Disneyland Opens its Gates

Today is a special one for lovers of all things Disney. On July 17, 1955, Walt Disney opened the gates to a park that was years in the making—Disneyland!

Acres of farmland were given over to the building of the giant amusement park. Disney wanted the park to be an attraction of both amusement and education, an thrill for young and old alike. And it worked. When the park opened, it was not prepared for the thousands of eager visitors who bought them out of food and drink and proved too much weight for some of the rides. In the end, the park recovered despite those setbacks and continues to be extremely successful today.

Disney's Prices in 1955

You might look at that $1 pricetag with envy today, but in 1955 that fee only granted entrance to the park. You were free to wander around and look at all the wonders of Disney’s dream park. If you wanted to go on any rides, however—that was was extra.

His Dream Comes True

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