As the first day of May, today is a day to celebrate the beauty of Spring and the coming of Summer. It is a day to be outside, enjoy the flowers, dance and frolic and leave little gifts for your neighbors—at least by some traditions. Found in the newspapers from May Days’ past are these drawings done by fourth graders in 1934.

May Day Drawing, Eunice V. Walter, 1934

May Day Drawing, Carol Vincent, 1934

There were May Day stories too, like this one from seventh grader Laura Waller which describes many traditional activities practiced on the first of May:

May Day Story, Laura Waller, 1934

And no one describes May Day better than little Kenneth Sayers in his prize winning story that same year:

May Day Story, Kenneth Sayers, 1934

Have a Happy May Day! And check out this search for more articles about this spring-loving day.

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