First Valentine Memories from the Turn of the Century

This page from the Chicago Tribune, published February 11th, 1900, shares a collection of memories gathered from prominent public members of the city. Some are sweet, some sad, some entirely indifferent.

Confessions of Well Known Citizens, Their First Valentines. Chicago Tribune, Feb 1900

Here, Rev Dr. J.S. Stone shares his memories of the valentines shared in his youth:

Valentine memories, Rev J S Stone, 1900

Denis Sweenie, fire chief, had some sweet things to say about a certain significant other:

No poet's valentine compares
Librarian John Vance Cheney wishes he could remember the sweet feelings of receiving his first valentine:

The nostalgic librarian
And (this one is a personal favorite) Dr. W. A. Howard tells the absolutely adorable story of a valentine he received when he was 6 years old:

The embarrassed doctor
and his embarrassed valentine
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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