Didn't seem to care a darn about seeing his shadow

Punxsutawney Phil has done it again. The famous groundhog’s prediction this morning suggests an early spring is in our future this year based on the reliable fact that he did not see his shadow. This unusual tradition has happened in the United States every February 2nd for over a hundred years, though unofficially it’s been practiced even longer. And how is the forecast decided?


Phil whispers weather forecast

The groundhog whispers it into a representatives ear. From the looks of it, there have been just as many skeptics throughout the decades as there are now.

groundhog is a phony

February 2nd ---

No convincing statistical evidence

Belle Plain and the fallacy of the groundhog tradition

The clipping above was taken from an article in which the author details the predictions and results of 9 consecutive Groundhog Days to prove that “that little animal” can’t really predict anything. Click on the image or go here to read the rest.

There are hundreds of articles about this whimsical holiday—find more here or here make your own search using the search page on Newspapers.com. Oh, and don’t forget to take down your Christmas decorations!

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