June 10, 1942: The Lidice Massacre

The village of Lidice was located in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (present-day Czech Republic) during WWII. In reprisal for the assassination of a Nazi official in the Spring of 1942, Adolf Hitler ordered the assassination of all men in Lidice, aged 16 and older. The women and children were taken to concentration camps or gassed, and the village of Lidice was destroyed.

The Age – June 15, 1942

In 1939, the area around Lidice came under Nazi control. Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking German official, was appointed Deputy Reich Protector of the area. Heydrich was one of the principal architects of the Holocaust. He was known for brutality, murder, and efforts to destroy any Nazi resistance. On May 27, 1942, Heydrich was being driven to his headquarters at Prague Castle when his car was attacked by two Czechoslovak resistance operatives. The operatives were trained in Great Britain and operated under the approval of the Czechoslovak government. Heydrich was wounded and died less than a week later.

The Shreveport Journal – June 6, 1942

German officials declared a state of emergency and established a curfew in Prague. They began a massive search for the attackers, promising that anyone involved, and their families, would be executed. Days later, when they failed to locate any conspirators, they decided to destroy the village of Lidice in reprisal. They chose Lidice because its residents were suspected of harboring members of the local resistance.

On June 10, 1942, German police and SS officials surrounded Lidice to block off any escape route. They rounded up 192 boys and men from Lidice and marched them to a farm on the edge of town, where they lined them up and shot them in groups.

Nazi officials separated the women and children and loaded the women onto rails cars for transport to concentration camps. Most went to Ravensbrück, where 60 died. A few of the children considered racially pure were handed over to SS families. The rest were likely killed in late June when Nazi official Adolph Eichman ordered the children to be gassed to death at Chelmno extermination camp.

In all, some 340 people from Lidice died and the town was destroyed. Nazi officials shelled the village, set it on fire, and plowed over the remains. To further erase the memory of Lidice, the name of the village was removed from all local municipal records. The massacre in Lidice angered people from around the world and garnered Allied support for the war. In the years following the war, those found complicit in the Lidice massacre were prosecuted. If you would like to learn more about the tragic story of Lidice, search Newspapers.com™ today.

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178 thoughts on “June 10, 1942: The Lidice Massacre

    1. This is the direction our country is moving toward…..to much hate…..

      1. I think all of you need to be ashamed of yourselves. As usual Americans hijack a discussion which has nothing to do with your country, and that is far more tragic than any of you have experienced. Shame on you. What happened in Czechoslovakia had zero to do with the USA, so unless you have something pertinent to the subject the rest of the world would like you to shut up.

      2. Richard C and Captain db, are both correct. For all of the things wrong with our country to compare ANY of our leaders to the powers that were responsible for the Holocaust is stupid and irresponsible.

        1. The emergence of right wing extremists, coming into real daylight on January 6th, may just be the tip of the facist leaning so-called Americans.

          1. The only fascists I see these days are leftists. They are the ones who are using government to force their wills, sometimes with violence, on everyone else. Extremists are fascists, regardless of which side they are on, but they are more numerous on the left.

          2. If you haven’t removed your blinders yet, do it now. Time is short. If you think you can trust your government to do right by you and your family, you are sadly mistaken. You are the epitome of the word “Sheep.”

      3. Yes… when we would treat our fellow humans this way. Obliterate a whole community.

        1. Kind of like forbidding and destroying all vestiges of Native American languages and culture. The United States has not been totally innocent of doing similar things in the past. Though this is a great country, we need to acknowledge the things we did wrong in the past as well as the high ideals on which this country was founded.

          1. If it were that easy. I fear for the next generation in North America. They have no first hand, and little theoretical knowledge or education of just how evil people can be.

          2. It does get complicated but I understand what you are saying. Looking close at history is always a good idea. Here in Hawai’i we had the “Apology Bill” in the Clinton era. It referred to the “illegal” overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. On close examination, a native Hawaiian organization wrote- “Hawaii Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” by Bruce Fein. Both are worth reading to see the historic contrast. Excuse my grammer.

          3. We can acknowledge all we want. It will never ever be enough. We need to learn from history not erase it.

      4. Sad to see American citizens, of which I am one, take this tragic occurrence and turn it into anything other than what it is. I am of Bohemian descent and this gets me deep in my gut. I am in tears over this tragedy and mourning for the loss of precious lives. There is nothing appropriate here to do, other than grieve.

