How to Add “Zest” to Your Housework

Are you making every minute worthwhile? Or are you losing time and strength with inefficient housework methods? This 1919 article advises housewives on the best way to “work like a whirlwind” and add some “zest” to typical chores.

Add Add “zest” to your housework by studying time, methods, and motions Fri, Jul 4, 1919 – 2 · The Powder River County Examiner and the Broadus Independent (Broadus, Montana, United States of America) ·

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One thought on “How to Add “Zest” to Your Housework

  1. My dad was born in 1919 – the oldest of four children born in six years. (Thank God for the Pill!) I cannot imagine my Nana raising that brood and having to use a kitchen so completely lacking in any sort of convenience as that. I didn’t have a dishwasher until I was in my late 30s, but at least I had a proper sink!

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