Traffic Jams Caused by Curious Rock

How many times have curious drivers caused traffic by stopping or slowing down to stare at something on the side of the road? Of course, the solution used in the circumstance below probably wouldn’t go over very well these days.

From Pennsylvania’s The Evening News, August 1930:

Natural Beauty destroyed to help traffic

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2 thoughts on “Traffic Jams Caused by Curious Rock

  1. Great Minds at work, TGO, rather than seek a means to provide an avenue for enjoyment and preservation it is easier to put if out of sight out of .mind. Unfortunately it is no different today, we are moving Monuments to so call calm the public.

  2. Melissa Watkins missy is not scared of him of the they were pictures they sent and try to intimidate her and mental illness is not what I look like or wAnted at all and anything I say no one believe s it they attack it with mental illness…

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