We’re excited to announce that we’ve added new papers from Missouri and Kansas to our archives!

Kansas City Star: The Kansas City Star is one of the Midwest’s most influential papers. The first issue of this Pulitzer Prize-winning paper was published in 1880 and our archives contain nearly 150 years of history from Kansas City, Missouri. The city’s population was just 55,000 when the Kansas City Star began publication. Future president Harry S. Truman worked in the paper’s mailroom in 1902, and American novelist Ernest Hemingway worked as a reporter for the paper in 1917-1918. As one of America’s great newspapers, The Kansas City Star has exceptional coverage of local, national, and international news.

You can learn about the 1887 construction of the Crystal Palace. Built to house the annual industrial exposition, the Crystal Palace contained 80,000 square feet of glass roofing and was among the most amazing buildings in the Midwest. After the expo, the Crystal palace stood vacant until it burned down in 1901. Researchers will find a treasure trove of both historical events and local family history in the Kansas City Star. One news story that gripped the nation was the Kansas City massacre in 1933. Gang members murdered four law enforcement officers and a criminal fugitive they were trying to help escape. The incident took place outside of Union Station and shocked residents. It also led to dramatic changes at the FBI, including new laws that allowed FBI agents to carry guns and make arrests. The Kansas City Star chronicled developments as officials tracked down the perpetrators.

The Wichita Eagle: The Eagle debuted in Kansas in 1884 and aimed to help Wichita become a major commercial center. At the time, Wichita was a busy cattle-shipping point (the city’s early development came from the Texas cattle trade along the Chisholm Trail), and the paper encouraged the diversification of industry. By 1890, Wichita had become the third-largest city in Kansas and the area was experiencing rapid growth.

The discovery of the Mid-Continent Oil Field brought an oil and gas boom to Wichita and The Eagle reported on locals like T. P. Hayes who discovered a gas field under his home in 1912. He used the gas to cook with and heat his home. In 1915, The Eagle reported that a buildup of gas under Hayes’s property led to an explosion in sewers around the neighborhood, and in 1916, his well began spewing oil. By 1918, The Eagle reported that Carter Oil Company had taken control of the Hayes property and drilled a well. In 1960, The Eagle bought the competing Beacon Newspaper Corp. and began publishing the morning Wichita Eagle and the Sunday Eagle and Beacon. In 1980, the two papers merged to form The Wichita Eagle-Beacon, later the name was simplified to The Wichita Eagle. Our archives contain a century of local, national, and international news. If you have ancestors from Wichita, you may find them mentioned in obituaries or stories like this one about a local family reunion.  

To explore these new papers from Missouri and Kansas, and other new and updated papers, search Newspapers.com today!

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57 thoughts on “New Papers from Missouri and Kansas!

  1. I had newspapers.com with my ancestry account and it worked fine at first then it started saying I needed an upgraded subscription. I would like to find out how much a 6 month subscription would cost.

    1. Hi Teresa, I have sent your email to our customer support team and asked them to reach out to you on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

    2. I also had this happen! Very frustrated so this time when my Ancestry came due I only bought the basic subscription. Too expense to not get everything Ancestry promised!!
      Ramona Bachman-Woodrum

  2. I purchased an annual subscription in January and everything was great for most of February, but now my account is restricted and the service keeps asking me to purchase a subscription. I have tried for the past two weeks to get someone to contact me about it — both by email and by voicemail — and no one has. I’m about ready to report this site to the Better Business Bureau for fraudulent practices.

    1. James, I’m so sorry for the frustration you’ve experienced with your account. I will have customer support contact you on Monday.

  3. Do you have the contents of either the Belleville (IL) News-Democrat or Belleville (IL) Advocate in your collection? If not, would you add them?

    1. Paul, I second your request. My paternal great grandfather immigrated from Germany to Belleville. He had 12 children there but I can find no info in the St Louis papers to any of them. My sister, brother and I were all born there as well as my grandfather and father. We moved to the west coast in 1951. Still in California and covid makes online access essential.

      1. And I 3rd this request. My family is from the Belleville area back in the late 1880’s forward. Please provide the Belleville Democrat and the East St. Louis Journal.

  4. I have been disappointed since upgrading my Ancestry subscription to include Newspapers.com. The great majority of articles or items I wish to access; require additional $ to premium subscription to view. I suspect the members who commented have been receiving message indicating a need to upgrade OFTEN

    1. I’ve been considering upgrading my Ancestry account, too. However, there is no DETAILED description anywhere of what a “Basic” Newspapers.com subscription really includes.

