching here I’ve not found elsewhere. — Thanks

    Keep adding newspapers and I’ll keep looking.

  8. Thank you for all the additions.
    I continue to go back to see if old obituaries have been added to your site.
    I would really love to see newspapers added for Livonia (Livonia Observer), and Detroit (Detroit News and Free Press.) I know that’s asking a lot, but it never hurts to ask.
    Thank you again.

  9. The first state is Delaware but I would love to see any papers there from 1700 to current

  10. The State Historical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska has a wealth of newspapers that would be nice to have online! These newspapers were quite informative on the goings and comings of residents. I found a lot of information in them when I visited their library may years ago.

    1. David, if you check the Google Newspaper archive you will find many issues of the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel from approx. 1920s through 1980s. You are sure to find what you are looking for there.

      1. Thomas — How does one find a LIST of google newspapers? So glad they have that resource but find it unusually difficult to navigate and find information about what is offered. Thanks for any advice on this.

  11. When will you get Peoria Illinois?
    The Peoria Daily Transcript, the Peoria Journal, the Peoria Herald, the Peoria Herald-Transcript, the Peoria Journal- Transcript, and the Peoria Star.

    The Peoria Daily Transcript first appeared on Dec. 17, 1855.
    The Peoria Star in 1897
    The Journal, which started as the El Paso Journal in 1864, then moved to Peoria.
    The Peoria Herald in 1889.

    Lots of history being missed out on here.

    1. Here’s another vote for more Michigan newspapers especially for areas that had land offices like Newaygo, Ionia and Lenawee counties.

    1. Yeah tell me b=about it……I’m I some serious need for Michgan papers in general from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Ludington Record is available on google newspapers and that’s about it, Good paper for High school sports but need more.

  12. I would love to see the newspapers from Highland, NY
    The Highland Post etc…..and from the Kingston, NY area.
    The Kingston Freeman etc. I’d appreciate it very much

    1. The Kingston Daily Freeman can be found from 1906 to 1977 on

  13. For me, could you see if you can add Effingham, (Effingham County) Illinois newspapers, especially prior to 1950s and hopefully back to 1830s? I know they’re on microfilm in libraries in Illinois, but I’m on West Coast. Also Orange County, North Carolina and Eastern Tennesee (modern Union County area) pre-1860s. Thanks!

  14. So many early Scandinavians settled in Wisconsin but I see nothing from Dodge, Jefferson, or Trempealeau Counties. I know Dodge/Jefferson Counties have newspapers going back to at least the mid 1850s. I visited their historical societies and found a wealth of information. Even Ancestry. com has very little about Trempealeau County so I hope you visit their historical society to see what they have.

  15. Can’t wait for you to get Del Rio, Texas Newspapers from 1884 – 1893, Elizabeth, New Jersey Newspapers from 1843 – 1846 and St. Louis, Missouri Newspapers from 1845 – 1847.

  16. Could have so much more info if you carried the Flint journal. One of your competitors has the Flint Journal. I would love to see it on here. along with the Detroit Free press as someone stated above.

  17. Would be nice to see papers from Carroll County, Missouri where many families passed through as they moved west. As well as neighboring Ray County as these and the counties around KC were key transition points.

    1. Another good source for old newspapers is the Library of Congress website. During the past year they have been aggressively digitalizing pre-1920 newspapers from across the county.

      Their website is

      Access to the site is FREE! (The price is right!)

  18. So far I’ve not had much success with this service since there are almost no Knoxville newspapers from the time East Tennessee was settled in the mid 1700’s to the 1950’s. I’m not sure it’s worth continuing with my subscription. Will have to think twice before renewing…

    1. If all your family is from the same location then it is hard unless they have papers in that specific area. While there are some areas that would give me more, I’ve found over 300 obits, wedding announcements, …. The other thing to try is other branches in your tree or expanding on the branch you have to 2nd, 3rd … uncles/cousins as these sometimes give you info for your direct branch.

  19. Please add some Fall River, MA papers if you can! The closest newspaper coverage of Fall River is Rhode Island papers; the other Massachusetts papers are too far!

  20. Hello,

    I love your site! So many facts found that otherwise we never would have known.

    We would love to see newspapers from the Utica, NY
    Area to research my husband’s side.

    Thank you for your wonderful service,


  21. I joined specificaly to get The Meadville Tribune from Meadville, Pa and nothing. It would be nice to know before!!!

  22. There’s a serious lack of newspapers from 1980-1998 on this site……some of us are interested in other things besides dead relatives and obituaries.

  23. When are the Gannett newspapers going to be on your site in all their complete glory including the 80’s and the 1990’s ? There was an announcement 2 months ago to that effect, The question is WHEN !!!

  24. You told me about 2 yrs ago you would be getting the newspapers from Jewell county KS. I especially want the Burr Oak Jewell county Kansas papers. Both sides of my family, from many generations back, come from there.

  25. Fantastic variety of newspaper selection. But there are so many “bald” areas for my ancestry research; mid-west
    Illinois, example: Alexis Argus, fantastic small town, long time newspaper. Too, eastern Ohio, Jefferson and Harrison county. I’ll keep checking, and I know will keep adding!

  26. I know these requests are in earnest, but I doubt very much that the company reviews the latest comments section to determine which corpus of a few million pages to tackle next. What would be informative would be an FAQ describing how that decision is made and how the digitization process works. I have a feeling it’s not just a matter of calling up the local library, grabbing a few rolls of microfilm, and running them through the machine (which I’d love to know more about). It would also be interesting (and sobering) to know what percentage of historic newspapers have been digitized. Would it be even five percent?

    I’ve been extremely lucky: the two newspapers that were critical to my research showed up here in the past six months. Digitized newspapers are the godsend of the modern researcher.

  27. I tried your website previusly. Joined previously. Paid a few months. Could never get on. Why? Don’t know. Dropped it. Now, I am connected through Ancestry. Hoping no more problems. Reading all of the above comments, I am proud of those asking for my hometown papers, Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. Miss them so much. Thank you. Lillian

  28. The Commercial Appeal published in Memphis, TN, covers areas of the adjacent states and especially MS. Why is this paper not available?

  29. How does it work to have newspapers added? There is a small weekly paper “Northfield News” in Northfield, Vermont that has been around since the early 1900s I think that would be wonderful to have added especially since it also carried news of the neighboring towns.

  30. Your efforts to refresh your offerings with additional newspapers is not very evident. Suggest a more robust way to convince me that newspapers are added every day, like Ancestry does with its offerings. As it is, I don’t see any value in renewing my subscription. Would like to see some Lynn and Salem papers.

  31. Does anyone recall an August Henry Schultz, who worked for Burnham & Stoeppel, Detroit, Mi, in the early 1910″s as a stationary engineer. He was married to Margaret Grimes, of Chicago, IL. They had one child, Marie Caroline Schultz. August Henry Schultz was born in/near Berrien Springs in/ab 1876. Any hints will help. Can’t find him in any newspapers, They eventually divorced. Marie Caroline was my mother. She married Thomas Graves Keith, of Dearborn, MI, who worked for Henry Ford as a tool & diet journeyman.

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