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We’re excited to announce that now has Topic Pages! Topic Pages are a free, curated collection of newspaper articles and clippings focused on subjects throughout American and world history.

Want to learn more about the Great Depression, the D.B. Cooper Hijacking, or Jackie Robinson? These are just a few of the Topic Pages we’ve created! Each Topic Page includes a description of the person or event and a selection of newspaper clippings related to the subject.

As primary sources, these newspaper clippings help you learn how people of the time viewed the person or event highlighted on the Topic Page. For example, our Topic Page for the Battle of Bunker Hill includes newspaper clippings from Patriot, Loyalist, and British perspectives, so you can see the battle from three different points of view.

Whether you’re doing research or are just curious about a subject, Topic Pages are a great place to dive deeper.

Our Topic Pages include:

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Gettysburg

Our collection of Topic Pages is still growing, so keep checking back to find more topics. Or if there’s a topic you want to see, suggest it to us!

Get started exploring our new Topic Pages here.

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