      From the comments I’ve read, it seems that the lack of transparency re: the limits of “Basic” allows Newspapers.com to keep restricting access to sources unless you pay more to “upgrade.”

      1. I had to upgrade to get the articles on my great uncle’s death in Chicago Illinois. The Ancestry all access membership is really expensive, so I expected to be able to see everything on Newspapers.com, but it’s only a “basic” access to articles & very limited at that. I took a 6 month upgrade with Newspapers.com & am working furiously to collect as many articles as I can, but then that limits the time i have on Ancestry.com to use the international access included in my membership. It is indeed frustrating, because you feel cheated when you have to pay even more to see most of the Newspapers.com collection.

  5. I too am upset, by having purchased a 6-month subscription only to find that half of the obituary links found on Ancestry.com while I’m doing research take me to another page wanting me to “Subscribe”. Not going to pay any more, just want access to the newspaper obituaries I’ve already subscribed to. Upset!

  6. Being a Kansas native (living out of state now) I am thrilled with these newspaper being added. I grew up 20 miles from Wichita and had relatives in KC area.

    1. GenealogyBank has quite a few papers from Newark, NJ. Many of the papers are only available on-site in libraries in NJ.

      1. The Newark Evening News would be a wealth of information for those of us who had ancestors in Newark, NJ

        1. Yeah, I agree, and how ‘bout the Jersey Journal for us up in Hudson County!

  7. I have been a member of Ancestry.com since the 1990s and I would like to subscribe to your best subscription of Newspapers.com. I do not want to subscribe to Newspapers.com through Ancestry com. I want each subscription separate and to stand alone. Please let me know how to do this. Thanks, Etta Withers

    1. Here is how I look at Newspapers.com at Ancestry. If you really want to maximize your usage you need to get 2 different subscriptions. One for Newspapers.com, and the second for the Publishers Extra add on subscription. That will cover all the different papers available. I wish it was only one large subscription but for some reason Ancestry decided to make 2 different ones if you want all the newspaper content. I generally like getting the All Access subscription at Ancestry for 6 months when it’s on sale and will add the Publishers Extra with it for an extra $29.95 for 6 months. In the end it’s worth it since I can utilize the whole web site without restrictions. Also if you purchase a subscription to Ancestry or Newspapers.com through Rakuten you can save money that will help offset some of the extra expense of the Publishers Extra add on.

  8. Have been disappointed like many others posting earlier about being sent to a link requesting MORE $$$ to subscribe for access to something I thought I already had.

  9. I have been an all access user for the last couple of years & am very frustrated by a specific paper. There’s periods (a decade) thats not available at all online. It’s the information I need for my Ancestry research. Also, articles that I have seen in the past, but didn’t clip are no longer available. Why would that be taken off & why aren’t more issues of the paper not becoming available?

  10. I’m also disappointed in the Newspaper.com access. I am tried of getting the “UPGRADE” message. I get my access through Ancestry and everything Ancestry finds for me in Newspaper is not available.
    Just what is included in the basic and why does things that you have seen before is suddenly unavailable unless you pay more?

  11. I too am confused. When I got newspapers.com through ancestry, I thought I was getting access to all newspapers. I am unable to see half of the data available. Not cool. Can’t recommend to others at this point.

  12. I have subscribed to the newspaper for some time and have not been able to see a single article. Why? I would like to cancel my subscription because it is an expense with no use.

  13. I too am very frustrated. The “Basic” Newspaper.com appears to be a bait and switch scheme. Nothing Ancestry finds is available without an upgrade and some things found in the past are not available. reporting this to the BBB.

  14. Getting access to the Kansas City Star is wonderful, however, they also published the Kansas City Times which came in the morning. Why isn’t the Times also available? It is the paper where most obituaries were printed.

  15. Please add the Independence, MO, newspaper – the Independence Examiner. It was my favorite news. Independence is a suburb of Kansas City and had the most wonderful paper.

  16. You really need to have the Publisher Extra subscription to go along with the basic Newspapers.com subscription to get the complete benefit of the Newspaper web site. The Newpapers.com website has worked out well for me over the last 4 years and helped me to bust down a lot of brick walls in my tree. For me it has had a bigger impact on my research than the material found on the Ancestry web site. I have become addicted to newspaper content because of it. I use Genealogy Bank, Newspaperarchive, and many other free newspaper websites to find family information. I would suggest downloading and saving any content you find important in case it’s later removed. That can happen at any genealogy web site over time. You can easily download newspaper clippings as a PDF or JPEG image for your records. My only complaint is requiring 2 different subscriptions instead of one.

