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The Evening Kansan
Got ancestors from Kansas? You’re in luck. has recently added more Kansas papers to its collection. So if you haven’t browsed the Kansas collection recently, you might be surprised to find that it currently has more than 190 papers from almost 90 Kansas cities for a total of 4.3 million pages. One paper even stretches back as far as 1840—20 years before Kansas was even a state!

If you’re interested in how historically significant periods affected your Kansas ancestors, there are currently 16 Kansas papers from its pre-state years, 15 papers from the era of Bleeding Kansas, 11 papers from the Civil War, 62 papers from the Indian War years, 121 papers from the Old West era, 73 papers from World War I, and 11 papers from the Dust Bowl and Great Depression.

Recently added or updated Kansas papers include (but certainly are not limited to):

If you want to see more Kansas newspapers, you can access a full list of which Kansas papers are available on from the Papers page. Or if you prefer to see them listed by city, use the Browse.

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20 thoughts on “Kansas Papers

  1. 1920 -1922: high priced purchase of prized boar at County Fair resulted sterile

  2. While you had the Kansas City Star, I found ads for my great-grandfather’s paint store going back to 1904, and articles about the store Fire, among other amazing things.

    This is a wonderful service.

    1. Yes, when (if ever) are you going to bring back the Kansas City Star? I use the Newspapers site for family history research and without the Star, the site is virtually worthless to me and my subscription money is wasted. I can’t be the only one.

      1. I was going to ask the same thing. I never knew how much I could miss one newspaper! Is there any news at all about a resolution? Thank you!

  3. Can you do/When will you do San Diego, CA or San Diego, CA County newspapers? I’m really interested in those, and you haven’t done any yet, so far as I can see…

  4. Will you ever have the Colorado papers, The Denver Post and The Rocky Mtn News? Have found some great info from your site but need these papers too

  5. Until you have the St. Louis Post Dispatch and/or Globe Democrat you are totally useless to me……….

  6. Newspapers representing more than 5 cities in Massachusetts would be quite helpful.
    How is it determined which papers are added?

    Nice job on Kansas additions!

  7. Would like to see more small town papers from Missouri as well as the Kansas city Times star

  8. how about … the William Randolph Hearst newspapers – the SF, LA and Chicago Examiners? you have none right now – very frustrating. how ’bout the Seattle Post Intelligencer 1900-1910? how about the LA Times ca 1900?

    how bout the show business papers – the New York Clipper, the NY Dramatic Mirror, Chicago DM, Variety, Vaudeville News? and there’s still a paucity of California papers at this time.

    lots to do? but you guys are great so far!

  9. I have no idea what papers you have, and whether they would help me at all, so I can’t see as it is worth the rice to me.

    1. You can easily find out what we have through the “Browse” or “Papers” links at the top of all pages on the site. You could also use the “See Paper by Location” link on the homepage to see them on a map.

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