      5. you are not very educated. the lies of the socialist media are dividing the country, the corrupt demonic socialist democrat party are destroying our republic, thr]ey will be stopped at all cost

      6. Paul, it’s “too” late versus (sic) ‘to late…’
        Influence through written language works best when grammatical errors are kept to a minimum.

      7. Looks like Tony not only drinks the Koolaid, but kinda wants everyone else to drink that poison. Avoid Tony…

      8. “Too much hate”; not ‘to much…’ To answer for their actions, it was too late n the place and they’re not going to be there for us in two days time.

        Too = also, excessive
        To = toward…
        Two = integer 2

        They’re = they are
        Their = it was them, their music was too loud
        There = direction or time placement (There once was a group of people who thought their job was to…).

        1. No such thing as ‘correct’ English and no such thing as grammatical errors. Because someone would have to decide what’s right and wrong. And that wouldn’t be some dude commenting on a blog.

          1. Are you a proponent of the creative spelling genre? It would seem that you are certainly not a school teacher, of English at least.

          2. To B Horden. No, and no. Just a professional writer with an language honours degree and 40 years’ experience. You?

        2. A little anal retentive aren’t you? Yes, there were grammatical errors, however we all understood the intent of their communication. It was not intended for written criticism of their writing skills. Please relax a bit.

          1. Judy Olsen’s comment is my favorite so far: “Just a professional writer with *an* language honours degree and 40 years experience.”
            I’m dead

        3. Or for goodness sake. Many people who know the English language very well, often neglect to check their postings and sometimes the brain causes misspellings simply because the writer is in a hurry.

        4. Joe, yes, you are correct in your lesson on proper use of words. Does that make you feel superior? By the First Amendment of our Constitution you have that right of freedom of speech. However, you very much lack the ability to comprehend the importance of this article and what it means in the current events happening today, which is so much more important than the absolute correct use of the word, “too”!

        5. How about we “forgive” punctuation errors before “we” start a silly (for the subject) war!?!

      9. Hate and anti-American propaganda from the media (periodicals, network TV and social) is undermining that for which the U. S. A. stands.

      10. I often wondered how it could happen, but I think I have more insight now, unfortunately.

        1. You can find Goebbels’s instructions online. It included pretending to be democratic while subverting democracy, manipulating the population with simple slogans repeated over and over…with the help of a compliant media.

      11. Most sickening. There are no words to truly describe any of this for all the humans killed by this maniac period.

        1. Sounds like the Nazis were copying the Mongols under Genghis Khan. He used city and kingdom total annihilation as a conquest tactic.

        2. Technically not a maniac. Simply a human suffering from FAS, the worst case in FASD as in DSM-5

          So who elevated this subhuman to the top of what was a civilized country? Lots of other folks with FASD as in DSM-5. Now you know the real meaning of “beer hall putsch.”

      12. As I read this article, I felt the same. We had that same thing happen in Tulsa. Where is our country’s outrage? We do nothing.

        1. America doesn’t look so beautiful when you look behind the curtain…
          The country’s wealth as delivered to White folks was built on slavery and genocide of people of color. At least in Germany, they don’t continue to deny their heritage. We have much to atone for.

          1. My heritage is one where we didn’t own slaves or condone slavery. Sadly that was a part of our history that cannot be changed. We must move on, do better for ALL people, leaving out NO ONE regardless of their skin color, which DOES include white skin…

        1. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that there are still people out there that have logic and reasoning skills intact. I know this post didn’t start out to be about the direction our country is headed but the parallel to the Nazi takeover and subsequent atrocities to our present reality is impossible to escape. I agree with Craig who said Germany isn’t denying their heritage. I was really impressed when visiting Berlin how the past was certainly acknowledged but not glorified. We could take a lesson. Sorry to go on for so long but all this very troubling to me.

    2. I’ve been to present-day Lidice where there is a solemn memorial and a beautiful rose garden.

      1. I’ve been there, too. Some of my family had lived there before emmi,grating to America. One family stayed and were among those slain. The saddest place I have ever been.

    3. Some of the tragedy continues when people deny that there was a Holocaust. There are no “good people” who would in any way support the attack and destruction of the Jewish people. Compounding this is the fact that they promote their bigotry and hate using the name and image of Christ, who was a Jewish man born to a Jewish mother, who had a Jewish stepfather and whose friends and relatives were all Jews.

      1. Hitler himself was Jewish.
        NYTimes 1619 project, sold to many of our school systems rewrites history. CRT teaches hate and teaches fiction for history. As Christ showed us, love and respect all. Thank you for your post.

    4. Madeline Albright wrote of what happened in Lidice in her book- “Prague Winter”. It is an exceptional book about the Czech Republic during this time.

