Do you have ancestors from Kentucky or Pennsylvania? We’re thrilled to announce our newspaper archives from these states are expanding!

The Paducah Sun: Paducah, Kentucky is located just past the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and is home to The Paducah Sun. Our archives date back to 1896 and contain more than 1.5 million pages from The Sun and related titles including The Sunday Chat; the Paducah Weekly Sun; the News-Democrat; the Weekly News-Democrat; and the Paducah-Sun Democrat.

These papers covered important developments in the history of Paducah including steamboat commerce and railroad growth. One historic event that made Paducah headlines was the flood of 1937. Weeks of steady rain followed by sleet caused the Ohio River to crest at 60.8 feet. Flood waters consumed the city and some 27,000 citizens were evacuated. Many residents were trapped in their homes or stranded on the upper floors of downtown buildings. Following the disaster, the US Army Corps of Engineers constructed a 14-foot high floodwall. In the early 1990s, in an effort to beautify downtown Paducah, one citizen suggested painting murals along the floodwall. In 1996, the city hired an artist to paint more than 50 murals that depict the history of Paducah.

If you have ancestors from Paducah, society columns are a great place to piece together your family story. They often mention travels, and births and deaths.

The Daily Item: Based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, The Daily Item archives go back to 1894. Thomas Edison made a mark in Sunbury in 1883 when he installed and successfully tested the first three-wire electric lighting system in a local Sunbury hotel. The hotel’s name was later changed to the Edison Hotel in his honor. Electricity in Sunbury led to one of the first electric streetcar systems in the country. In 1906, the State of Pennsylvania established a bureau to record all the state’s births and deaths. Before then, newspapers like The Daily Item published birth announcements and obituaries.

Just 13 miles from Sunbury is the town of Danville. We have archives from the Danville Morning News and the Danville News that date back to 1898. In the 19th century, Danville became an important stop along the early transportation routes that included railroads, the Susquehanna River, and roads. Does your family tree contain an orphan from the Danville area? These newspapers are a great resource for information about institutions like the Mother House of Christian Charity and the Odd Fellows’ Orphans Home.

In 1919, during the early days of aviation, Danville residents poured into the streets to see an airplane. For many, it was their first time! The government plane circled the town dropping leaflets advertising Victory Liberty Loans (war bonds) to fund the war effort.

These stories are just a sampling of many fun and historical stories in these newspapers. Get started searching our Kentucky and Pennsylvania archives today at!


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  1. It would be great to get the Morning Press/Press-Enterprise from Bloomsburg, Pa. into

  2. As much as I like the new papers added. I agree with earlier comments concerning the Lancaster, PA area. This area has such a rich history,and many local papers, yet there are very few of them in your collection. Lancaster, PA papers are almost non-existent on

  3. I love ….. wish smaller towns in southern Illinois were online but they may not be available. Thank you — sure enjoy the site and my searches!

  4. Really, really would love to see papers from Northern Kentucky – Covington, Burlington, Petersburg, etc.

  5. In addition to Lancaster, York County, PA is also an early area that is rich in history and more newspapers from this area would be appreciated.

  6. Agree with suggestions for papers from Lancaster and Bloomsburg, along with more years of Sunbury newspaper. BTW, Danville is a borough, not a town. Bloomsburg is only town in Pennsylvania …

  7. Please get the Greensburg Tribune-Reviw for the 1960s and 1970s. Only one library (Univ. Pitt at Greensburg) has old microfilms… hard for we Pittsburghers to get to and use. Thanks.

  8. This is awesome. Any chance you could include these Maryland papers:
    Denton Journal -1847 to 1965
    Kent County News 1946 – present
    Midland Journal 1885 – 1947 (or beyond 47′}The Democrat 186? to 1965
    greatly appreciate all you do for us.

  9. Greensburg must be added to the list. You have some Connellsville newspapers, but are lacking in many years

  10. Looking for papers from Washington and Ozaukee Counties in Wisconsin, including the West Bend News and its predecessor, The West Bend Pilot.

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