We are starting 2021 with a bang! We’ve already added nearly three million new pages to our archives! In addition to new content from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, we’ve added papers from Missouri, California, and almost one million new pages to our Nebraska archives! It’s a great time to dive in and make new personal discoveries!

Ellwood City Ledger: Ellwood City is located in Western Pennsylvania, primarily in Lawrence County, with a small portion in Beaver County. The city was named after Isaac Ellwood, one of the inventors of barbed wire. The Ellwood City Ledger dates back to 1921 and joins The Ellwood Citizen and The Evening Ledger providing news from Ellwood City that dates back to 1894. The Ellwood City Ledger chronicles light-hearted tidbits in history – like the time city officials confiscated an illegal still during Prohibition and locked it up in the Municipal jail. The paper also covered more somber news, like when the first local soldier from Ellwood City died during WWII. Ellwood City is near the Ohio border, so if you have ancestors from Ohio cities like Youngstown, or nearby Pennsylvania towns like Butler or Washington, you may find them mentioned in this paper. You’ll also find articles about some of the families that helped settle this area. Birth, death, and marriage announcements, anniversary celebrations, birthday announcements, and family reunions also provide wonderful content for genealogical research.

Portage Daily Register: Portage is located in the Wisconsin River Valley between the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers. The Daily Register was the first daily paper in Portage and began publication in 1886. The paper reported on the people and industries that helped fuel growth in this town. One example is the local brickyards that produced distinctive Portage yellow brick. In the 1800s, settlers discovered that the white clay lying beneath the area’s river sands proved particularly well suited for making strong bricks. Several brickyards opened, and brickmaking helped Portage become an important commercial and trading center. Many homes and businesses are built from this brick, including homes in an area known as the Society Hill Historic District. This district, with its elegant, historic mansions, reflects the life of Portage’s elite. If you have ancestors from Portage, the Daily Register reported on national and world news but is particularly rich in local detail. You will find stories on those that were sick, visiting town, births, deaths, or changes in local business – like when a new store opened or another closed.

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25 thoughts on “New Papers from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin!

  1. You are starting to make me desire to buy a subscription to Newspapers.com. I miss being able to go to our library and order microfilm newspaper records from Wisconsin. I love perusing the papers from so long ago. I did that several years ago and it was like time travel. I never met any of the people in person, but reading weekly accounts of their lives over the two or three decades and then see them pass away, was heart breaking. The old newspapers is just that, time travel made easy.

  2. Do you have papers from these West Virginia cities: Parkersburg, Morgantown, and Kingwood?

  3. All my family is from the Sharon and Farrell, Pa. area. Please let me know when you get The Sharon Herald.

  4. Any newspapers added from EauClaire or Black River Falls, Wis. please list all Wisconsin newspapers you have.

  5. Do you have any newspapers on file for Greene County, Pennsylvania? I would be interested in papers from that region dating back from 1820 to around 1840. My great-great grandfather was born there in November of 1825, but his mother died and was buried there a few years later (although I am not sure just where)…thank you for your time!

  6. How about newspapers from New Castle, Pennsylvania.?Are those available now? They weren’t when I was using your site.

  7. I wish you would embed hyperlinks to a page which displays only the newly added titles. All the hyperlinks in your post just take one to the full list of titles. Not helpful.

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