      1. Oh my God. How can you believe such a thing? You must be getting all your information from Fox news. Unfortunately, it is people like yourself who continue to spread such lies. Check your sources and you will discover you are being duped by people who want to discredit anyone who is not a Trumpster.

        1. What is your source from Fox News? I never heard such a thing. Please put up or shut up.

    5. I visited Lidice in 2008. There is a very good museum on the grounds. Unfortunately when I was there it was pouring rain so I really couldn’t walk around much but the museum is a must see.

    6. When we identify ourselves and others into groups instead of persons this is the result. It’s easy to hate whites, blacks, males, jews, liberals, conservatives, police, et al. Not so easy when you see another as a person.

    7. If newspaper clippings is the only thing you have to promote the story, it’s not enoough. Newspaper clippings in 1938 alleged that Corneliu Codreanu and his men had been shot while trying to escape from prison. In reality, as came out later, they had been executed in cold blood, acid poured over them, and buried in concrete. The King of Rumania had ordered the criminal assassination in cold blood. So, I do like and collect newspaper clippings myself, but more research is needed than just clippings.

    8. There are still unprosecuted war criminals from the nazi era including here in Canada where I live. Arthur Topham of Barkersville and Quesnel, BC has been convicted twice for repeated anti-Semitic hate and the courts didn’t put him in jail. His public supporters include Denis Walsh a city alderman in Kamloops, BC. Google their names for more info. These ppl are a disgrace to the grave of every veteran in Canada.

    9. Very very sad,sad is how one mans decision to order a massacre is carried out by other human beings following orders…i would like to think i would have defied any order given

      1. There was a case in Luxembourg where the commanding German officer refused an order to massacre the villagers. He thought he was going to be reported to Berlin and shot. A few of his men congratulated him. He finished off the war without disobeying another order. He fell on hard times post war and battled the bottle. In 1955 the town held a ceremony to honour him and he attended and they offered to help him out but he was able to right his life after he returned home.

        1. I would love to track down more information about this German officer. Do you have any more details? And thanks sincerely for pointing out there were exceptions.

          1. I no longer have the book. It was a Reader’s Digest collection of stories from WW2. I did a quick Google check but couldn’t find it. When Paris was being Liberated Hitler ordered it destroyed but the Wehrmacht refused perhaps remembering how 4 years earlier the city surrendered without a fight.

  1. Several members of congress have compared the requirement to wear masks as a means of defeating the COVID pandemic as similar to the Holocaust that Nazis such as Hitler, Heydrich and Eiichman perpetrated. As the tragedy of Lidice, that could not be further from truth. We should honor the victims of Lidice; not diminish them with blurred and erroneous analogies. A Andrus

      1. This is horrific. I agree fully. However the taking away of freedoms is a slippery slope. I have heard many holocaust survivors say that it started gradually, turning in a neighbor for not ‘hiling hitler’ and then the neighbor looses their rations for the month. This assaults’ on our freedoms is not the full scop of the holocaust but it is a war. Also feel free to look up the Nuremberg code and come to a conclusion on your own. We are waging a new war. And if you didn’t loose a loved one who you couldn’t say goodbye to or loose your business because of the government lockdowns, sitting in your house earning your same salary or not needing a job your compliance is selfish apathy. If you don’t have a health issue that is exacerbated by the masks and you are able to go to the grocery store for yourself because the mask doesn’t cause you to pass out or hyperventilate you probably aren’t thinking about all sides of the issue and what’s affecting others.
        Just food for thought…

        1. Extremely faulty “logic”. Absolutely no comparison can be made between the atrocities of WWII and our current public health crisis. Merelycontemplating any similarity is shameful.

        2. Asking people to wear a mask or requiring a mask in NOT taking away a freedom. Maybe the freedom to infect others or the freedom to become ill. Just cannot see that as any reasonable line of thought. In the same line traffic lights take away your freedom to stop when you want to and go when you want to. Come spend a day in an ICU or ER and then tell us this hurts your freedom in some way. If it is your choice not to wear a mask, it is the same choice of any business that has the right to refuse service to anyone. Every see a sign in a restaurant ” No shoes, no shirt, no service”? Requiring you to wear clothes!! Infringes on your freedom? Educate us. Your comment has nothing to do with the murder of people and gasing children to death.

          1. Life is the most precious gift there is. This is a very tragic story and definitely show the evil of several individuals who had no respect for life in any way. My heart goes out to the families who never had a chance to life. They will have their day soon.