    1. Brian,
      Your posts (your thoughts) in reference to the effective use of newspapers.com are very thought-provoking for me. I am not sure how to go about arranging for this through a public forum such as this, but would like to be able to correspond with you one-on-one if you would be open to that.

  17. More Missouri papers sounds great! Another on my wishlist is Annapolis, MD. There is a big hole in the time period for papers available there. Keep up the good work!

  18. Any chance of getting more of the Kansas City Journal? Also the Kansas City Post would be a treasure!

  19. I added Ancestry all access for the newspaper feature. Honestly is not worth it. I enjoyed the free upgraded premium newspaper weekend, but did not get enough results to pay extra for it. They are adding more newspapers so maybe in the future, but for now at renewal time I will drop back my membership to something more affordable.

    1. I agree with Anna and others who are disappointed with the Newspapers.com membership. Any newspapers that would be helpful to my research are not available to me. I would have like to have known that before I signed up, I feel like I’ve been scammed and therefore, won’t sign up again when my subscription runs out.

  20. I want to see the St. Paul Dispatch and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Also a listing of all papers included in a basic subscription. Why tick people off unnecessarily?

    1. You can get an idea what is available with a basic subscription by looking at the list of all the Newspapers. If there is a orange plus icon next to the name of the paper it means it may require a publisher extra subscription to have access to it. If there is no icon it should be available with a regular subscription. Some of the papers even if they have the orange icon may still let you access to some of the content for limited amount of years. One example would be the LA Times in California. Looks like you could get access to the Times up to the year 1922 with a basic subscription. However all the later years after that would require the publisher extra subscription. You can also break the list down by state or country to shorten it to areas that might be of more relevance. Check it out at the link.


  21. Don’t know if this will help folks who seem to be using Ancestry and want to see the actual obituary but can’t even though they have a newspapers.com subscription. The Ancestry result will include a URL for the Newspaper.com source for the info. It will be below the info and in smaller font. I copy the URL and email the link to myself. I’ll then open and login to Newspapers. Open the email next copy the link and paste it into Newspapers. Not in the search but in the header in your browser. That usually will open the referenced article in Newspapers.

  22. Still hoping for:
    -Los Angeles Examiner
    -Los Angeles Herald-Express
    -Los Angeles Herald-Examiner


  23. Why is there no Wichita Eagle from 1923 through 1964? Are those years forthcoming?

  24. I want to see more of “The Joplin Globe” (Joplin, Missouri), and The Webb City Sentinel (Webb City, Missouri).

  25. I love Newspapers.com!!! It would be nice if you could add Denver newspapers–Denver Post and/or Rocky Mountain News. Any chance???

    1. . As soon as we get rid of robots and bring back capitalism instead of crapitalism.

  26. Gosh I was surprised to see so many negative comments. I have loved my Newspaper.com subscription. I have found lots of interesting articles about my family in many different areas. Of course I love it when you add more and we all have our own wish list of what we would like to see but thank you for adding more as fast as you can.

  27. I have the full access account that is supose to include the newspaper in my acestry account. But it won’t let me access the news papers, wants me to pay for a newspaper account as well. Why do I not get the newspapers with my acesery account as it stated I would?

  28. An update to my comments from the other day. Just wanted to clarify some info. I am an All Access user on Ancestry & I also subscribe to Publishers Extra at Newspapers.com. I use primarily the Wausau Daily Herald & there are large chunks of many papers unavailable online. There are years unavailable, including 11 years from the ‘40’s into the ‘50’s. I have been a member for several years now waiting for the rest to be made available online. If anything, it seems like articles that used to be available & I’ve seen are no longer available online. Please can someone provide me an explanation for this & is there even a plan to make the whole paper available online. I feel like I’m paying for nothing.

  29. You claim to have a century worth of content of the Wichita eagle, but lost of the 1920s and all of the 1930s and 1940s and 1950s seem to be lacking. What gives?

    1. It’s called leaving the site to robots. They mostly add 2021 content or whatever the current year is. They very rarely add new papers.

      Congress has turned capitalism into CRAPitalism.

  30. Will you please add “The Point Marion News” from Point Marion, PA to your list of Newspapers.

    I would appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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