Have you ever wondered why so many couples get married in June? Historically, it hearkens back to a superstition that since June is named in honor of the Roman goddess Juno, she blesses and protects the marriage of couples wed that month. June is still one of the most popular months to get married, and for many, it’s because June brings warmer weather.

June Brides from Dayton, Ohio – The Journal Herald 6.30.1940

Do you have June brides in your family tree? Newspapers are filled with historic wedding announcements that provide unique genealogical details, and some include fantastic photographs. We’ve scoured our archives and identified more than 70 million wedding announcements. You can find wedding announcements by accessing our Marriage Index from the search page here:  

Here are a few examples of what you might discover in the Marriage Index.

This bride is wearing a wedding tiara worn initially by her grandmother. Her wedding announcement reveals incredible details and familial relationships. See it here.

The Miami Herald 8.11.1940

The bride didn’t always wear white. When the Smiths married in 1923, their wedding announcement included details about the bride’s tan dress and matching hat and said her grandfather walked her down the aisle. The announcement names many family members and includes a photo of both the bride and groom.

Fall River Globe 7.9.1923

You’ve got to love a wedding announcement that includes a photograph of the bride, the groom, the groom’s sister, AND both sets of parents! Wow! This 1939 announcement comes from our UK papers with the wedding taking place in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

The Tamworth Herald 2.9.1939

Not all marriage announcements include a photograph. Consequently, reporters often used words to paint a vivid picture. This wedding announcement reveals that the bride wore her great-grandmother’s wedding dress and described the gown in detail. We also learn that the groom survived the Hindenburg disaster by leaping from a window when the ship caught fire.

Here’s another tip when searching our Marriage Index – engagement announcements often preceded marriage announcements, so be sure to search for both. We learn more details about the couple above in their engagement announcement printed a month before the wedding announcement.

This beautiful 1924 announcement celebrated the double wedding of two siblings. Not only does it include portraits of both brides, but of every member of the wedding party.

The Lincoln Star 6.1.1924

Flowers set the theme for this 1928 June bridal announcement with floral wallpaper, drapes, flowers in the bride’s hair, and an elaborate floral bouquet.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel 7.1.1928

We love the bride and groom’s formal attire for this 1928 wedding in Kent, England.

Seven Oaks Chronicle, Westerham Courier and Kentish Advertiser 6.8.1928

And this 1939 wedding announcement even printed a list of what gifts each guest presented to the newlyweds (talk about pressure).

Have you discovered your family wedding announcements in the paper? Start searching today and discover more June brides on Newspapers.com™.

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