          2. You are completely correct, instead we should be looking at this as the ‘future’ of ‘passive War’ where one Country can (and did) let a deadly Virus loose on the world. They don’t need to use guns etc anymore. The way to control other countries has been proven by this Pandemic. . The Atrocities committed by Hitler et al, stand alone as the barbaric events of WW2. Hopefully Hitler & his cronies are burning in Hell.

        3. I believe that you’re confused as to who’s the enemy and what’s the war that we’re fighting. The enemy is Covid 19 and the war that we’re fighting is against an enemy that does not care whether or not you have “your” fredoms. The constitution says “life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness”. It is in that order because the founders knew that the liberties that they wanted to secure are worth nothing if the neighborhood becomes a cementery. So, when masks are mandated and lockdowns imposed we should do well to remember that life trumps liberty and that all those that lose their life as a result of somebody’s irresponsible act of not wearing a mask and/or challenging a lockdowns have been robbed of their liberties forever. So, before you get concerned about “your” liberties take in account that these are not yours if they negate the safety of the life of others. Because life come first. Liberty, as the founders set it up on our Declaration of Independence, comes second.

        4. So true. In fact, the Nazi’s made changes to the laws in the years leading up to the Holocaust which made their actions technically legal.

          I do think people who have been unaffected in all of this are apathetic. We truly live in samsara – the place of suffering.

        5. Jen,
          Sadly, most of the comments to your well thought-out comment, are made by those who cannot see the “big picture”. We are waging World War III and it is NOT Covid 19!

    1. Kubis and Gabcik were world heroes. I’ve been to the Church of Cyril and Methodius to see the bullet holes myself. Watch Operation Anthropoid. Heart-wrenching.

    2. Absolutely! Every person deserves to be remembered as the person that they were, not a number, not a dot on a graph and definitely, not a comparison to coronavirus mask encounter. Everywhere a person goes these days, other people in society wants to erase or alter a person’s humanity. Shameful! We are persons not just a blob of DNA.

    3. This type of meanness shows how the devil can disguise himself as human! Beware folks this can happen again. Keep your guard up!

    4. All too often people compare anything they dislike to the Holocaust, someone just compared BREXIT with it which is ridiculous.

      Don’t forget that however bad Nazi Germany was, the Soviet Union and Communist China both killed more.

  2. And Jesus said whatsoever you have done to my people, you have done to me.

      1. My Catholic stepson did not believe me when I advised him of this. I told him to ask his teacher. Next thing I knew, he wanted a Bar Mitzvah.

      2. And then Jesus was murdered by political Jews because he wasn’t the “right kind of Jew.”

        1. He was murdered by the Roman rulers, as everyone knows… Except for those who, throughout history, wanted an excuse to massacre Jews.

          1. Jesus was a Jew, but he also offered salvation to both Jews and Gentiles. People do forget that Christ was Jewish, but anyone who accepts Christ’s gift of salvation, whether Jew or Gentile, becomes one of His people.

            The truth is that Christ was killed by sinners…by us. Roman rulers, Jewish leaders, it makes little difference because He was killed by sinners. Furthermore, He allowed Himself to die. He was supposed to die for our sins, to cleanse and save us. He willingly accepted the pain and suffering of His death in order to save us. Then, He rose again.

          2. While the Romans gave out the punishment, it was the Jewish leaders of the time that wanted to get rid of Jesus. He was arrested for violating the Sabbath law, claiming to be the Messiah and several other offenses. He was tried by the Sanhedrin–a Jewish judicial body–following his arrest in Jerusalem and prior to the rial before Pontus Pilate. Jesus purportedly remained quiet during that trial, so Pilate had to recourse but to sentence to him to death, which was something King Herod wanted.

  3. The old village of Lidice is now the site of a beautiful memorial and museum. A new village was built and has an art gallery (filled with work from world class artists created in response to the massacre) and one of the houses was turned into a museum about how the new village was created. I highly recommend spending a day in Lidice.

  4. It’s amazing what happens when Satan/the devil/dark forces/complete intolerance and lies are allowed to come to power. This is shameful. I look into the eyes of those innocent school children…not knowing.

    1. There’s no such thing as Satan or the Devil, Seek the factual truth not religious Mythology.

      1. How do you know such things? Comments without links to the factual truth are not helpful.

  5. My town has many Eastern European roots. There is a Memorial to Lidice and the families that perished in the center of my town. I’m so glad that the memory lives on.

      1. My question would be “What happened to the children the article said were given to SS families to raise.” Where are they now?

