Today is Mardi Gras. Or Fat Tuesday. Or Carnival. It can be called several things but no matter which name you choose this day is one of celebration and merriment to precede the religious season of Lent. Parades, masks, beads and cake are well-associated with Mardi Gras, a holiday which dates back as early as the 1700s in the United States.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Mad Whirl Ushers in Solemn Lent

On Mardi Gras you might hear talk of krewes, king cakes and go cups. Not familiar with the meanings of these terms? The clipping below answers all:

The Language of Mardi Gras

And if you’re throwing together a party to celebrate, why not try one or more of the tips in this clipping?

Tips for throwing a Mardi Gras party

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