Is writing to Santa a tradition in your holiday home? What kinds of things sprinkle your kids’ (or your own) Christmas lists? Letters to Santa Claus have covered many pages of newspapers throughout the years, and whether they be from 1909 or 1999, each little author’s personality and wishes still shine through. Take a look at some of these smile-inducing wish lists from Christmases past–

The deserving car enthusiast:

The kid who loved cars

The thoughtful brother:

Don't forget my little sister, for she can't write yet and I like her.

The dinner invitation:

The Christmas Dinner Invite

The little lady who’s worried about the “raindeer” (but really about her presents):

I wanted to know if your raindeer are ok

This fantastic addition to one little boy’s letter:

The Post Scipt

And the polite exclaimer, who last of all wants a little bit of love:

And a little bit of love please.

There are entire pages of newspapers devoted to more of these heart-warming letters, like this nintendo-centered sampling from 1989, this page from 1899 full of wishes for dolls and slates, or this page from 1949 where candy and nuts were the finishing touch to every request. Seems dear ol’ Santa Claus will always have his hands full–and his sleigh, too.

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