  6. We lived in a small Nebraska town during WW II, now with a tag line “Czech Capitol of the U.S.” A quiet buzz fell over the town as there were some who immigrated from Lidice or from near there with relatives living in Lidice.
    We visited the site in 1996 & found a nice museum with photos & stories of the tragedy.
    There is a statue on the grounds honoring the children.
    There is a small cemetery for the men that perished there.
    Some building foundations can still be seen exposed.
    We were told that the state had built homes for widows & survivors a short distance away, where they could live out the rest of their lives.

  7. My Grandparents were in Lidice in 1938. They married there and in late 1938/early 1939 they were secretly taken to Prague and then out of the country, one to England and one to France. They met up again in England and sailed to Canada to live. Had it not been for the kind people who helped them escape I nor any of my family would be here today.

    I am greatly saddened for the tragedy that befell Lidice in 1939 and absolutely despise the Luciferians that are in the world still today trying to destroy this world, because I think about Lidice and ALL those who perished there as well as in those hellish camps, not knowing that was to be their fate when they were lied to about being taken to a “safer” place and ended up in those hell holes only to be killed eventually!

    The only peace I find for all of this is that Jesus Christ has said that the blood of the innocent will be avenged. Praise God!

    1. My parents and grandparents were also Sudeten refugees in 1938-39 and were lucky enough to be accepted into Canada in the spring of 1939.

  8. The ethnic hatred between the ethnic Germans (“Sudetens”) and ethnic Slavs goes back a very long time… long before the Nazis. My mother’s family were Sudetens, and she was born in what was Asch, now known as As. They had been there since the 1700s. When the Nazis invaded they drove out the Slavs, confiscating their property and expelling them. In 1947 the Czech Communists expelled all Sudetens and confiscated their property. My father, a Slav born in Pilsen, was directed to oversee these confiscations & expulsions but instead tried to protect innocent Sudetens… and would warn them to give them time to escape. He just escaped to the west before they came to arrest him. The moral of the story is that the payback mentality to ethnic hatreds only causes more pain. Modern day movements seeking retribution for the evils of the past will only make Ludice like massacres more likely in the future.

  9. Reminds me of what happened in Tulsa’s Greenwood District in 1920. Anytime and anyplace the mentality of superiority is nourished by pride, and idolatry, the so called lesser will suffer horrifically.

    1. Yes! I kept looking for anyone to compare the destruction of Lidice with the destruction of Greenwood District. And Greenwood wasn’t the only place where the term “race riots” was used to describe the overt and unpunished attacks on black communities with the specific intent of destroying those communities and the people in them. America’s hands are still not clean.

  10. When I went to the Prague in 2018, the guide took us to the church where the two Czech soldiers who were responsible for Heydrich’s death lost their lives. The bullet holes from when the Germans attacked the church where a number of Czech soldiers were hiding. There is a memorial in the crypt to Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik. We were told the younger Czechs did not know about this because Russians occupied the Czech Republic after the war and rewrote history. A pretty good movie about this was made in 2016 called Anthropoid, with Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan. The actor playing Reinhard Heydrich looks like the real Heydrich.

  11. The great thing is that if you had family in Communist Czechoslovakia the individual Secret Police files were kept in Prague and are available to be accessed by descendents at no cost. I have my father & uncle’s files and they make great reading. They show how evil Communism is, no better than the Nazis.

  12. The comment from The Age contains an anachronism. It refers to the United Nations, capital U capital N, which was not created until after the end of the war in 1945.

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  14. Part of the Crisis is: We have no Public Health. Our tax $’s go to feeding Corp. Amerika’s 1% and not into Education and a Public Health Plan. War is our game! In other countries.

    1. Yes. Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex, but few understood it.

  15. I took a simple history course and I became interested in the events and the horror that happened in WWII. In some of my findings, I couldn’t stop crying while reading about how brutal German officials were at the time.
    Adolph Eichman was one of those leaders who would try and set the example to any who would resist the Nazis by killing more innocents. I feel so bad for the innocent people who lived at the time, and I am grateful that I live in this time.

  16. I humbly offer blessings and grace to everyone here – all who were part of this attack on humanity, all who are replying from their own current experience, all who are experiencing fear and persecution. Goodness and courage Bless Us ALL.

  17. I have friends in the Czech Republic who took me to Lidice in 2019. there is an empty field where the village once was. There are a couple of ruins sites you can visit and a beautiful monument for the children lost. The rose garden is a place for contemplation and the museum tells the horrors of our past, so we can remember, reflect and stop this from happening again. In all it is a quiet, thoughtful memorial to those who were punished for something they had no part in.

