New Papers from Texas, California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Florida!

We’ve teamed up with our publishing partner Gannett to introduce 27 new papers from six states! Dating back to 1848, the newspapers in this collection contain nearly 175 years of news chronicling local, national, and international news.

One important news story in 1912 received wide coverage in each of these papers. It was the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912. In the hours and days following the tragedy, details began to emerge, and publishers raced to print the latest headlines. We’ve explored these papers to see how different regions around the country reported on this tragic disaster.

Knoxville Sentinel April 18, 1912

The first mention of Titanic in The Commercial Appeal occurred on April 15, 1912. The paper reported that the Titanic hit an iceberg, but another ship, the Virginian, was nearby and steaming to her aid. The same day, the Record Searchlight published a dispatch reporting that although the Titanic was disabled, she was approaching Halifax. By April 16th, news reports all over the country confirmed everyone’s worst fears – the Titanic had gone down! Frantic for news about survivors, the headline from the Wichita Falls Times brought relief when it revealed that some women and children were among the survivors. On April 18th, the Knoxville Sentinel reported that Carpathia was nearing New York with those survivors. The Carpathia arrived in New York just before 10 p.m. on April 18th, and the following day, papers all over the country began to publish details of the tragedy. The April 20th Evansville Courier and Press headline revealed the Titanic had been warned about icebergs but continued at nearly top speed. The Weekly Searchlight reported on the poignant story of Titanic’s musicians playing their instruments as the ship sank. You can read more coverage of the Titanic and many other news stories as you explore our new papers, including:

Wichita Falls Times April 16, 1912







Watch for additional new Gannett papers in May! Start exploring these papers today on™.

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60 thoughts on “New Papers from Texas, California, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Florida!

  1. A bit late to the show don’t you think? These papers have been on here for a good month and a half now.

    1. Hoping to see papers from the most important city in Florida….Jacksonville. The Florida Times Union and Jacksonville Journal would be awesome!

  2. I hope with Gannett co for KY we will get the Louisville Times (1885-1982) which they own.

    Speaking with the University of Kentucky library which has over 60000 rolls of newspaper microfilm that they have refused to work with commercial companies to digitize their film. Even though they abandoned their own efforts. I am sure this will limit growth of ky offerings

    1. Good point, at one point UK saw the point of putting it all on microfilm to save space, now the don’t see the point of further space savings, plus redundancy of storage and (if no EMP is involved) possible infinite longevity and accessibility. Have they no smart folks left up thar ? In fact why haven’t all of these papers picked up on that ? The Smithsonian could cast a wide net for donors (Bill Gates and his Buffet Buddy come to mind) who could help with an automation process they could afford… The Gates / Buffet extentions of the Carnegie Libraries….
      Good Night and Good Luck to us all !

      1. Not only has the University of Kentucky library stopped their digital newspaper project they have also told me they have “refused” to work with commercial sites like to digitalize their content. Since it appears method if digitalizing newspapers is through “sharing” with the achieves that have the microfilm I am afraid this is going to prevent much expansion in Kentucky offerings in the future in that the UK library has microfilm of almost every surviving newspaper in the state.

    1. Hello Dawn, the basic subscription gives you access to all our issues not covered under copyright protection (usually through about 1924). Issues still covered under copyright protection are only available with the Publisher Extra subscription.

        1. The New York Daily News was a very welcome addition. I am a New York City historian, and I’ve been begging everyone for a full run of the New York Post for many years! The articles about me in 1995 and 1997 can no longer be found online. “Big Apple” (coined in the New York Morning Telegraph in the 1920s, in the public domain but also not online) was re-popularized as a New York City nickname in the 1970s, but I can’t research that in the New York Post!

  3. Please let me know when the San Diego Union(1868-1992), The Tribune(1981-1989), San Diego Tribune(1989-1992), San Diego Evening Tribune(1950-1992), San Diego Union Tribune(1992-Present)(San Diego, CA) and other San Diego, California(La Jolla, El Cajon, Del Mar, Encinitas, San Marcos, Ocean Beach) newspapers will become all available on

    1. I agree! In my case, especially the San Diego Union and the Encinitas Coast Dispatch, my old hometown weekly that is no longer published.

    1. I agree 100% …. There is a wealth of data in the Vermilion County, IL areaJim Rogers

  4. I would also be interested in the Stockton Record becomes available. Also the Vermilion Co. Illinois

    1. I find the Brooklyn Eagle and several other Brooklyn papers on my subscription. I also wish they would get the NY Post. They do seem to be adding papers.

  5. The papers that need to be added are the Vermilion, Douglas, and Edgar County IL papers, as far back as they go.

  6. I wish you had more coverage of papers from Ventura County, Calif., especially from 1900 onwards.

  7. What about the Aurora Ill Beacon News? Aurora is now the 2nd largest city in Illinois and all of my relatives and ancestors are from there. I would love to be able to access their obituaries and other stories.

