In this article titled “Magnetism Affects Watch,” we find the very definition of a “magnetic personality.”

Magnetism Affects WatchMagnetism Affects Watch Thu, Oct 24, 1935 – 1 · The Axtell Standard (Axtell, Kansas, United States of America) ·

Do you think this article was intended as a charming joke about the young lady’s magnetic personality? Or was it written in all seriousness? Let us know what you think.

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6 thoughts on ““Magnetism Affects Watch”

  1. IEEE says humans do produce magnetic fields but they are too weak to stop a wrist watch. At the time the article was written there probably wasn’t a practical way of even measuring such a weak magnetic field so I like the charming lady with the magnetic personality interpretation.

  2. My cousin, who is in her late 70’s now, was never able to wear a watch. She also had trouble with the aids that would notify someone if she fell. We also believed she, too, had a “magnetic personality.”
    I think she did find a battery watch that she can now wear for periods of time.

  3. Factual documented Rare Cases Of: ie. Read ” When Rabbit Howls”, will definatly makee story.

  4. I cannot wear a watch for the same reason – it stops. Years ago, my late husband would play pinball machines & always get the high score, as if it were a natural gift. Until I would stand next to him to watch. Apparently, whenever I would rest my arm or hand on the machine, the ball would be drawn to the same spot, regardless of how it was hit. This too was blamed on the magnetism thing! Perhaps it is not so rare afterall.

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