  18. This “comments” section needs to be edited or cancelled. Most of the comments have NOTHING to do with the topic and are just more of the hate we see growing in the US. This section demeans the value of the website.

  19. As many of you have said, this story is about Czechoslovakia and the the atrocities committed by Hitler and his followers, not about America or today’s leaders. Studying history, we ought to remember the past for what it was, not just for what we think it tells us. Once we remember the history and those who died tragic deaths, then we can start to grasp the meaning. As a student of history, I have noticed that historical events are never one-to-one, meaning that the same thing never happens exactly the same way twice. Some events can remind you of something else, but that does not make it the same.

    I feel it a responsibility to say that it is true that there is too much hatred in America. We ought to look at history and take certain things for a warning. I have witnessed traits of fanatical hate coming from both sides of the aisle, from countless individuals. Love finds compromise, places where both sides can agree without harming their consciences. Hatred simply makes things worse. Perhaps someone hates something with good reason, but if you never temper that hate with love, you will end up hating people, and hatred often leads to violence, which is something nobody wants.

    History should give us a warning, but we should never just say “such and such is the same as such and such” for that is too broad of a statement, and could never possibly be true. Similarities in traits, actions, or events can wake us up to possibilities, but it is nonsensical to say that something or someone from history is the “same” as someone or something today.

    Finally, there is the possibility that people can speak on issues without the other side accusing them of things they know nothing about. Not all Christians are Trump supporters, and not all Christians are Biden supporters…there are some that have chosen neither of the two or no one at all. Do not generalize about people and put them in groups. Take each person one at a time. That is my motto.

    1. You are truly the voice of reason, Abigail. Thank you. We need more like you.

  20. Very interesting story. I was born in 1930, and lived through a lot of that bad stuff in Europe, but didn’t realize things were so bad over in Europe. I had two older Brothers and an older sister that were in the Military during that time. My oldest brother flew a B17 over
    Germany 26 times. My other Bro served against the Japs in the So Pacific. My sister was in the Navy.

  21. Cuban families in response to the Nazis destruction to this town and their efforts to remove the Lidice name from the history books, named their newly born daughters Lidice, a reminder to everyone that you can destroy names but people of good faith and righteous in their own way, celebrated their daughters with the name, Lidice. Whenever they called their girls, the name, Lidice was pronounced. Thus, it was not dead, it was alive and well and living in liberty.

    1. What a beautiful cultural tribute! I had no idea. Thank you for teaching this to me, Carlos. We are one planet, one people. I feel so inspired and renewed when we can find solidarity, strength, respect and love with one another throughout the spectrum of life’s events.

      1. All the atrocities of the Nazi regime should be remembered and act as a warning as to how such a regime could have been allowed to exist. What was really is sad is that no country really did anything to stop such things until they were invaded or threatened of invasion. Another horrible fact is that after the war, no country wanted to allow the ships laden with Jewish survivors of the holocaust to to land at ports in Europe and in New York. Yes–America did not want Jews to enter this country. For many years, Jews were not allowed to join some country clubs, fraternize with non Jews, etc. Such discrimination against Jews has diminished a great deal, although not completely erased, but now other ethnic groups are experiencing the same treatment. People need to remember that we all share the same DNA. We all came out of Africa and then spread around the world. The color of our skin or the religion we practice should not be cause for discrimination.

  22. Friends, it saddens me that our comments have turned so negative and divisive – and not related to the story at hand. We have community standards and strive to maintain a respectful dialogue. This is not the place for political rants. Let’s show our respect for this tragic chapter in history by limiting our comments to the topic at hand.

  23. Two years to the day after this massacre, on June 10, 1944, the villagers of Oradour sûr Glane were massacred by the Nazis. All 642 men, women, and children. Then they burned it down. It’s too gruesome to even write about so see the Wikipedia article. France has retained the ruined village as a place to remember. I have been there and it has haunted me since. Never Forget!