  8. It would be FANTASTIC to get the New Haven Register and the New Haven Journal Courier on this site.

  9. Thank you for sending the email post of the new newspapers on line. Interested in seeing the news for when McDonald’s came to town in 1959.

  10. Perhaps an article on how new content is chosen and and acquired would be interesting? I assume all new content is from existing microfilm of said newspapers. Does buy the microfilm (in the public domain)and add it to their offerings? Or, do they work with “partners” to get the content for “free” to add to their offerings? This could be the publisher or library that owns the microfilm.

  11. The value of this collection is immeasurable! Thank you for rescuing this trove of Americn history.

  12. Selfishly, the Washington Times, where I was a sports columnist 1983-85. Fingers crossed!

  13. Great to see new papers being added. Are there any plans to add Denver papers from the 70s and 80s (Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News)?

  14. I second the comments on NY Post! I’d really like that, and/or the NY Herald Tribune. And the Dallas Morning News after 1921 would be a big add too!

  15. 3rd request.
    Still waiting on Longview, Gregg County, Texas Papers. They are:
    Longview Newspapers:
    • The Longview News founded 1871 by James S. Hogg
    • The New Era founded by Rev. J. L. Terry in 1872
    • The Texas New Era weekly was in business
    • The Daily News Item founded 1873
    • The Surprise
    • Longview Weekly Report
    • Longview Sickle
    • Times
    • The Longview Democrat began in (1880-1885) Capt W. A. Harrison publisher
    • The Longview Clarion, Francis Marschalk, publisher
    • Gregg County Clarion
    • Longview Daily Leader began (1917-1937)
    • Gregg County News (1902-1911)

    Microfilm is stored at the University of Texas at Austin Texas.
    We hope that you will communicate back on this. FYI Longview is a town of 80K with a market pull of 350K.

    Thank you….

  16. I’m hoping that this means that The Monroe News (Monroe, MI) gets added soon, since Gannett owns that too – and there’s a serious lack of Monroe, MI newspapers online.

  17. You didn’t answer Dawn’s question as to whether any of the new additions are under copyright protection. You merely said that the papers under copyright protection will require an additional subscription. The last few hits I’ve received from have been disappointing when I then saw that I would have to have an additional subscription to view them

    1. Good point. Disappointing that I pay an exorbitant price to Ancestry which includes access to this site only to have every hint I click on tell me I need to pay even more to access the content. Not excited about new papers if I need to pay more.

  18. I am curious…there is a paper in Indiana that was here but now whenever I hit the link to any of the articles from that paper it shows the preview for the article but says something along the lines of this no longer exists or has moved. I don’t even see the palate when I browse for it anymore. Do you remove newspapers too?

  19. I’d really like to see the Oconto (Wisconsin) County Reporter; it would be helpful in my genealogical research.

  20. I am also curious about the San Diego Union Tribune. I asked them how I could access old newspapers. Their response was:
    “Thank you for your inquiry. We are glad to help. To read printed pages and article clips going back to 1881 in a database hosted by through”

    1. NewsBank has one. Though it’s probably too late to add the link seeing all the comments are live on smartphones.

  21. I would like to see the Sacramento Union and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner added soon.

  22. How are newspapers chosen for inclusion on, and how can we users campaign for the newspapers we need to be scanned? I do think I might not live to see access to my hometown papers, and I’m only 60 and in good health.

  23. I would love to get the Dearborn Press, Dearborn guide, Dearborn Independent newspapers on your site. Now owned by Media News Group. It would be so helpful when doing local geneology here in Dearborn, MI. thank you

  24. Would love to see Pensacola, FL newspaper – Pensacola News Journal.
    It covered all the news for northwest Fl and south Alabama rural communities.
    90% of the Ancestry newspaper hints I get are for this paper and it requires advanced subscriptions to see any of them.
    I’m ready to scale back Ancestry subscription (costing hundreds annually) and drop the Newspaper add on because of lack of content for this region without added subscription costs (additional 100+ per year).

  25. I love my subscription to the Publishers Edition…. and it has helped this old senior so much finding relatives in the U.S. … I am Canadian living in Ontario and grateful for what little Canadian content we have and hope that soon you will spotlight my area with more cities in South western Ontario besides our Windsor Star.

  26. has been a big help with my family tree research.
    Looking forward to seeing more Colorado papers.

  27. Try to get the Memphis Press Scimitar which closed in 1986. It is the same company as the Commercial Appeal (Gannett) which you have. Many times the Memphis society news was split between the 2 papers to force up sales.

  28. Any plans to add some small town newspapers from Texas Hill country? Would love to see the Bandera papers from the late 1800’s on. Thank you!

  29. I would like to see the Houston Post and Houston Chronicle added to the collection.

  30. I’ll be in the middle of searching a name and when I go back to the paper, a popup wants me to try for free. What’s up? Don’t you think that is a little too much?

  31. I’m faithful prescriber, anxiously awaiting Crawfordsville, Indiana.

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