    1. The second world war years In Europe were not a good time to be alive for certain groups of people opposing The Reich. Heydrich got what he deserved – unfortunately there were disastrous repercussions and two men paid the price with their lives as well as a whole village of people . Fast forward – Right at this moment In time not just Europe but the whole of the world Is In a bad an dangerous place – but we can all do our part to try and return to some sort of normalcy . This will take time and energy but the wait will be worth It .Anyone who complains about and resists wearing a mask should visit their local hospital covid ward . I rest my case …………

  24. I received this article on Lidice massacre and the comments by ancestry.com. I cannot understand any relationship to family history research. If someone is interested in history, he may gather information from thousands of sources, an not only from only one side. I’m an historian too, and I could tell readers many other evil details of history, even things that are evidently not known by them who wrote these commentaries, and, possibly by the author of the original article. But I think this not the place for such informations. The author seems the be successful with her intention: to show how terrible the nazi regime was. But why did she want to show this anew? Is that the main issue of public discussion in the US? Is it to make people believe, that because the nazi were germans, germans are nazi? Concerning my own family history I would like to communicate that I’m a german, and that my father had been a nazi, and he lost his life in World War II while fighting against Russian tanks by bcycle, and if they had not done this, the Russians would have conquered whole Germany before the Americans reached its borders. My fathers brother lost his life in World War I, and their parents, my grandparents were killed by the nazi euthanasia program, because the nazi took them for jews. But I am grateful for having been saved through that times; God saved us from being bombed at Dresden, where we passed by one of the last trains before the city was destroyed; and to be bombed at Frankfort, where we passed after the city was destroyed. I personally learned compassion to all those who innocently lost their lives on what ever side or party they were. And I remember, when I was a little boy and we had nearly nothing to eat, when I just had learned reading, I read on the walls of the destroyed buildings and on the fences round about them: “Nie wieder Krieg!”
    And I hope this will be so in the future: Never again war! But I also know that there are people who still think that wars are necessary, and that there are too many people on earth.
    So we must use our time while we are still here.
    Hope not to have made too many mistakes in my english. Best regards!

  25. I agree. This place is suppose about adding or discussing historical newspapers but it’s veered far away from that.

    I feel like I have an ‘energetic’ vibe that breaks things like the hands of Midas.

  26. Very interesting sad story that is oft repeated.
    People are making “political” statements as they can see this should have been told and retold.
    I reminded me of stories of Yezidis in Syria & Iraq massacred by ISIS (Da’esh).
    Hx repeats………..
    And it is happening again…that is why people are trying to alert others.

  27. Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through these hard times. Jeremiah 29:11 states in the Bible that God has a plan for our future, a plan to prosper and not harm us.

  28. We live in the age of the easily offended and politically correct. The Nazi regime was one of the most cruel in history. However, I would argue the Russians-Lenin, Marx, Stalin-were even worse. They shot, starved, and worked to death an estimated 40 million people. The Lidice Massacre was terrible-the Russians shot 20,000 Polish officers and government officials in the Katyn forrest. Which is a worse massacre? The best defense we have to prevent such atrocities is individual liberty and freedom. Because I disagree with you does not mean I hate you. Because I don’t support certain behavior does not mean I am homophobic or xenophobic-it might mean I am claustrophobic-allow me my space. I will do the same. Mark Twain once said a patriot loves his country all the time-and his government when they deserve it.

  29. Settle down everybody!!! Just count your lucky stars that you live in a country where yo can express your feelings and insights and not get round up and put in front of a firing squad. In America we should agree to disagree on certain things but you don’t have to be nasty to do so. That kind of drops the respect bar….

  30. Come for a strory about evil…then read the comments and figure out only the names have changed…the same hate and evil fill over corner of the internet. Nice work folks. You suck, no you suck!

  31. Absolutely correct-we live in a nation in which freedom of speech is the hallmark. It is being assailed like never before now. Agree to disagree but don’t confuse disagreement with hate. That seems to be where we are these days-“hate” is the catch word and sound bite of the media. Discern the facts and agree or disagree.

  32. Regarding the early question about what happened to the lone survivor: When I was at the memorial in 1972, I was told that he had to bury all the males who were shot. He was an older man and permitted to live so that he could spread the word about what could happen if a village resists German/Nazi occupation.

  33. No one person have the right to take another person’s life, Just because of Race, Creed or Colour, To take all those family’s away from each other and kill them in gas chambers or shoot them, The human race have nothing to be proud of over years of conflict. We should all learn to get on with each other what ever out faiths are

  34. The first would-be assassin’s gun jammed as he attempted to shoot Heydrich as his convertible staff car rounded a slow speed turn. Heydrich then ordered his driver to stop at which point he stood up in the convertible to shoot the would-be assassin. This provided an accomplice of the assassin the time to approach the vehicle and toss a grenade into the back seat (Heydrich had been seated in the front passenger seat).

    It was the infection caused by the horse-hair seat stuffing that killed Heydrich some days later. Had he ordered his driver to speed off, the assassination plot would have failed.

  35. Lidice is a horrible reminder of what could happen if certain politics leads to extremism. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is (I am half German and half Spanish) nor what political party you belong to. I agree that America has treated minorities and women horribly in the past, but sudden extreme liberalism is not helping our country heal. I am a moderate but I I have experienced both racism and sexism during my 74 years of life. We need to unite America carefully and thoughtfully not tear it apart by setting the races against each other. Unfortunately, I see us leaning towards the extreme right which is really ugly, scary and dangerous. Correct my grammar I don’t care. It is not the point.

      1. It’s sad we live in a time wear people like you either don’t know how to use a computer (All the right wing people I know are the same)

        OR They think a computer is a fancy FPS gaming machine for shoot em ups and treat it more like a gaming console people play on the couch.

  36. I have friends in Prague, and I have been there. It is heartbreaking, especially the good-bye letters the children were awed to write. A statue commemorating the children has toys and flowers left by today’s children. A new town has grown up next to the site.

  37. I agree Christina. However there were millions of other people murdered as well – any one who did not go along with that madman.
    Anyone who claims this horrible event did not happen are people who have no love for other people.
    I have read a lot about that horrific event – shaking my head – not understanding how this could happen.

  38. A reminder of the consequences of allowing extremism to infiltrate our society and enabling it to be sustained. An example of the inherent hate and contempt in American minds today is in the thread of these comments. A man decided to point out some grammatical errors and he was absolutely hammered and hated upon by many. Were those folks just jumping on a bandwagon or did each of them individually react to it with resentment, indignation, lecturing and, finally, just telling him to shut up? I think it was both. Why is it ok these days to strike out – either in words or physically, with those we don’t agree with, or just don’t like? If you would like to not be harassed, do not harass others. Or, show some love, get some love…..

  39. I never leave comments, but felt Inclined to do so. While I love any type of history, this story is one that sticks out, and has been in a few movies where these Atrocities can remind us all about evil power that existed at that time. We can learn from these horrible situations, or we can repeat them. Hopefully they aren’t repeated. We do however, need to be wary of a “messiah” type individual that all believe and follow, even if we all see “his” horrible attributes. As for the pitiful back and forth about spelling and proper usage, of words, this comment section wasn’t created for that. When someone’s intelligence is questioned by calling out how knowledgeable the “teacher” is, isn’t really a teacher but someone that wants to embarrass another person. Maybe in the circles that a person may travel in , this behavior is accepted and expected, but in this situation it was not required. The sad part of it is, I wanted to thank the newspaper for the reminder of this historical event, and now I too am drawn into this ridiculous debate. Aren’t we all above this behavior?

  40. We all recognize we are headed this way, questions how do we stop it? I don’t know. Any ideas?

  41. Voting is a start. But today, people are so drawn in by conspiracy theories, anger about anything, only their opinion matters, etc.
    Things missing are empathy, fear ( what happens if all this anger manifests-there is no fear of repercussions), or how as a country we would be individuals without judgement.
    People have gotten away from being held accountable of their actions or behaviors. I not talking politics, but our most visible bully, who said he could shoot someone on 5th ave. and not be held accountable, was verbally abusive to whomever had a different thought process then himself, encouraged a behavior that was bigger and better than anyone, is reminiscent of the theme of the story in this newspaper article. When someone can spin a weave of ideas that only build up one thought process, who can assemble followers that can be violent to those not like minded, resembles a regime like a historical individual that created more havoc and destruction in the world…….because he wanted thugs a “certain way”.
    Let’s start accepting people for the person they are. Start listening to each other, and recognize that most of the time we want the same things, it’s just our approach may be different. Voting is good, but most don’t trust a thing the politicians say. Know your facts, and don’t think you can get them from one tv channel. Watch different channels and different sites on the web.

    The problem is ( like this post) is that everyone has an opinion. Which is good. But somethings that are posted are not factual. They just create more frustration and anger towards a certain group or ideal.

  42. It is sad that 12 years of government education does not include this massacre and also does not give us common writing skills we should have mastered in elementary education. We should learn a lot more about history. But now it is hard to learn the truth and history without bias. Thank you for this effort. The people of Lidice need to be remembered.

  43. I see the same thing taking place in Palistine right now. What they are doing is wrong and the US has done nothing to help. Sickening!

  44. I no longer have the book. It was a Reader’s Digest collection of stories from WW2. I did a quick Google check but couldn’t find it. When Paris was being Liberated Hitler ordered it destroyed but the Wehrmacht refused perhaps remembering how 4 years earlier the city surrendered without a fight.

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